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office primping

    We are notorious for moving things around in our house. Even switching entire rooms around.

    Like this room in the front of our home. When we first moved in, it was my office. Then it became my husband’s when we built out an office for me off the playroom. Then our friends came to live with us and we sort of shared the office so that we could use mine as an extra bedroom. We tried to use this room as a sitting room, but realized that it just didn’t get much use. So here we are again, and it is now my office.


    It was painted a great dark taupe color, but it felt a little too dark for me. So last week I painted it back to its original lighter color.


    I’ve always loved the idea of wallpaper, but have also always struggled to find one that I love {and can also afford!}


    The idea of painting ‘wallpaper’ seemed to be the best fit, so with the approval of my darling husband, I came up with an idea, sketched it out, and just dove in. It is just paint, afterall.


    I created a pattern, traced it on the wall and then hand painted the lines. IT TAKES FOREVER! I finished the window wall and we thought maybe we’d live with it for a few weeks before deciding to continue on to the other walls. But, as I lived with it for a few hours, I just knew I wanted it on all of the walls.

    So tracing and painting I continued :

    IMG_2331 IMG_2335

    I’m making progress. Slowly, I might add. But progress nonetheless.


    15 thoughts on “office primping”

    1. Oh my word! Amazing love love love.
      I agree with Jessie, if you are willing to share.
      Not sure I would ever have the patience to do it, but it is seriously gorgeous!

      Did you free hand draw every one???? WOW

    2. WAIT!!! More details….please. I love this idea of painting your own wall paper. My husband and I have been attempting to finish our dining room and this would work SO well for us.. Where did you find the pattern? How did you make it continuous? What type of paint and brush are you using. A tutorial would be amazing. It looks SO fabulous, by the way. Amazing!

    3. I just stumbled upon your blog and my jaw is still hanging open right now. You rock. It is so rewarding and worth it to put the work and time into something like that. even if it takes forever, you’ve still saved money. I like your style & I’m glad I found your blog!

    4. Wow! It’s stunning!! What did you create the pattern and trace it on with? Just can’t get over how beautiful it looks! You are one talented lady!

    5. I CANNOT believe that you hand painted that. It looks amazing. I would have given up half way through.

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