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pleasantly surprised {a new dining room display shelf}

    Sometimes you buy furniture from inexpensive sources and you end up with a flimsy particle board table that never quite stands level.

    Other times, you order a bookshelf and hope that it will turn out to be more like the online photos than what past experience tells you it will be.

    Hip Hip Hooray … this one is just like the photos online, or maybe even better.

    Our new Emerson Shelf {purchased from World Market} is real wood and real metal. Surprise! It’s substantial and industrial and was such a great price for what it offers in style and utility.

    It now lives in this awkward little cutout in our dining room.  Changing displays is one of my favorites so I look forward to switching things up ever so often.

    Glittery pumpkins {from Target}, white serving platters, a little bit of faux greener and my favorite bookpage decoupaged pumpkin take center stage.

    Linens are stored in the vintage locker baskets.

    If you are looking for a large shelf for a fairly inexpensive price, this handsome shelf may be the one.

    {don’t forget to sign up for World Market’s mailing list to get a 10% off coupon!}

    44 thoughts on “pleasantly surprised {a new dining room display shelf}”

    1. Ok I adore your home!!! My favorite room is your dining room. I am thinking of purchasing the shelf from World Market but I think it may be to small for the wall I have in mind. Would you be so kind as to let me know the length of the wall you have the shelf on so I can get an idea of how it will look on my wall?
      Thanks so much!!!

    2. I am putting the same shelf together tonight. It is quite easy to do yourself and I am happy with the quality…plus the 25% off for friends and family never hurts!

    3. Hi Emily! I love this shelf. We are in the process of buying a new home and we will be making the family room area into our formal dining room. I have been looking for something that would fit in the space that the entertainment center would normally go and thought that this would be perfect. Can you tell me if it was difficult to assemble? And now that you have had it for awhile are you still happy with your purchase? Thanks for you help! I absolutely adore your blog!

    4. When I saw this post I fell hard for that shelf, then very patiently waited for a sale to come along so I could claim it for myself. I’m happy to report that it now happily resides in our dining room and we could not be more pleased. It’s as sturdy as it is lovely, and when you add in the price it’s a trifecta of furniture perfection.
      Thank you for sharing such a great find!!

    5. Hi!

      Love your blog and have been reading for a while- this is a very silly question, but i have been looking for a nice white paint color and love the paint color in your dining room as shown here. Any idea what color it is?? Thanks!


    6. Love this! Can you share your source for your dining room chandelier? It is so sparkly and looks perfect! Not sure if you’ve ever posted about the chandy before.

      1. It is an old one {maybe from the 60’s?} we took from our old house in Seattle. I love it and we’re thinking about moving it into my office and replacing the dining room one with something long and rectangular. I’ll post about that.

      1. We recently moved EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE around. Or at least it feels that way. The large piece that was in the dining room has now moved to our bedroom which is now downstairs in it’s original master bedroom location. We’re crazy.

    7. Okay. I am in LOVE with this shelf purchase of yours, Emily. I’m an industrial/style girl all the way and this piece speaks to my heart. I feel a sale of our current china cabinet coming on, in exchange for this one. :) I’m pretty sure my husband is ok with that. :)

    8. I purchased that exact shelf a couple of weeks ago with the intentions of using it in my living room. Turned out to not be a good fit so I was dragging it all around the house trying to make it fit somewhere b/c I loved it so much. Sadly I had to return it, just no room. Oh well, something else just as fabulous is sure to come along, I hope. Yours looks great!

    9. Just purchased that shelf the other day for my small kitchen! Love how you merchandised it!! You have such a wonderful eye. All the best, Vicki

    10. Emily, I love that decoupaged pumpkin. Did you make or buy? If its homemade, do you offer a tutorial? I’d love to incorporate a few into my fall decor :) thank you!

    11. Hey Emily!
      I love the shelf and colors. I’ve seen that squarish wreath in a few pictures you’ve posted. Did you buy it or make it? I’d love to do something like that in our house too and was wondering if you made it, what greens you used? Thanks!


      1. The wreath is my favorite! It came from Target {I think} about 6 years ago. I’m sure you could recreate something similar using a square grapevine wreath form and faux greenery.

    12. we are in the process of building our new home and this is JUST what i need for my dining area… thank you SO much!! now i just have to talk the hubs into buying it!

      i LOVE reading your blog posts and tutorials. thank you so much for the inspiration!!

    13. I just saw that in the store this week and loved it! Will definitely use it with clients as it is so awesome! Looks like the perfect piece for that spot in your dining room.

    14. this is gorgeous, and i love the vignettes you’ve created! your blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. you have such an eye for style and design – definitely a talented lady!

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