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the kids’ bath needs some style

    Our upstairs bath looks like this:

    Basic builder-grade everything.

    This is considered the kids’ bathroom, but since we moved our master bedroom upstairs last fall and made our downstairs bedroom into a media room {great use of the space but I do miss our own bathroom!} we now all share this bath.

    It is a good size, with lots of counter and storage space. But what it offers in function, it completely lacks in style.

    Like this terrible formica that looks like a cross between quinoa and fish eggs to me … not a good look for the bathroom counter.

    I have been wanting to do a little redo on this space – probably not a full renovation {as much as I’d like to} but something to make it more us.

    While walking through Target the other day I saw these adorable cups:

    For some reason, they just said kids’ bathroom to me. I bought one for the boys and one for the girl. I would love to somehow use these cups as the inspiration for the bathroom.

    Then I clicked around pinterest for a bit and found these fabulous bathrooms to further inspire the space:







    So I’m thinking white, blues, woven baskets, new lighting & mirrors, hardware on the cabinets, maybe wood planked walls {my fave} and a built-in between the sinks.

    Totally doable.

    We’ll see when I get to it …

    21 thoughts on “the kids’ bath needs some style”

    1. If you go blue on the cabinet, I say a bright eye-catching peacock blue!! And if not, then fire engine red :) Looks like a great space to work on!

    2. Hi Emily – I will be so eager to see how this space comes together! We recently updated our builder-grade bathroom and the mirror was the hardest part for us. Since they are so expensive and the one we had was so large, we went with a frame around it like Kristina mentions. We bought ours pre-made from Mirror Mate and admire it every day. I don’t work for them, I promise!

    3. Love your ideas. It’s also great that you have a wonderful clean slate to start from. Did you see the bathroom re-do that Melissa at The Inspired Room did? She used light fixtures similar to the one in your first bathroom photo. I love those vintage looking lights…I’ve been eyeing them at Lowe’s for some time. Can’t wait to see your transformation!

    4. Cannot wait to see what you do to this space! How about traditional, paneling, white, with pops of bright colors. (you have a lot of grey of tans already) I feel like bathrooms are a place that you can LET LOOSE. (Maybe thats just me…) :) P.S. where did you get that bw striped rug by chance??

    5. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. I just stumbled on this overlay product last week, and your cabinets look like they’d be a great canvas. Just thought I’d pass this along to add to your inspiration.

    6. I love the one with the dark blue cabinets and gray striped shower curtain and the matching light blue mirror and cabinets. Can’t wait to see what you do!

    7. This will be a fun projects, there is so much you can do to change the look without much money and time. Paint the cabinets, new counter tops and backdpalsh (or just paint the counter tops, I have seen tutorials on pinterest!) you can re-use our fabulous mirror by making it extraordinary by adding trim around the mirror. We did that in our bathroom, it made a huge difference!!!! It Also saved money since we already had the mirror! Can’t wait to see after photos of what you have done!!!

    8. If you are sure you will be changing the counter top, read on. IF NOT, STOP RIGHT NOW! lol…I saw that counter and that is the EXACT same formica on the public stall doors of one of the movie theaters here! I thought it looked like when we were little and in, like first grade, and we did art with a pencil eraser dipped in paint!! Ooohh, fish eggs–ruined those stall doors for me! If you did read this far, press on with your new inspired project! It’ll be gorgeous, I’m certain!

    9. I can’t wait to see the finished product, Emily! You are so talented, so I know it will be beautiful. These inspiration images are AMAZING! Loving the colors you choose, the galvanized lighting from that first image, and the stripe curtains. So many great ideas :)

    10. Love to see what you do with this. Your layout is identical to my mom’s bathroom, and it would be helpful if I could show her a redo (even if it is a kids’). I love the last photo with the baskets on the floor and the towel bars right on the cabinet and the great shelving on the counter.
      Good luck with your project! A kids’ space is always fun to me.

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