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Three trends I’m into right now

    I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest a lot lately. There are a couple of projects happening in my world right now that are pretty much taking every ounce of my creative energy and so I find myself going again and again to Pinterest for inspiration.

    With all this time spent looking at pretty rooms, random tips and tricks, lovely places to travel, desserts that make my mouth water and projects that look fun but I’m sure I’ll never actually get to, I have noticed a few trends that keep showing up in my favorite indoor spaces.

    There are a couple that I’m super in to. Let me share …

    TREND #1

    Indoor Hammocks + Swings


    I mean, what could be more fun that having a swing in your living room?! It’s a bit of a 70’s throwback, and not really a new concept, but I keep seeing hammocks, swings and – my favorite – the hanging chair all over pinterest.


    The idea works well in a kid’s room, of course. And also a playroom (as seen in Chris Loves Julia’s awesome basement).


    And equally as well in common living spaces like the off the kitchen or in a cozy corner of the living room. Pile on the hanging chairs with cushions and it’s a guaranteed favorite seat in the house.

    TREND #2

    Patterned Cement Tile


    This one isn’t necessarily new (they were particularly popular in Barcelona in the 1850’s), but these gorgeous geometric cement tiles are much more commonplace nowadays. The materials used to produce the tiles are environmentally friendly and sustainable, which likely explains their current popularity.


    The graphic nature lends itself so well to a typically utilitarian space like a bathroom. The patterned tiles add a punch to the floor and can be styled in all different ways – from farmhouse to bohemian to glamorous.


    While the tiles are gorgeous, I have heard they are a bit high-maintenance, requiring several coats of sealer to avoid staining.

    I’m particularly fond of the tiles on a bathroom floor, but they can certainly be used elsewhere; think kitchen backsplash or fireplace surround. One caution: I have a feeling these graphic patterns will feel dated after a while. Maybe that doesn’t make a difference to you, especially if you really, really love the pattern and want to commit to it longterm. I would suggest using in a less-used space (like a bathroom) or as an accent rather than a major focal point in your main living spaces.

    TREND #3

    Vintage Kilim Rugs


    Vintage (or vintage-look-alike) kilim rugs are all over pinterest right now. They add a sense of history, of craftsmanship, saturated, time-worn color and softness to any room.

    In case you’re curious, a kilim is a flat, tapestry-woven carpet produced in south-east Europe and the middle-east. They were once considered inferior to the traditional pile rug and are now a highly sought-after collectible.


    Kilims make great runners in an entry or as a flat and durable choice for under a dining table.


    Perhaps the best feature of the rugs, though, are their colors. I’m not typically one for bold color and yet I am always struck by how beautiful they look, particularly in neutrally-decorated spaces.

    If you’re in the market for a vintage rug, try searching on eBay, craig’s list or try The Vintage Rug Shop to see what goodies are in stock.

    Those are three of my favorite current decor trends. What are yours?

    (P.S. Come hang out with me on Pinterest!)

    24 thoughts on “Three trends I’m into right now”

    1. You have sons, girl. If you add a very cool, but very hazardous swing chair to your house I predict much drywall repair in your future!! I would put one under a tree or on a large porch where less damage could occur. (I only say this because of things like having to move a bunk bed because the ceiling fan was temptingly in reach and one stair banister being ripped from its sockets from being slid upon among other events). I understand the attraction though. My husband had one in his bachelor pad.

    2. I love hanging chairs. We have a hanging bar/rings screwed into our header board between our family room and play room. I have been itching to get a chair to hang there too but can’t decide what I want yet.

    3. I’d love to see more of that expansive kitchen with hanging swing, giant chalkboard wall, turq lights, rear end of dog — do you have the source?

    4. I am totally digging all of these trends too, but the indoor swing may be too much. Finding a place in the ceiling and trying to keep my toddler from throwing herself (or her baby brother) onto it is just too risky! Lol!

    5. What I noticed were the black doors which is what I am loving right now. I want to paint my window sills black and install a dutch door and paint it black. I think there is a song in there somewhere… Oh, and terrariums and white walls!

    6. What I noticed from your posts were the black painted doors which is currently one of my favorite things! I want to paint my window frames black and put in a dutch door and paint it black! I think there is a song in there somewhere…. Oh, and terrariums and white walls.

    7. Love them all…dying to remodel the ensuite but it’s a huge job so not happening any time soon….but still stuck on those cement tiles!!
      We put a hanging chair on the deck (everyone fights over it along with a yellow Acapulco string chair), would love a hanging chair in the living room but I just bought a sleek ghost chair that I don’t want to switch out:( I feel so guilty for first world problems!

    8. I am seriously looking into painting our ugly 80’s bathroom tile to look like those gorgeous floors! I am going to take it as a sign that you posted this today. Hopefully the beauty that’s in my head will come to life on our floors…

    9. I too love all those trends yet I don’t have any of those in my home! Ha! I’m also loving wishbone dining chairs!!! Is that a trend though?! I would love some but not sure if they are a timeless look or not!

    10. Im totally in the vintage rug trend now, too! In fact, I just got a rug directly from Turkey where they’ve taken vintage rugs and made new rugs in patchwork style – I LOVE the look and all the colors and possibilities that they are doing now from this shop in Istanbul! The one we got is pretty muted tones which work in our room – but the rug merchant showed me one that was beautiful, looked like old money – with bits of red and blue and browns and greens – reminded me of old bills or old stamps, muted and full of history! Wish I had a place in my house for it! I like the fact that we’ve recycled remnants that may have just been tossed aside – and I like walking on history that is so pretty! I’m happy to share the name of my rug merchant – we did it all over Skype!

    11. I love all three!! I especially love the indoor hanging chairs. I have actually thought about putting one in one of my rooms. My husband will think I am a bit nuts…but he dies already!

      Thanks for your post!


    12. Question for you (because I love your style and trust your opinions): Rug over a rug? We are renting right now and have light colored carpet throughout the downstairs…the two pathways in and through the house are pretty warn out. I keep thinking about throwing a few great hall rugs down but don’t know how I feel about the rug on rug situation. Obvious that I’m hiding something? Does it make the area even more susceptible to wear out/hidden dirt? Thanks so much!

      1. Definitely yes for rugs over rugs. Almost always this is done with a pattern over a plain (often sisal), but I was wanting to add plain over a kilim , coincidentally.

      2. Rug over rug is fine. Rug collectors do rug over rug all the time, often because there isn’t enough floor for all. the. rugs. And they layer pattern over pattern (tabriz over kilim, sarouk over aubusson…whatever they’ve got, really) with impunity.

    13. I’m in love with the vintage rug trend right now. Thanks for the link to the Vintage Rug Shop…I hadn’t heard of them before. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on ebay or craiglist!

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