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Nine Classic Fall Wreaths


    (via Rejuvenation)

    I love over-the-top seasonal porch decorations. You know the ones: corn stalks on either side of the door, stacks of pumpkins, piles of leaves, oversized lanterns and autumn garlands. They are so creative and put visitors in the mood for fall right away. Pottery Barn catalogs are notorious for having gorgeously decorated entries and I always enjoy flipping through to see what the designers have come up with next.

    While theme-y porches are fun to look at, I can’t say I’m a theme-y porch doer. I prefer simplicity, clean lines and just the addition of a classic fall wreath to announce and celebrate the new season.

    Now I know wreaths are a bit controversial (way too strong of word, but you know what I mean). People are either fans or not.

    I happen to be a fan of a good wreath. In fact, in my compulsive crafting days, I made a million (here are a bunch of tutorials of the wreaths I’ve made over the years).

    I like wreaths indoors – hung on a bookshelf, as wall decor (you can see the dried boxwood wreath hanging on the wall in this video house tour), for party decorations and strung from ribbon in windows during Christmas (see what I mean here).

    I like wreaths outdoors, too. Especially a simple, fresh wreath hung on a black door. It is such a classic look.

    If you are looking for a simple way to update your front door this fall, perhaps you could try one of these nine favorite classic fall wreaths. classicfallwreathsSOURCES

    Preserved Boxwood $44.99 (currently on sale for $38.24)

    Salal Wreath $59.95

    Wild Cotton Wreath $98

    Bay Leaf Wreath $59.95

    Wheat Wreath $44.95 (currently on sale for $38.24)

    Harvest Olive Wreath $149

    Reindeer Moss Wreath $88

    Olive Wreath $65

    Rosemary Wreath $58.95

    A few notes:

    Some of the wreaths are fresh which means they smell amazing, need to be misted daily to keep them fresh for about 4 weeks and then will dry naturally. Of course you can make your own fresh rosemary, bay leaf, olive or salal wreath if you have armloads of clippings. Simply wire the stems to a wreath form and you’re set!

    The Olive Wreath is from this floral company with the most gorgeous farm flower bouquets. Definitely worth checking out.

    You can hang a wreath with a ribbon by thumb-tacking it to the top of the door or try this brass wreath door hanger (I just ordered one for me!).

    Cheers to easy fall decor!

    23 thoughts on “Nine Classic Fall Wreaths”

    1. As a PNW native who has battled salal creeping into flower beds my whole life it cracks me up when I see it portrayed as anything but a weed and a nuisance! That said those are all beautiful and make me want to give my front porch a little freshening up, thanks for the inspiration!

    2. I love a GOOD wreath, too! While real greenery wreaths can be a little pricy, there are some things I prefer to splurge on and a good wreath is one. I have the Bay Leaf Wreath from W&S, it dries beautifully. I have had it for about 3 years and one move and it looks great. That Olive Wreath is calling my name! Thanks for sharing!

    3. Yay for inspiration! I remembered I made a vine wreath from the dried stems of our Virginia creeper last year. Now I’ve seen this, it’s coming out again! xx

    4. I love all your choices Emily, I have done two of them. Am loving seeing the cotton one,cause I live close to a cotton field,in Arizona. Plan on doing my own Cotton picking He!He! Will be making my wreath. Got my black & white T towels from you,love them. Thank you! Happy Fall

    5. Sorry, but I am almost offended by this post. Spending this much money on a wreath is absurd. Lately I have felt like the items you’ve shared are borderline pretentious. I always have loved your blog because you’ve been real, approachable, and authentic. This is just ick.

    6. Is there a way for me to post a pic of the wreath I made this fall? I couldn’t find a store bought one in my price range (love the cotton one but way too pricey to ship to Canada and with a crappy dollar too). It’s pine cones, acorns and coffee beans and turned out fantastic! Didn’t want anything too colourful and leafy like the popular orange/red/yellow ones.

    7. I know you don’t know who I am…I’m one of your followers in Denver Colorado. I love your blog! I love all of your posts and I love your coffee chats! Love the wreath choices…I just ordered one. And I just got my cute black and white dish towels in the mail:) Thanks!

    8. Love this post. I love the options too! I have two main doors on my house. Dear Emily, is it too matchy if I were to by the same for each door? Or should I mix it up a bit?

    9. I love those Target wreaths, but they are made for indoors only. I keep replacing my boxwood wreath because on my front door, even covered by a generous front porch, it molds within a few weeks.

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