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painted house numbers

    This is what our front door looked like Saturday morning:

    and a few hours later:

    The sun was out, the kids were happily bouncing on the neighbors’ trampoline and I had the itch for a quick project.

    So I painted house numbers on our front door.

    Of course I could have ordered vinyl stickers, but that would require designing and ordering them and when inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it. Plus, this method is free.

    Here’s how to paint numbers on your front door {or anywhere, for that matter}.

    What you’ll need:

    :: numbers {download my template below or design and print your own with a font and size of your choice}

    :: chalk

    :: sharp pencil

    :: paint & thin brush

    :: tape and scissors

    STEP ONE: rub chalk on the backside of your numbers along the outline of the number

    Chalk is great if you are transferring to a dark surface so you can see the outlines. If you are painting on a light surface you can do the same transfer technique with pencil lead or graphite paper from the art store

    STEP TWO: tape the numbers in place

    STEP THREE: trace over the outline of each number using a sharp pencil.

    When you pull off the paper, you will have chalk outlines transferred to your door

    STEP FOUR: paint the numbers

    I used a thin brush {#3} and leftover latex paint and did three quick coats.

    Fun, right?

    If you would like to do a similar project, I have created a template for the numbers for you.


    Ah, sweet Spring. I love how you inspire new house projects.

    52 thoughts on “painted house numbers”

    1. Hi Emily
      Thank you for the house number template. I have used it on two houses now and on my stairs! I also just featured you on my blog. Thanks again so much!

    2. Hello, your blog is sooo nice, I love it! I’ve signed up and confirmed the subscription, but the download of this template doesn’t work. What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance.

    3. I love this idea and can’t wait to do it. However, I would especially like to know where you purchased your front door. I am wanting to update my door with one that has glass and this style is exactly what would work for us.

      Thanks for your response!

    4. Wow, I´m impressed! Thank you so much for the Tutorial! We still don´t have a number on our house (after 7 years). So I´m going to paint the number like you did!
      Thank you again!

      Have a happy day!

    5. I love rhis. Thank you for sharing your great idea and telling us how to do it. I will be doing this the first nice day we get this spring!

    6. It looks fabulous!! And thank you so much for the template – I have been wanting to do something like this for so long b/c our house numbers are in a strange place and I thought this would really help! The template will help me immensely!! I really appreciate it!

    7. These are awesome! Your chalk transfer method is genius!

      I can’t wait to use these templates…pillows, metal cans, glass jars, outdoor pots, tags…so many choices, so little time. :)

      1. I love this idea!! I’ve already printed off the numbers!!! My house number is just as long, so its not just a west coast thing :) I live in Arkansas; all the house numbers around here (out of the city limits that is) are this long.

        I know this is an old post but I just could’t help but share!! Thanks so much!

    8. Just wanted to tell you how cute those numbers are! I am with you….when the idea for a project strikes….you can’t wait!

      Have a blessed and wonderful day!

    9. Thanks for this post! I’ve been designing our new house numbers (needs to cover up an existing fugly mess left by previous owners) and waffling between painting and using prefab pieces. I love how clearly your numbers stand out on the black. What color paint did you use?

    10. Emily, I always love your templates! This one will be put to good use around here!
      Wasn’t it a glorious Easter weekend?
      We were blessed this year!
      The best of blessings to you and your precious family!

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