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our guest room {aka holly’s room}

    In preparing for Holly to visit, I knew I needed to give her a special place to sleep.  I have to admit, I was a little intimidated creating a guest room for a lady who has such design talent. I mean, how could I possibly come up with something as beautifully decorated as her desk:


    Or these rooms she has designed?

    guest   bed

    Our little guest room is just a teensy room off the playroom. It was originally built as an office for me, then used as a bedroom for my best friend’s daughter when they lived with us.

    girl room

    When they moved into their new home, we brought my office back in until we moved it {again!}downstairs and the room became the guestroom.  All of our family live nearby so, truth be told, we don’t have many visitors. Which means our guestroom {pre-holly} was just a big unmade bed used mostly as a trampoline for the boys.

    In true Emily fashion, I waited until two days before her arrival to put it together. I ran around like a crazy woman borrowing pieces from other rooms and digging through closets trying to gather things to make the room look like it was put together with purpose. 

    I was actually pleasantly surprised with how it all came together.


    With a queen bed, there is only just enough room for a little side table and a pathway to the bed. But I love the way it is all framed by the curtain panels – they make it feel cozy.


    The wall behind the bed is covered in book pages {my fave} and the old paned window hangs from a wire to give a little more cottage charm.


    I wasn’t sure what to do with this large expanse of wall, but when I found these sticks in a closet, I decided to treat them like driftwood and hang them. Sort of quirky, kind of haphazard, but I like it. 


    The bedding was a mix of Amy Butler sheets {a very exciting find at Marshalls}, a white quilted coverlet and shams {from Target years ago}, a white duvet with blue stripe {hand-me-down from Rae} and a random assortment of pillows made in chipper fabric from Premier Prints, Amy Butler Nigella in olive/primrose, a polka dot tea towel turned pillow and that sweet little dotted one from Marshalls.




    The curtains are actually shower curtains from Target, with a thick band of black and white ticking to extend them to the floor.  I covered a drum shade with a tea towel and hung it using a plug-in pendant light bulb socket {I have no idea what it is called or where it came from, but it sure worked out well as a bedside light!}


    A few little goodies for the guest.

    The best part of all was that Holly loved it and felt comfortable as our guest for one of the most refreshing, inspiring, healing, productive, chilly {!} weekends I’ve had in a long time.


    I can assure you that miss Holly Mathis is just as delightful, real, sweet and completely talented as she seems on her blog.  I really am thankful for this girl. And her accent. Y’all.

    38 thoughts on “our guest room {aka holly’s room}”

    1. The idea to turn the shower curtains into drapes? Genius. I love that you added ticking fabric to the bottoms. Maybe you could give us a more in-depth look at this process in the future?

    2. Can I be a guest at your house?! I swear you are my idol…I love.every.single.thing., etc..etc…I love that I own some cool spoons from your Summer Boutique too! Seriously, you are one cool chic…with a very cool last name btw! :)

    3. Oh Emily, I ran out to Target and bought the last two botanical bird shower curtains they had. Totally LOVE them!! Thanks for posting that tip.

    4. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on storage and organization when there is not storage :) My hubby and I live in married student housing and there just isn’t a place for everything. I know that means I should probably get rid of those things…We just say we are “house people…” whatever that means. I would love to organize on a budget!

    5. L O V E this room! You did a great job, chica. One thing… how did you put the book pages on the wall? Did you use the same process as the canvases? I’m SO tempted to cover my dining room ceiling with something wonderful, but am wondering if I’m crazy. Have to wait until I’m not preggo to do it, of course. So, in about a month, I’ll be on a ladder trying to figure it out!

    6. Great idea to add a panel to the bottom of shower curtain for length. I have some wonderful anthro ones that I really want to hang as curtains but were too short, perfect idea!

    7. Emily…looks like you had a great time. I love Holly’s blog too! I’m not suprised you are friends. I check both your blogs all the time for the great inspiration. Love, love the guest room!! Just perfect!

    8. I was in Seattle for the first time last weekend with a friend. We went down to Pike’s Place, and as we were leaving we ducked into a courtyard just beacause it was pretty. To my surprise there was one of the Watson Kennedy stores! I almost screamed! I’ve had their website bookmarked on my computer for years. We spent about 45 minutes in that store.

    9. I can’t believe you did all that in 2 days! It’s gorgeous! I love the old window frame, and the curtains, and the bedding… It’s so fun to create a cozy space for guests. I loved it, in the few months that we actually had a guest room before we had kids.

    10. You’ve created a very cozy, welcoming place for guests. I love all the little touches that make it special, like the flashcard, the sticks, and the tray of goodies.

    11. Hi Emily, The room is amazing!! I love all the different fabrics and textures. Everyone needs a little getaway. I love the notecards you made Holly. Will you be selling them soon in your shop?? I love all your new printable paper goods, but I do not have the best printer. Pretty Please!! Happy Monday!!

    12. Great job on the room! Sounds like a fun weekend!
      A random P.S…. I like to change my chalkboard every Monday. Today it says “Twirl.” Thought you would like to know :) Thanks for the inspiration!

    13. Glad you guys had such a great time together! It’s too funny, last week I began decorating my guestroom walls with book pages too! I’m hoping to finish it (once I get a ladder tall enough to reach the rest of the wall) and post about it later this week!

    14. Emily…you hit it out of the park! As I looked out my bedroom window towards Mt Rainier this weekend, I could see the flashes of talent and spirit somewhere around Bonney Lake! ; )

    15. You are something else Emily- I love every detail in that room!! You two look so fresh and happy, very cute picture. Can’t wait to hear more about your weekend together.

    16. Oh girl, you did a beautiful job pulling this room together and all the special touches are just perfect. I bet holly loved her stay in this warm welcoming room.

    17. hi emily, first of all the room is beautiful! i love every part of it…the texture and fabrics are amazing. i have been admiring your note cards since your birthday party post…can you please let me know what you use to round the corners? i have a corner rounder but it seems to leave a somewhat unfinished look. thanks so much!

    18. Oh my goodness….such talent this is amazing! Can you come over to my house???….Please!!!!! I’m in the beginning process of an office/guest room/craft room. I need so much help!

    19. Love “Holly’s Room”. You did such an awesome job in such a short period of time. There are so many details that I’m taking in. I’m sure she felt right at home. Thanks for sharing your decorating wizardry once again.


    20. You did such a great job on that room, I am sure any guest would feel welcome and loved staying there. Love the shower curtain turned window curtains.

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