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subtle coastal decorating

    This week is our Spring Break and we’re spending a few days at a little seaside town on the Washington coast called Seabrook. It’s darling and idyllic with walking paths and sweeping views and community parks, shops and cafes.

    It’s our first visit to the area and I’m smitten. Water of any type has my heart; but there is something particularly breathtaking about the ocean.


    Last night after the kids went to bed (in their cute little room with four built-in bunks), Ryan opened up the back door and we stood out on the porch listening to the ocean roar. The stars were putting on a show, all was quiet and we just took it all in. How big and captivating is God’s magnificent creation.

    Our short stay here has me thinking about all things coastal. The charming architecture with its natural shingles, deep overhangs, board and batten siding, metal roofs, dormer windows.


    The friendly neighborhoods with wide sidewalks, front porches, window boxes and local shops.


    And interiors that celebrate the surroundings without being over the top.

    The house where we’re staying has a decidedly coastal style, but it’s done in a very neutral, subtle way.

    Tall, abundant windows with simple white trim.


    A statement chandelier made of oyster shells.


    Dainty starfish.


    Pops of pretty turquoise.


    Shades of blue and gray.


    Woven baskets.


    Classic blue and white striped ticking.


    All this coastal loveliness makes me add ‘decorate a beach house’ to my bucket list.

    If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in Washington state, Seabrook is practically perfect in every way.

    18 thoughts on “subtle coastal decorating”

    1. After seeing your post I fell in love with Seabrook. Finally just booked our first family vacation there and am so excited to check it out. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

    2. We fell in love with Seabrook 7 years ago, before it looked anything like it does now! We finally were able to purchase our own little getaway and are completely blessed! The people, scenery and quiet days are so refreshing for the soul! Enjoy your break away!

    3. Dear Emily-

      Thank you for such a wonderful post about our growing little beach town!

      We really enjoyed your share on subtle coastal decorating.

      We hope you and your family enjoyed a fantastic Spring Break, and we hope to see you again soon!

      Warmest Regards from,
      Seabrook, WA

    4. Wow, I’m in love with that pale turquoise color! Can you please tell me the name of the color and where you bought it? I want to use it in my new house…

      On another subject, I grew up near the west coast, and at first glance, I thought your picture was on Seaside, OR. I miss the views out there. However, I moved to Florida, where the water is WARM! Warm beats cool views, unfortunately…lol. Thanks for a view I haven’t seen in a long time.

    5. My sister and I are taking a little retreat to Seabrook in June. It will be our first time there too and we’re looking forward to it for all of the same reasons you’ve listed here. The cottages all look so charming and of course, no place can compare to the beach! We grew up on the coast but both live inland now and there’s nothing more refreshing than being near the ocean again.

    6. Oh my, Seabrook is our family’s fav getaway! We were there at mid-winter break and will be there again in July. We sure to take the gnome trail down to the beach, it’s a fun little hike but you might need boots depending on how much it has rained recently. Enjoy the downtime. I am very much enjoying your blog. And I found out we know someone in common, Monica Christensen has been my sisters BFF since elementary school and is married to my cousin.

    7. We went to Seabrook 2 summers ago and are heading back again in May! So pretty there. My boys are excited about their bunk room too :)

    8. Wow, fun timing! I was invited on a mother-daughter getaway to Seabrook next week (Tacoma’s spring break!) with my teen, her best friend and her best friend’s mom. I’ve never been to Seabrook, either, but the photos of our rental cottage are DARLING and I’m counting down the days!!

    9. This is beautiful – and close by for me! Could you share exactly which place you are staying at as I’m interesting in it too . . . :).

    10. How fun, we travel to Oceanside, Oregon and love it! I have a question from a previous post you had about Turkish towels. How have they turned out? I know you weren’t thrilled at first, but had heard they get better with time. I am looking at getting some and wondering what your thoughts are now that you’ve had them longer. Thank you!

      1. I gave up on my Turkish towels. I washed them at least six times, no fabric softener, line dried. No luck. Still not absorbent. I’m guessing we bought the wrong type …

    11. Beautiful. I am originally from the beach, so having my house decorated in a coastal way brings back so many memories.

      Any chance you could find out what the paint on the walls is called? It looks like the exact color I have been searching for, but can’t seem to find.

    12. Boy! You guys sure picked the right week to go! So beautiful! Our spring break is next week (maple valley), right when the weather turns, sadly. We’re headed up to Birch Bay and to see the tulips! Enjoy your stay! Looks so wonderful!

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