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If I were to redo our bathroom, it would look like this


    We have no plan to redo our bathroom any time soon, but now that the rest of our main floor is looking all fancy with the new floors and white walls, I’m just itching to inject a little style into our master bathroom. And by inject a little style what I really mean is pretty much change everything.

    Let me show you it’s current circa 2006 state:


    When you walk in from our bedroom, there are two sinks on the right, a toilet room in that little area next to the wall, a tub and shower opposite and then our closet at the back.


    Here’s the thing about our bathroom: it works. It’s clean. It functions just fine. But it’s just so blah.

    So just like we’ve done with the rest of our house, I just want to inject a little personality into an otherwise builder-basic room.


    Again, let me reiterate that there are no real plans to do the room, but in my imagination where my creativity just needs to do it’s thing, this is what I’m thinking:


    I love the idea of making the vanity area more of a focal point, of tiling the walls all the way up with classic subway tile, adding tile to the floors and replacing the tub with a freestanding version. The colors, of course, would stay in the white, black, warm brown, mixed metals, neutral family – light and bright, clean and classic.

    tub colors

    And just for fun, here’s a more detailed design board:


    Can’t you just see the vision?!!!

    A girl can dream.

    53 thoughts on “If I were to redo our bathroom, it would look like this”

    1. Is a 5-piece master bath still preferred? I am remodeling and thinking of making a small (3′ X 3′) shower into a much larger one and removing the jacuzzi bathtub. Another option is to make the double sink vanity a single sink.

    2. I love your bathroom and am copying it for my bathroom redo! I really love the choices you’ve made! Two questions…where are the mirrors from and what size hexagon tile would you do? I’m debating between 1 inch and 2 inch.

    3. It’s like our bodies. We look fine, until we compare. And there’s no denying, your bathroom looked FINE, until we saw the new one! It is to die for.

    4. Emily – thanks for your inspiration and would love that chandelier for my dining room. Could you please tell me the source?

    5. Personally I see no need in such a large sink such as in the lower left pic. One doesn’t spend the majority in the bathroom working with the sink. After seeing your pics of the bathroom now, you’ve made excellent choices. Minimal reconstruction, even with a 2 sink vanity, will update your master bedroom AND your spirits. I LOVE the other 5 ideas.

    6. Emily, you always have a lovely eye!
      I’ve re-done a master bath and removed the tub (never used) to add large shower. Why have a tub if it’s just going to collect dust, as long as you have one tub in the house, I say…so agree with you definitely!!! Just get a regular shower head and a sprayer on a pole, as you’ll need that to clean the shower, and it looks very sharp also…..(not a bargain, but worth it)
      I see you love dark grout. I just had handmade (found for $12/ft) white subway put in as kitchen backsplash w grout color Mapei Warm Gray(Lowes) and it is so lovely – bit softer and not as geometric/busy.
      One last piece of “learned my lesson” advice: avoid wall faucets. They involve many parts,valves, and drywall, mistakes in height installed, and etc… costs are hidden until you have your heart set on the vanity and sink and you are too far in to back out. Step away now, my friend! We are now replacing one in our half bath b/c the plumber broke it…. $1000 ++ all in. Sad Mama.
      susan in charlotte

    7. Wow – that is almost exactly what we are about to do with our bathroom! We are doing white subway tiles with grey grout on the walls, white hexagonal with grey grout on the floor, and a white vanity. Good to see that someone who has amazing style is on the same wavelength!

    8. This is great. We are getting ready to completely gut and remodel our bathroom. Not because we have the time or money, but because of an unknown water leak that caused floor damage and some mold/mildew problems. God help me (and my husband) because I don’t do well with the mess that comes with renovating. LOL

    9. I can’t believe you haven’t at least painted and ripped out that mirror already!
      We’re currently awaiting bids on our master bath which is much worse than yours. The last contractor actually shuddered when he saw it! lol! Its builder grade from you know where!

      So he suggested we nix the tub all together! What do you think? We’re not sure what to do with that space if we didn’t have a tub. He suggested making the shower much bigger/luxurious. Our layout is similar to yours. Thoughts?

      Off to check pinterest for the rest of your inspiration…I hope. ; )

      1. I know! It’s driving me crazy.

        I would get rid of our tub in a heartbeat. I know 5 piece master bathrooms are a ‘thing’ but we truly don’t use our tub other than for kids’ baths. Having a larger shower would be much more useful, and then an great linen closet. Maybe that’s what we should do instead!

    10. Love your bathroom ideas. .had a quick question?? How do you create your design boards, do you use a special program, thank you

    11. You started me dreaming!!!! Love this design board and all the other inspiring pics!! Now if only we OWNED our house!! Ugh!! But ah a girl can dream!!!

    12. Love everything about it! Bet you could do a few things to spruce up the sink area pretty quick.

      Source on the mirrors, please?

    13. I’ve been pinning like crazy for the last 6mos for bathroom inspiration. Ours look like it did in the 70s! I want a framless shower, and potentially push the wall back to get more shower space. I also want to flip flop my shower and toilet so when you open the door you see the shower and not the toilet. We also need a double sink vanity. Plus I want to do ceramic tile wood looking floors with marble tiles in the shower.

    14. I stand in agreement with you and shall dream a little dream alongside you.
      We recently tore out our carpet to replace with bamboo. I just this weekend used the same analogy. Replacing our flooring turned into ripping out our window seat in the master, completely renovating our half bath, removing our built in shelving in the living room, tearing out the staircase and replacing with all new wood stairs and risers, all rooms and doors repainted, new soft scapes and the list just keeps growing (still need new base boards and really want to paint kitchen cabinets).
      So, our master bathroom shall remain builder basic a little while longer, too.
      Ps. I love your inspiration board! And, Hobby Lobby here in FL has a hanging candle holder very similar to the chandelier.

    15. I can SO see that bathroom for you, it compliments what you’ve already done with your home.
      And I’m just biased, I love the subway tile with dark grout, absolutely LOVE that tub, etc. I’m a huge fan of Rehab Addict and she always does a black and white bathroom.

      That’s my goal for Little House eventually as well. Replace the tub and definitely subway tile.

      Can’t wait to see the it finished.

    16. oh man, with this post and Smitten Studio’s bathroom reveal, the bathroom planning is ON! My husband is resisting it haha. I love your inspiration and design board. I absolutely love hex tile in bathroom floors! that’s exactly what I envision ours to have. ah, a girl can dream!

    17. Love it all. Im with you. Its hard to make a few changes when you have the vision in your head. Taking down the big mirror and adding singles with sconces would make a huge difference. Post pics when you redo. I love to see peoples remodels. Inspiring.

    18. A little paint and some accessories and smart shopping, I say less than $500 and it would be a night and day difference! Do it! Challllenge accepted

    19. Yes, you have my permission to demolish the blah and bring on a brand new bathroom that will make everyone sparkle! Love all your designs. Paint the cabinets, do the tile – looks like a great layout and an easy fix!

    20. I agree you are taking the easy way out by choosing not personalizing it at all. These photos look like realtor photos where no one lives there. White walls, paint on the vanity, some chunky drawer pulls and art on the walls would go along way toward claiming this space. Why not draw tile grout lines on the wall for fun?

    21. I agree that just a few simple changes would make a world of difference to your bathroom, even if you still decide to wait to do a total reno.

      After living with a basic master bathroom for 2 1/2 years, I just recently added some artwork and candles and it totally made a difference!

      Your bathroom would also look great with painting the cabinets and adding some hardware.

      Have we convinced you yet? :)

    22. Why not make some plans to change it? For not very much money, you could paint the vanity, add hardware and if you’re really feeling flush, replace the sconces. Not a huge amount of work or investment, but totally doable!

      1. I know! But i think a full remodel could be in the future, so I just keep waiting until we take the full plunge. I’m dying to get rid of the tile on countertop and backsplash – but it feels a bit like “if you give a mouse a cookie” – if I take that off, I might as well do the tile all the way up the walls, and if that, then it will look weird with the vinyl on the floor, so we better do the floor, and while we’re at it replace the tub … You get the idea. So I’m patiently waiting until it becomes the next thing on our reno list :)

      1. Hi Emily,
        Love these ideas. Where is the beaded chandelier from on your inspirations ideas board?

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