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new kitchen bar stools

    The kitchen got a christmas gift this year … new bar stools.


    We bought the white chair-back bar stools when we moved in 7 years ago and they have worked great for our young family.

    With little ones, you kind of need secure seating that they can climb up into and sit without falling off backwards. But with our littlest one being nearly four, this stage of our lives has come to an end.  Our island acts as the food/snacks/drink area when we have parties and the backs of these chairs always seem to get in the way. By choosing a style without backs, we can now push in the metal stools and the space feels so much more open.


    I bought the bar stools from Target right before Christmas when they were on sale {which they seem to go on regularly} plus took 5% off with my Target Red Card {best idea ever}. They come as a set of two and we really can only fit three, but they are good quality and quite inexpensive and that is always a good combination.

    So far, the kids love them, they open up the space, fit nicely under the counter and the industrial style look great in our space.

    Merry Christmas, kitchen.

    Looking for other great bar stool styles? Here are a few of my favorites from around the web:


    sources left to right: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

    15 thoughts on “new kitchen bar stools”

    1. Love your kitchen! I too have these stools! I bought mine almost 5 years ago from to go in our kitchen at the counter. The chairs that were here when we moved in were starting to fall apart. We have six children so I wanted something that would be durable and easy to clean! We have four and LOVE them. It’s funny that I bought them for durability (and low profile) and now they are popular and I see them EVERYWHERE! :-)

    2. Emily, what do you do with 4 kids and 3 stools? We have 3 kids and 2 stools so we pull a third non-matching stool up to our breakfast bar. Do your kids take turns?

      1. It’s pretty rare that they all want to sit up there at the same time, so it doesn’t seem to be too much of an issue. Usually the two younger ones eat their breakfast at the bar and the older two are at the table.

    3. Love the look Emily! I am into the metal industrial look and think mixing styles in our homes makes it interesting. Those look especially nice with your countertops! Nice gifting!

    4. I have the same stools and I love them! I originally bought them in copper hoping they would actually be the color of copper, but they turned out to be brown so I switched to silver! I love the handle in the seat making them easy to move and the rubber feet don’t scratch wood floors!

    5. Love the new stools! While you’re on the topic of kitchens I would LOVE to know if you used a pattern/plan of any kind for your booth seating. I would LOVE to redo the space where our kitchen table is now and make it booth seating…both because I love the look (yours is really perfect!) and for the functionality of it with 3 kids. Did you have any certain inspiration or did you just wing it?

      1. Thanks for the compliments!

        We totally made up the bench dimensions. I think we went off the dimensions of a standard chair and added a few inches for bulk. Ours is just a big box made out of 2x4s and then faced with bead board, trim and a nice piece of wood for the top. We did not make ours into a storage bench, but you could add hinges to the top for more storage if you like.

        Our dimensions are: 22.24 deep x 18.5 high. There is a slight overhang of the top piece, so the box is a little less than 22″ deep.

        Hope this helps!

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