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woven jute storage cube for the boys’ room

    One of the items I added to the boys’ room design board was this fun woven jute cube. I’m not even sure where I found it but I figured it was something I could recreate very inexpensively.




    storage cube / jute webbing / staple gun

    STEP ONE // cut jute webbing strips to cover top of cube. Add 3 inches on each end for wrapping.


    My cube was just a little too wide for 5 full strips of webbing, so I cut one strip in half and placed that in the center.

    STEP TWO & THREE // staple one end of the first set of jute strips to the underside of the lid and then cut a second set of jute strips to run perpendicular.


    Staple those under as well.


    STEP FOUR // weave the jute webbing strips {over, under, over, under}


    STEP FIVE // pull firmly and secure all ends to underside of lid with staple gun


    STEP SIX // use the same method for the body of the cube, first cutting and attaching strips vertically, then cutting horizontal strips that will weave around all four sides.


    Again, I had to cut a piece in half for the center vertical section. When weaving around horizontally, just tuck in the ends under other pieces to hide the staples.

    STEP SEVEN // staple all lose ends to the underside of the cube.


    You could cover the bottom with a thin piece of fabric or felt, but you certainly don’t have to.

    And here it is all complete!


    A fun, utilitarian piece that adds lots of texture and vintage charm to their far-from-finished room.

    18 thoughts on “woven jute storage cube for the boys’ room”

    1. As always, well done! The time you spend writing, and sharing who you are and what you enjoy, is appreciated. There’s always inspiration to be found here, whether it’s in your musings or your creations. Love the inspiration board too. I’m interested to know where to find the arrow compass art…

    2. I am so excited for your final reveal of the boy’s room! I too, am working on the same type of them for my boys and would love more inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

    3. Hi Emily,
      I loved your various design idea boards (Darlene’s nursery, your boys room, laundry room, etc.). It would be awesome for you to do a post on how to create an idea board for a room. I would love to learn that skill, but have no idea how to do that & feel that you could explain it well. Just an idea. Thanks :)

      1. The storage cube is from target and it was on sale for $16 {the link is in the supply list}. It is sturdy – probably not the most sturdy of all – but it should hold up fine.

    4. SUPER DUPER LOVE IT!!! I’ve made other items using that same technique, but this is fabulous…and so economical, too. Thanks for the inspiring tutorial, Emily.

      Lisa Frank

      P.S.–I made a large corkboard inspired by yours, woven with wide burlap ribbon from Michaels and gold thumb tacks from the Dollar Store and it’s still one of my favorite home decor items, 2 years running. It also looks amazing at Christmas, when I use it to hold my ornament advent calendar.

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