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rearranging the living room furniture

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    Sometimes a good furniture rearranging is all you need to make a room feel fresh.

    Our living room is our everyday hang out space, where we watch tv and read books and our main entertaining spot when friends come over.  It is open to the kitchen with a wall of windows (that looks out onto our tiny backyard and neighbors you could practically touch – but we’re not talking about that) and has a vaulted ceiling which gives it a big, airy feel.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    This room is a little tricky for furniture placement since there are no walls, but I keep trying to switch it up just to make our same stuff feel different.

    So the other day, with Ryan at work, two of the kids at my parent’s house and the others occupied upstairs, I played furniture rearranging for an hour or so.

    rearranging the living room process / jones design company

    I’m not great at visualizing a space; I really need to see things in place to figure out if it works or not. That’s the great thing about rearranging what you already have – you just move it around until you find a spot where it works.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    The couch was previously along the window wall, with the tufted chairs opposite and the thrift store leather (vinyl?) chair facing the fireplace. That setup worked fine (probably better than any other), but its been that way for months and I was ready for a change.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    Now the sofa faces the fireplace with the tufted chairs flanking it. We’ve had the room this way before, too, so it really isn’t all that original. The only thing we haven’t tried before is that thrifted chair under the window.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company I like the placement this way for now. It feels cozy and open and different.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    And the best part is that all it took was some shifting of furniture to freshen up the room.

    Rearranging the living room / jones design company

    Are you a perpetual re-arranger? Or do you feel bored of your same old room? Maybe try switching things up a bit for an hour and see what other arrangement you can make!
    Shop the room / jones design company

    TUFTED LINEN SOFA: Yes, I still love it. Yes, it has held up really well. Yes, it will stain if you spill on it, so we just keep the kids in the kitchen with food. I am a big fan of the tight back and cushy down-filled cushions.

    TUFTED SIDE CHAIRS: These were the first pieces of new furniture we bought for our house over 9 years ago. Classic style, comfortable, quality construction and fabric (I chose a mohair-look-alike in a taupy color).

    WOOL RUG: Great color, very soft, hides dirt, love the texture it adds. BUT it sheds so much. So, so much. Even after a year. I would still buy it because it is a great price and looks great, but I’m slightly tired of the fuzz balls it creates.

    INDUSTRIAL COFFEE TABLE: This one is from Wisteria years ago. It’s super heavy and I love the casters. This one is similar.

    METAL SIDE TABLE: A great deal for a sturdy, but delicate side table.

    WHITE FLOOR LAMP: Go ahead and get one or two or three of these for your house. They come in the floor lamp style, a desk lamp or sconces (which I have in my office). The cord is the best part.

    PUMPKIN PAINTING: I painted this white pumpkin a few years ago on a canvas and pull it out each fall. You can order a canvas reprint for your house too! Comes in three sizes.

    WOOD VASE: The natural warm wood color and modern texture of this vase is just so good. It is not water, safe, so either use faux branches or just wrap a clipping in a baggie filled with water.

    BLACK + WHITE BLANKET: This wool blanket is such a classic and will work for any season. It was a splurge for me, but so worth it.

    MONGOLIAN FAUX FUR PILLOW: Fluffy and fun and full of texture. And cheap.

    BLACK GEOMETRIC PILLOW: I wasn’t in the market for a new pillow, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

    LEATHER PILLOW: I was in the market for a leather pillow. I’ve been eying these for forever and finally found one on ebay for a steal. It is soft and perfect. I wish it was a chair.

    METALLIC GEOMETRIC PILLOWS: Again, so many pillows in my life. I just really love switching them out each season. It gives a whole new look to an otherwise neutral room.

    BASKET: For corralling books and magazines and remotes and coasters, this basket tray is great for the coffee table.

    WHITE CHUNKY KNIT THROW: More texture with a chunky knit throw.

    23 thoughts on “rearranging the living room furniture”

    1. Hi there!! I love your room, and especially your fireplace. We are currently building a new home, would you be willing to share the stone used on your fireplace? Thanks so much!!

    2. Hi Emily,
      My comment/question is about your lovely print. I went into your store and I see it says it is printed on heavy paper. I am a fan of that on canvas look. No frame or anything to detract from the simple art. Do you think I can decoupage the print onto canvas? I really do love it and would like to order it while you are offering the discount.
      Thanks a bunch!

    3. Yes! Rearranging and moving are the best ways for me to clean. As a former military family, the moving usually did it for us. This civilian life has me rearranging as a way to keep my desire to move in check!

    4. I’ve been rearranging furniture my entire life — or at least ever since I was strong enough to move things around on my own. My teenage bedrooms were rearranged at least quarterly, sometimes more. Even now I catch myself mentally rearranging things in every room of our house on a weekly basis. Our house is 2 stories, which makes moving things around as much as I’d like a bit more challenging, but I do like a good mix-up now and then. Makes me feel like I have all new stuff!

    5. I got brave a couple of days ago and ordered two cream linen tufted back chairs…they kind of remind me of your couch. I am so excited to get them and place them in front of the big window in the family room of our new house. However, I have two little boys, and little boys can involve a lot of dirt. :) Do you recommend Scotchguarding light-colored furniture or do you recommend against it?

    6. Thanks for all your inspiration I to love to move things around the house it feels wonderful after the change .. it makes the old feel like new!

      I’m looking for a chair and really like your chairs I see that the pair of chairs came from Ethan Allen but I am curious about the other arm chair,could you share the source for that one it looks like just what I’m looking for…

      1. The third chair was a thrift store find by my mother-in-law. It is super heavy and comfortable and even though the upholstery is sort of olive green/gray, it’s too good to not use :)

    7. so fun! I love rearranging, especially as the seasons change. plus, this is the perfect way to make good use of your cozy fireplace!

    8. The fireplace in our family room always kind of throws me, but after seeing this I’m going to try putting chairs in front of it too. A lovely refresh!

        1. I am new to your blog, but absolutely hooked by your style, wonderful ideas and tips. Have you ever given a simple floor plan that creates the openness of your beautiful home? Love the arrangement for fall.

    9. I’m curious about the lighting situation. We have a room in which I have no real walls either and my furniture flots. Behind the sofa we have to run an extension cord in order to have lights on the end tables. Do you not need lighting in there? Or do you have any outlets in the floor? That’s the way I’m leaning but it’s such a pain to have that done. Just curious…gorgeous as always!!

      1. Lighting situation is weird here, too. I wish I had floor outlets and I would put a lamp on the sofa table. I have two sconces on the window wall and the floor lamp, and of course the overhead can lights, but I would like one more table lamp if we could.

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