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highs & lows

    high: we took a quick family vacation to a little mountain resort this weekend with some friends to celebrate a birthday.

    low: it was too quick – I could have stayed way longer.

    high: packing up the six of us with all of our snow gear, clothes, blankies, snacks, waterbottles and gadgets {laptop, ipad, ipod, phones, video camera and regular camera – geesh!} went smoothly and relatively quickly on saturday morning.

    low: while this packing was taking place, Audrey found a pair of scissors and gave her hair a trim. Two chunks of her beautiful blonde hair right from the front – now gone. Boo.

    high: on the way up the mountain we ran into longtime friends who just had a baby. I got to meet {and hold} sweet Memphis. She has the most amazing thick head of hair. I hope she never finds scissors.

    low: we don’t get to see those friends often enough.

    high: hotel-stays are super fun for kids. And parents. Walking into a clean hotel room with crisp sheets knowing you don’t have to do a thing to clean it is the best.

    low: we made a real mess of the place within minutes with our snow gear, clothes, blankies, snacks, waterbottles and gadgets. P.S. we didn’t even use half of the gadgets.

    high: I ordered a salad from room service because I was so hungry and wanted something other than a granola bar or fruit leather.

    low: it cost a small fortune.

    high: it was really good.

    low: i missed out on iceskating with the group to put a cranky almost two year old to bed.

    high: I really love hanging out with that almost two year old.

    low: she never went to sleep

    high: the boys came back from skating and we ended up hanging out in our friends’ room until 11:00 and the kids were champs. I also love hanging out with our friends.

    low: ate too much pizza + birthday treats and went to bed feeling blah.

    high: best husband ever got up with the kids, took them to the lobby to drink coffee and play chess while I slept in until TEN O’CLOCK! Amazing.

    low: I missed out on coffee and chess in the lobby

    high: went sledding

    low: we’re having a crazy winter here and there was barely any snow. What we had was crusty and slippery, but it was snow.

    high: very few things are funnier than watching grown men throw themselves down a slippery, crusty hill on a small bright blue plastic saucer.

    low: our lunch took a long time to make it to our table and we were a hungry group.

    high: I had grilled flatbread, fancy cheese and a whole head of roasted garlic and it was worth the wait. Yum.

    low: the 11:00 bedtime caught up with my littlest ones and so we had to take a distraction walks to keep from major restaurant meltdowns

    high: we finished off our weekend with a quick swim in the pool {with a few runs down the water slides and mostly chilling in the hot tub}

    low: we had to leave this dreamy place.

    Family getaways are great. We should really do it more often.

    And because a post is always better with a photo, here are a few of my favorites from our sledding extravaganza.

    {do you see that chunk of super short hair right there in the front? Yep. That’s one of the chunks now missing}

    26 thoughts on “highs & lows”

    1. Suncadia is gorgeous!!!! And the snow last week was ridiculous! (hmm… I know someone who just recently had alittle girl named Memphis, would be a small world if it was the same one!!!! And if it is she is an absolute doll! As is her mom!)

    2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Just had to share a haircutting story. I wish I could say my daughter was 2, but, alas, she was about 5. I came home and found a pile of hair behind a chair. When she came home I discovered she had cut her bangs off – to the scalp! She did this not once, but twice. To the scalp!

    3. Alas, 1 out of my 3 daughters did the same thing! Years later it will give you all a good laugh and, thankfully, hair grows! Fun post!

    4. Your children are adorable. We went through the hair cut process, but it all grew back in. Enjoy these memorable times. I enjoy your posts and all your printing ideas. Used your printable gift tags at Christmas, thank you, got many compliments on them. Glad you and family could enjoy some time together, fun.

    5. Husband and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary at the end of March. We never went on a honeymoon and neither one of us like to spend money on frivolous things. However, a little weekend getaway would be soooo nice.

      Your daughter’s “scissor” event reminds me of a friend whose daughter did the same thing, except they were trying to get Emma’s hair as long as possible for an upcoming wedding (Emma was a flower-girl) and she chopped about 8 inches off ….. needless to say, she had a short-do and new bangs for the wedding!!!

      Cheers to 2012,
      Nicole @ Three 31

    6. NO WAY!!!! I was totally there with my girlfriends this weekend….. Funny. We stayed in the trailhead lodge…I came home majorly time you go. Head to the spa. For 35 bucks you can lounge in hot tubs saunas and a steam room…so nice

    7. Thanks for sharing with us.

      Suncadia, no matter what time of the year, is a high point in my opinion. We’re blessed to have some of the best scenery and outdoor activities in our “back yard”. NOTE: I’m in the burbs of Seattle.

    8. I think every family get-away we’ve taken has played out like this. Magical – even in all it’s imperfections. The lows make it real and the highs make it dreamy. The combination of the two resulting in the magic of wonderful memories:)

      Thanks for sharing the whole kit and cabootle. I love it.

    9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! That baby Memphis is a favorite of mine…perhaps we’ll meet one day due to that connection! Don’t fret the haircut too much, my niece gave herself a mullet last winter and you’d never know it now…seems like a right of passage. Of course I can say don’t fret it because my darling got hers cut by her brother two years ago and it’s already grown back….I’d be so very sad if she cut it now, she has the prettiest locks…

    10. When my 19 year old was about 3 she got some scissors and cut almost all of her beautiful curls off on one side of her head. She went from below her shoulder length hair to a very short pixie cut overnight. I cried….and cried. The hair grew back and she still has beautiful curls :-)

    11. Loved your “high’s and low’s” … brought back some great memories of outings with our four children when they were young and when when our yougnest didn’t cut her bangs…but ALL her curls in the back. Thanks for sharing!

    12. emily, sounds like a great time. we’ll have to check that resort out sometime…looks amazing. so sorry about audrey’s hair. Kate did that this summer and I about had a heart attack. So sad. It didn’t take too long to get it back…. I’ll have to send you a picture. It was half of her bangs and a chunk in the front. It was quite obvious what she did. ;)

    13. Thank you so much for sharing the highs and lows of the trip. Normally we just get to hear about someone’s fantastic vacation and see great pictures but none of the normal mishaps! Shows the real family vacation and even with the not all great times it was well worth it!

    14. Oh, I love Suncadia! My family and I spent a weekend there in June, and it was fantastic. I bet it would be in winter, too! We lived in Snoqualmie for 2+ years but recently moved back to Ohio. It’s nice being close to family again, but I sure do miss the beauty of the Pac NW.

    15. Three kids and she is the first to give herself a haircut? Count yourself lucky, I think 4 out of 5 of mine have cut either their own or a younger siblings’s hair at some point. My oldest daughter still remembers the look on my fface when she cut her baby sisters curls off. I just turned and walked out of the room! We all laugh about it now and you will too.

    16. i enjoy your blog so much. the tutorials & inspiration, the motherhood/family moments you share-it’s all really great. thanks for taking the time. the ‘blogs are like porn for women’ post hit the nail on the head for me at that time. i think of it often if i’m feeling the least bit discontent or inadequate. on that note: i’m thoroughly envious of the weekend getaway: i could go for one a month!

    17. Audrey’s hair looks fine! I’ve seen worse scissor cutting hair. I feel like all girls have that happen to them at some point so thank God it grows back. What a wonderful vacation you had.

    18. It sounds like a wonderful time. I would love you to write a post about how you pack or even leave the house with all the kids. We went to a family party yesterday,me, my husband and my daughter and I always feel such madness trying to get us all out of the house. Maybe you know something I don’t! Sorry about Audrey’s hair, I’m sure you’ll make her some pretty bow that covers it up until it grows back. thanks for sharing

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