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re-arranging the kitchen shelves

    Memorial Day, 2015.

    A day filled with no plans. A house that felt cluttered and busy.

    What’s a girl to do?

    Re-arrange the kitchen shelves.


    I haven’t changed the shelves around in over a year, so it was time. Things don’t get too dusty – I try to wipe things off fairly regularly – but a full wipe-down was necessary.


    And then I just wanted things to be a little more simple. It helps that all of our everyday dishes are white and our drinking glasses are clear and I kept in the white/black/tarnished silver theme.  The finished shelves are not much different than before, but I enjoy changing things from time to time and like how they turned out.

    Do you have any spaces in your home that are feeling blah, cluttered or like you just want to freshen them up? Try taking everything out, and then slowing layering back in only what you really love. Shop your house, pull from other areas and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what arranging can do for giving your space a whole new look.

    P.S. I made my first animated gif! It took forever, but I finally figured it out. So fun. The kids love that they are in it, too :)

    22 thoughts on “re-arranging the kitchen shelves”

    1. Beautiful kitchen, love the simplicity. Did you paint your dishwasher, I love that it is white and blends into the cabinetry.

    2. Always love the JDC style but I have to say I’m partial to the before, I’m a sucker for silver plate trays and I love those striped candles! Needless to say you’ve inspired me to do some polishing and some rearranging! Am going save the pod cast for a weekend treat!

    3. I think we must have been sisters in a former life :) I’m not content on a long holiday weekend without some home project or organization going on. Love it!

    4. I loved this! Do you mind sharing where your shelves are from? I’ve been looking for some for awhile now and really like the look of yours! Thanks!

    5. As usual your before and after both look great! I loved seeing the project though. Love the whole blog and all things Emily Jones!! :)

    6. Like all of your home your kitchen is perfect! I love the shelves, curious about your black and white stripe dishes can you tell me where I might find them, thanks k sunday

    7. So without sounding completely rude…just throwing it out there because a friend just happened upon it!! Have no idea how it works or if it really works but she found stainless steel contact paper for her dishwasher!!! Score. You should try and tell the rest of us! ?

      1. Nope, not rude at all :)

        So the story of the dishwasher … we replaced our original one when we still had a white refrigerator and white oven. So we kept with white. Then the stove went out and we bought a better stainless fancy one. Then the fridge needed to be replaced so we went with stainless on that one too. And now the dishwasher sticks out like a sore thumb. We’ve talked about getting a stainless front, but maybe I will try that contact paper first! Thanks for the tip!

    8. Loved this post!! I must have watched the little video thingy (sleep deprived here, consider it technical term) about 13 times. I’ve been wondering something for a while as I’ve seen your kitchen with the open shelving: do you like having minimal dishes//cups for the whole family, or do you have other ample storage//perhaps cupboard space below the bar or something where more are stored? We’re in a season where we simply do not have much time to devote to cleaning, and wondering if weaning down on cups and dishes means we’d be more inclined to quickly wash//dry//put away thus cutting down on time spent doing dishes//emptying a dishwasher daily. But from a purely design and aesthetic perspective: LOVE IT!!!

      1. It’s sort of mesmerizing, isn’t it :)

        We really just use the dishes seen on the shelves. The shelf next to the fridge holds bowls and I have a few plastic cups in a drawer for the kids, but they mostly use the glass ones. Keeping things minimal feels GREAT.

    9. Hey Emily! I’m looking for a simple shade for over my kitchen sink and yours caught my eye. Any details about what style it is, where you got it, and if it adequately blocks bright sunlight when necessary would be oh so lovely and kind of you. :) Hope you’re having a great day and congrats on your great animated gif. I love it!

      1. We just have white blinds – they came on all of our windows. I would go with bamboo shades if it were up to me, but since we already have them and they work, we just stuck with them.

    10. Fun animation! Do I spy a new fridge? Please do share the brand, etc. I’m in the market for a new one just like that!

    11. Linda/

      Hi Emily :) I’ve been following you for a long time but never commented, guess I thought bloggers couldn’t really like going through all the comments but now that I’ve started my own blog I know that isn’t the case! So here I am, commenting :D
      It’s so funny that you posted this today, I was literally just about to try and style our new shelves (same as yours but gold brackets/dark raw wood shelves) and I sat down to have a look at yours before I did for inspiration, so thank you so much, this is so helpful!

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