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I want a dog

    Both Ryan and I grew up with family pets.  My dad is a lover of all animals and we always either had a dog, cat, rabbit, goat, bird or some combination.  I am not overly affectionate with other people’s pets, but I have always loved my own.

    Ryan and I have often talked about getting a dog.  Its only natural. Get married. Buy a house. Have a few kids. Get a dog.

    But I have two problems. 1. I’m not a big fan of dog hair {or wet dog smell or dog poop}. 2. We are not the type who will take a dog for a long walk everyday. Not that we’re lazy :we just have a pretty busy life {you know, four kids, a couple of businesses and all}.

    So here’s our solution: English Bulldog. They may drool, but they don’t shed much. And boy, oh boy, are they lazy. Perfect.



    We have wanted to wait to get a dog until we were out of the baby stage : which we are approaching.

    Yesterday I saw a man walking the beefiest looking English Bulldog. A few hours later I saw the above image {on My Sweet Savannah} and it clicked: I want a dog.

    So : I’d love to hear your thoughts on dog vs. no dog. And if you know anything about living with a drooly english bulldog, please feel free to share the ups an downs.


    Okay, maybe I don’t want a dog. At least not an English Bulldog. I’ve loved reading the comments and one thing I can say … I have three boys who are not necessarily smelly now, but in a few years, I’m sure they will be. I don’t think adding a smelly dog to the mix is best for my sanity. Maybe I should take Holly‘s advice and notice the leopard carpet in the photo instead of the dog!

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    1. My son had a lab, Trooper as his best friend from kindergarten, when he took Trooper to show and tell til he was a senior in high school. Trooper was the best..he helped Jess make friends in the neighborhood…went with him everywhere..except for shedding Trooper was the BEST dog ever! He did shed but we would brush him outdoors in the warm weather and watch the birds come down to get his fur for making their nests.

      My sister and her family have had two Bulldogs..oh my they were a handful to keep healthy, both of them. Bull dogs have been inbred to the point where puppies must be
      born by C-Section as their heads are too big to be born naturally. They must have their wrinkles cleaned out with stridex everyday. or they would get bacterial or yeast infections. Both of them became overprotective of their humans and would attack neighbor children if they were wrestling or playing too loud. Cute dogs, yes but not for beginners and not for people already harried in their lives!

    2. Hi Emily!

      I didn’t read everyone’s response to this but I will tell you that I do have an English Bulldog (Blitz) and he is the easiest dog I’ve ever had and I love him to pieces! He is super affectionate, loves kids, and sleeps about 18 hours a day. He only gets crazy when we first come home from work or initiate playtime, other than that, he’s happy to just lay around and move around the living room floor finding cool spots. He loves walks but is fine with our try-for-every-other-day-usually-twice-a-week walks, and he’s perfectly content with a 15 minute stroll around the block (which knocks him out for hours). If you are considering getting a dog, I would highly recommend getting a bull dog, but be sure to get your pup from a breeder with a sparkling reputation as bull dogs can be prone to a lot of genetic disorders caused by inbreeding.

      That being said, he is still a lot of work! He sheds wayyy more than I was expecting and although it’s not like tumbleweeds rolling down the hall, it’s still a lot to keep up with regularly (I now keep a lint roller at my desk at work, in my car, and in the drawer by our front door). He needs a bath every other week to avoid that “wet dog smell” and we have to wipe his wrinkles and his face EVERY SINGLE DAY to avoid infections. Scooping poop is not something I am fond of and, well, its not pleasant, and he probably fills a grocery bag a day… and I don’t have little ones running around our yard yet so for you its even more important to get it off the grass!

      Best of luck!

    3. if you have to question yourself about getting any dog due to smell, shedding, etc. – you definelty should not get one. They are alot of work, but the most rewarding work I have ever done. I just lost a 170 lb. bull mastiff, who drooled like crazy. We always gave our guests towels when they came over. He was a big stinky guy, but they sell shampoo and spray deodorizer for that at pet stores. We got him cuz someone abused him and tied him to a fence outside. He escaped, but it cost him a hole in his neck that needed 2 surgeries to correct. Anyway, now we have a sharpei/pit mix and a white boxer (who is deaf), and I thank God every day that I have them. NEVER EVER buy a dog. Opt to adopt.

    4. Sounds like Danielle may resent her dogs and it might be best to re-home them. Dogs are a lot of work but the reward is worth it. By all means if you’re not 100% sure, it’s a good idea to wait. It’s great you put a lot of thought into it. If you decide at some point in the future, please adopt from a shelter or rescue group. While some have bad experiences with adopted pets, buying from a breeder does not guarantee success either. Many are over bred with health issues and come from puppy mills where the parents live in cruel, squalid conditions their entire lives. Not all shelter dogs are in shelters due to behavioral issues. Dogs are relinquished for many reasons – allergies, families relocating to pet-unfriendly housing, pet parent passes away, got loose and couldn’t find their family. 3-4 Million dogs and are euthanized every year for lack of homes. Give an adopted dog a chance.

    5. I hate to say it, but I think you’re making the right decision to hold off.

      Having a pet is wonderful, but ultimately I don’t think there is a perfect pet. One person might have one wonderful dog but the sibling to that very same dog might be VERY different…and there is that risk that you never know what you will really “get.”

      I have two large dogs, and two young children (2.5 and 4 weeks) and it is a LOT to deal with. My dogs are getting older (7-8 years) but are still a handful…and expensive! I was at the vet this week with one dog (uti) and $120 later she’s not peeing every 8 seconds-including inside of my house. I’ve also had to put my dogs on special diets {cha-ching} and before having kids worked with a trainer to make sure they were behaved {ha!) and mentally stimulated. Going out of town, I wish, because it’s also costly to kennel, and I hate to inflict them on friends…

      I’d say adopt, but my adopted dog is a complete nightmare. I’d say avoid having a puppy, {a cute nightmare?!} but then you’re left with adoption.

      If anything, dog ownership has taught me that my next dog cannot jump higher than my knees-I’ve learned I’m not good at always making sure every speck of food is put away so a large dog is not for me. In my opinion the smaller the better. Big dog=lots of food=big poop…you can see where I’m going with this.

      Maybe a pet rock–and your children can all have their own!

    6. I recommend and have a toy poodle. Snuggles is only 8 pounds and doesn’t shed. Plus, Poodles are the second smartest breed of dogs. Love them!

    7. I second Kay. We fell into the English Bulldogs are so cute mindset, and we got our “Lilly” 2 years ago. While I love her so much, I would not do it again if I could go back. She has chewed molding, cabinets, & much more. We just replaced our carpet to help with the smell. She is very high maintenance, sheds, smells. I have to wipe her bottom, visit vet often, wipe folds, get up early each day to let her out. She is so smart but SO stubborn. Im daily picking up piles of poop out of the yard so the kids can play. Lots of money invested directly & indirectly in this dog. on and on…

      Just don’t get a dog and enjoy your happy minimal stress home.

    8. Two words – BICHON FRISE. They are the best dog ever. They don’t shed hair, are absolutely fantastic with kids, are great companions, lots of fun and don’t have that doggy smell.

    9. I just ran across your blog and L.O.V.E. it!!
      I also wanted to add we have a wonderful English Bulldog. He is super sweet and has been a very easy dog!
      He doesn’t smell like others are mentioning. Maybe we are just lucky but he really doesn’t have any issues with smell, other than a little gas from time to time… he only drools if I am cooking and he’s in the kitchen but does snoore…don’t be discouraged if you want one, they are worth the trouble!

    10. I know you are already over the dog thing but I feel like I can add to the convo. We have had our bully George for about 3yrs. We bought him from a very reputable breeder who had been showing him until he was about 10months old. He is an AKC judge so he knows his bully well. He actually follows up with us and actually dogsits for vacations for free. George was completely house broken and trained when we got him, I called him a cheater dog because he made us look good he was and is still so well behaved. English Bulldogs are high maintenance dogs. Their laid back attitude and personalities are perfect for a lot of people with busy lifestyles as long as they aren’t planning on keeping their bully groomed. Proper nutrition (expensive natural dog food and daily yougurt) help with some of the issues of smell but some things like their mouth breathing make gas inevitable. Their faces do collect everything and get smelly if not wiped down on a daily basis and occasionally medicated. They need their bottoms wiped for every poo and their faces wiped for every drink or you will have a nasty mess. Bulldog hair is short and course, it sticks to what it falls on. He sheds, a L O T. If one of those hairs gets caught in your foot it’s like fiberglass splinters, hurts. George loves to play and lasts longer than 3minutes as someone else suggested, however the problem is they are bullheaded. He likes soccer with the kids and that almost always messes up his shoulder, eventually that will probably result in a surgery. Snoring is another issue, may not sound like a huge issue but I’ll let you know that at times although George sleeps downstairs and we sleep upstairs he wakes us up because of the noise associated with his snore. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my George and wouldn’t trade the work for a smell/noise/hair free home now, but if I had it to do over again I’d try really hard not to fall in love with a bully until later in life when I’m empty nesting. Have you thought about a Labrodoodle? They don’t shed and are hypoallergenic, I believe. Dogs are great but all dogs are a bit of maintenance, worth it but consider the investment before uprooting a canine companion and turning their world upside down. My breeder always says, “If you set them up to fail, they will.”

    11. English Bulldogs are great!! I’m biased though, our family has a one year old named Boomer. He is wonderful. I will say, with any purebred dog they can have health issues, we haven’t had any with our boy! He does shed, but he isn’t allowed on any furniture so it is contained to the floor and I vacummed alot anyways! :) As far as chewing goes, dogs only chew on “unapproved” things when they are left alone or when you aren’t paying attention. We never left him unsuprivised when he was a puppy, so he NEVER chewed on anything other than his toys! Crate train no matter what type of dog you get! He does snore, but hey so does my hubby, and I still keep him! ;) Boomer is great with the kids, we sell insurance and he goes to our office everyday and LOVES every customer! He does have some gas, but lets get real people, it’s not a constant leak. Dogs get gas just like people. :) As far as the wrinkles go, we don’t clean his everyday, (every week) and he doesn’t stink, He gets a bath every month of three weeks.
      He does like to sleep….ALOT! Lays flat on his belly, all we would have to do is stick a apple in his mouth and we’d be ready to serve a pig on a platter!
      Good luck, no matter what type of dog you get, animals are great at loving people no matter what!

    12. I’m sad to hear you’ve been discouraged from getting a dog! We have two lab mixes (a lab/pit and a lab/golden) and they have added so much to our lives! I grew up with untrained outside dogs, and my husband never had a dog and always wanted one. We got our first puppy at 8 weeks. We crate trained, and did a class once a week with him. Now we have two, and they are WONDERFUL. We have a fenced yard, that’s key, and we take family outings every week to the park or the lake. They don’t smell at all, are very well-behaved. I think the key to getting a dog is to know what you’re getting into, research the breeds and find something that fits. Take time for proper training. Once a week isn’t a lot, but it will make a huge difference with your pup. Also, understand it’s life phases. It’s not going to be a puppy forever. Understanding that can help get through the “chewing phase.” Our dogs are wonderful, we’ve been on vacation a week and we’re missing them and sad we didn’t bring them with us :)

    13. Smelly, stinky breath, stinky food, stinky dish, hair on the couch, floor, cloths, on crawling babies, poopy, dirty, expensive, fleas, snorting, drooling and to top it off I am allergic to them. Just a few thoughts. : )

    14. I can relate to the “idea” of wanting a dog, but not the messes or smells associated with having one. Growing up in the country we always had dogs, but they were never allowed inside. I always swore I would have an inside dog when I had a family. Enter the pug. My husband had/has an obsession with slightly obese dogs that snore so he has this sick love affair with pugs. I DO NOT share his fondness of pugs however. Whatever you do…never, EVER get a pug. The shedding just about drove me NUTS and this particular dog (we rescued her from the shelter when he was 8yrs old) pooped in the house ALL the time. We gave the pug away in time to take in a labrador mix from my FIL for a few months. This dog had the MOST HORRENDOUS farts I have EVER smelled in my life, and if you knew my husband that’s saying alot! ;) Then my husband sneaked another pug back into our lives. Same story as before.
      I love the idea of my children growing up with a beloved pet dog, but I have sworn to my husband that IF we ever get another dog it will be a poodle mix because I cannot tolerate shedding or strong animal smells. I actually had a friend who owned a standard poodle and she said the only time her dog smelled “off” was when she was sick and that wasn’t often.
      Good luck!

    15. the best advice i could give is get a doggie if you love them. we have two. the one that is better suited for a family is buster baxter (yes named by our children after cartoon character) our bassett hound. he is the best family dog. ever. lazy to a point of silly. he is loyal and sweet and not very smart…and i say that with total love, he is just happy to simply be. he sleeps, he eats, he takes a walk maybe once a week in our culdesac which is 8 houses round, and he is tired and starts walking back to our house. he adores the sunshine. if there is a spot of sunshine in the house, he will stay and nap for hours, he loves it so much. he adores my children and all their friends. he can sleep the whole day and not be bothered by anyone. and is happy taking naps at any of our feet…or in a nice soft bed in the other room. we recommend bassett hounds to everyone we meet who wants a dog and who has children. the. best. ever. ours is 8yrs old and wonderful. our second dog is a staffy and he is a 2.5 yr old puppy and he is buff and sweet and lots more work. he is my husbands return from war gift to himself and i have cried many a tears with his playful puppy antics…i do love him too. but i must say the bassetts are wonderful for families. we have so many wonderful memories of loving this dog. good luck. :) i hope you get one. i am the same, i dont care much for other peoples dogs, but i love with my own dearly.

    16. I’m just going to add my vote for a French Bulldog!!! They’re the smallest of the bully breeds and are known for they’re loveable personalities, especially with children. I have had my little frenchie for almost 5 years now, and would have 10 of them if I could. They’re sweet, lazy, short haired, and relatively low maintence:) although I purchased mine from a breeder, I am a big supporter of the people over at Check out a frenchie- you won’t be disappointed:)

    17. I had a dog growing up but am not particularly fond of all (or most) dogs. I think an English Bull Dog looks great in staged pictures but I do believe they are quite smelly ;-(. When we’re ready to get a dog (when we have a couple more kids and they are older), i think we’ll be getting a poodle. That’s what I had growing up and it was great. Very smart dogs that will train well, absolutely no shedding, and they don’t need to be walked. We had our dog for 16 years and had great memories with her! Good luck in finding a good fit for your family!

    18. A friend has an adorable Yorkie-poo. He doesn’t shed, has a fabulous personality, is great with her three kids, and is small enough that when he needs a bath she sticks him in the bathroom sink. Now that I feel like a traitor; we have a border collie who is the smartest dog ever but sheds enough to knit a blanket daily. We also have a cock-a dachs (cocker spaniel/dachshund mix) who is adorable but a acts more like a nervous cat. I vote Yorkie-poo…

    19. Get a French Bulldog instead. I’m totally biased as I have one, but everyone I meet wants to steal him :) They are smaller than the English Bulldogs & easier to maintain (only about 20 pounds). They don’t smell or drool. They almost never bark & love kids. They do however needs lots of love, as they are attention hogs. Best decision ever to get a “Frenchie” as they are called :) Best of luck in your doggie search!

    20. ABSOLUTELY get a dog! There are so many that need a good home, and in days, maybe minutes, will make your home a better one. Their love is undeniable and unassuming… they will make you smile every day! We have a vizsla… doesnt shed much, but does require some exercise. She is actually quite content staying on the couch all day, but I know its good for her (and me) to get out for a run/walk.

      I hope that you decide on what is best for your home, but if you choose to get a pet please remember to ADOPT, our dog is a farely rare breed and when we put it on a “wish list” with the SPCA we were contacted in a week or two.

    21. I say GO FOR IT! (Of course this is coming from a girl who writes a blog solely dedicated to her dog so I’m probably biased.)

      My best friend has an English Bulldog (Butters) and he’s the sweetest thing but LAZY. He won’t even walk around the block. He also makes a BIG mess when drinking from the water bowl.

      I have a Boston Terrier and I have to say (again, I’m biased), I think he might be the perfect dog. They are energetic enough to do whatever you want to do (I take mine walking, swimming, and hiking) but don’t require a huge amount of exercise or maintenance. Plus, they’re a small size (but packed with a big personality) so easy to take places and don’t overrun the house. They don’t really shed, they’re great snugglers, they love kids, and they’re easy to train. And they have the great face wrinkles like Bulldogs! Here’s some info on the breed that’s quite accurate:

      I rescued mine when he was 10 months old from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue but there are a couple of rescues in WA as well if you’re interested: Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington ( and Grays Harbor Pug, Boston Terrier, Boxer Rescue ( You can always check Petfinder too (for any dog breed):

      In summary, DO IT! DO IT!

    22. Bulldogs are the best. Mine is named Maggie and we adopted her from the shelter. She is amazing around children and puppies, drools when she drinks and plays (which can be expected of any dog), sheds, snores something crazy, and requires regular grooming.

      All of the negatives of this breed (stubbornness, drooling, snoring farting) are out weighed by how lovable and wonderful their personalities are. I look forward to when I get home to find Maggie waiting at the door with her little butt wiggling so much she cant control the rest of her body and just starts wiggling all over. Possibly the cutest thing in the world..

    23. DO NOT get an English Bulldog! My husband and I always wanted one and a couple of years back we saved and saved to get one. Ours is dirty, stinky and VERY agressive! He busted a door down in our house and killed our other dog. I grew up with all kinds of dogs and we are animal lovers… But this dog is awful! :(

    24. If you want a dog that is great with kids and doesn’t shed AT ALL, get any breed that is mixed with a Poodle. My friend has a Labradoodle and a littlier dog that’s poodle and schnauzer or something like that and they are great! Super friendly and so fun and they don’t make her sneeze since she’s allergic! :)

    25. I only read a handful of comments and I see your update but I needed to add my 2 cents! Not all bulldogs are couch potatoes. I have a ball of energy who is always up for some play time or a walk. She LOVES kids and all people, really. Bulldogs are a breed that is very close to my heart. I am involved with our local bulldog rescue group and have seen and heard the horror stories first hand. People neglect and dump their bully’s because the dog didn’t live up to their preconceived expectations (too lazy, not lazy enough, needs care and maintenance, etc.) all too often. Its heartbreaking. Whatever breed you choose I hope (I know) you will really research what breed will fit best for your family and how much care you are realistically able and willing to give. Bulldogs are not a zero maintenance breed, but if given the proper care, diet, exercise, etc. you can expect a long and healthy life for you snoring, burping, gassy bully! I know PLENTY of 10 + year old bulldogs out there.

      P.S. Honey Ham (my baby) is not much of a drooler, unless there is food around! And whatever you do, don’t shop, ADOPT! : )

    26. I really hate to be a negative voice here, but my parents have an English Bulldog. While she is very sweet, loving, and low energy. She stinks pretty badly (they get her groomed regularly), she drools everywhere (nasty gloppy pools of it every time she drinks or gets overworked), and as a breed without extensive training, they are very stubborn. She also sheds pretty badly. It’s that small fine hair, but it’ll get everywhere.

      Please don’t hear me wrong. I LOVE love love animals (dogs especially), and she will always be part of the family. Many times I don’t let her come near me when I am over there, because she’ll shed, drool, or get my clothes stinky before we go out.

      While bulldogs personalities are right up some people’s alley. I can’t recommend them… especially to a bustling house of six.

    27. I have two dogs and can’t imagine my life without them. I didn’t want a shedder either, so I looked for breeds that had minimal shedding. I have a Boston terrier and a Scottie. Neither shed much (the Boston only when he’s nervous) and the only fur maintenance is on the Scottie. I bring him in for a cut every couple months.

      Dogs do take a lot of time in training, especially if you get them as a puppy. But for me, the time put in was completely worth it. Of course they have a distinct “dog” smell which can be easily taken care of with regular baths. That was one of my boyfriend’s biggest concerns when I moved in with him. However, they have won him over and he doesn’t freak out about having dogs in the house anymore.

    28. we have a lab! he sheds a lot but worth every piece of hair i have to sweep up! …bed head makes a fabulously smelling dog shampoo – so yummy smelling i often wonder if i can use it for myself ;) and we use a laser light in our back yard with him. he chases that thing until he is completely tuckered out…he gets exercise and i dont have to move more than my arm :)

    29. I have a Morkie (1/2 Yorkie, 1/2 Maltese) and am in LOVE. He’s LOVES kids, and is non-shedding. He is 11 pounds full grown and I could not ask for a better pet. I can also truly say I’ve never dealt with “dog smell” or slobber. I have a family friend who owns both English and American bulldogs and I can tell you there is more slobber and hair then I care to smell and see. I love that they are big dogs who are lovable and lazy, but I wouldn’t be able to deal with the smells, and shall I say “bodily functions” that they both seem to emit on a pretty regular basis.

    30. I’ve had an English Bulldog and they are very, very loving. The only downsize is their lifespan is about 5 to 8 yrs. Not enough time =( I now have a French Bulldog which is a smaller version of the English, with batlike ears that stick up straight. Frenchies are also very loving, comical dogs. They don’t need a lot of exercise and are perfect for apartments and townhouses because they rarely bark. Martha Stewart has 2; Franchesca and Sharkey and Ellen DeGeneres has 1 named Pig. They are cutie pututies and their lifespan is 9 to 12 yrs. Once you meet one, you’ll be hooked. =)

    31. My recommendation is a Schnoodle. We have had our dog since 2005. She is little, less than 15 lbs. My boys have Ashtma and have no issues. Schnoodles are considered Hypoallergenic dogs. She is such a love bug and completly loves the kids. never issues with being aggresive. Schnoodles dont have a lot of energy, just burts here and there. They do something called the “schnoodle 500.” Just runs in circles for about 5 circles and shes done. She is a indoor dog and best part, LOVES to be Spoiled! There hair does not shedI either! Wonderful Family dogs. I highly suggest looking into them. You will not regret it. ; )

    32. We have an English Bulldog. We don’t have any issues with her smelling (as long as she gets bathed regularly, of course!) but she does shed. We also have a yorkie, we keep his hair cut short, and he never sheds. Go figure.

    33. I believe you live in Puget Sound and we got our wonderful lab-mix from the Purdy Woman’s Prison in Gig Harbor. The women train the dogs for the handicapped, etc. and lots of different breeds are available for adoption (the ones who “flunk” the program.) They’re usually one years old and well-trained- they just need love! My four kids LOVED having a dog and we weren’t always regular about taking her for walks…

    34. What? Kids first then dog? Oh geez I knew that I was rebel! :) We have small and smaller dogs. Lilly is 10 and a Min Pin. She’s black and tan and I where alot of black so her tiny hairs never bother me. They are bred in a beautiful “blue” color but are rare. Nemo is a rescued Jack Russel/Chiuaua, about 7 and white with orangy-tan spots. He’s more the size of a Jack Russel with turned out Chiuaua feet and face. His hair is more noticeable but he’s really sweet so we are his forever family! So even if you get a smelly pooch, if you really love the breed or the demenor of any dog, it’s a small price to pay for love!

    35. Hi, I had the same “I want a dog” itch about 4 years ago. I ended up going to the pound to get a pound puppy and I feel like I got Super Lucky. My pound mix is a Poodle and maybe wheaten terrier or could be some golden. She is about the size of a Cocker spaniel. What I have learned walking my dog and people thinking she is a Wheaten is that Wheaten’s are GREAT dogs that don’t shed. Same with poodles from what I have heard. I grew up with A St. Bernard and adored her but I didn’t want the drool or the shedding in my home, lol.

    36. YAY!! I LOVE MY ENGLISH BULLDOG! I would totally recommed them to most families. Unless you are unable to live with a little drool and snorting, these dogs are super lovable, EXREMELY funny, and great house mates. I love my little 2 year old male bulldog and would be happy to share pictures and stories if you’re interested in learning more!

    37. We have 2 kids, 3 dogs (Lab, Yorkie, and a Mutt aka Terrier Mix) and live in a 2100 sq foot house. As much trouble as dogs are…they are so worth it. I didn’t really consider myself an animal person and I love my home to be in a certain order, neat, and tidy. But it is not about me…it’s about giving my kids the childhood they deserve. So, we have an old dog that sheds; a high-maintenance needy dog who follows me everywhere; and one that has the sweetest-most-loving temperment. I say go for the dog and remember like marriage or kids…it is a committment.

    38. i love this post. my husband and i have an ongoing conversation about getting a dog. like you, we are waiting to get out of the baby phase before taking on another life in the house. i look forward to seeing what happens with you!!

    39. I’m really sad about all of those negative comments!! Maybe we just got a winner but our English Bulldog is the best. He does not have smelly drool in his crevices, and his fur does not stink. His breath, yes, but that’s a dog thing. We’ve kept him at a healthy weight and he has done great. I think it’s the overweight ones that have all the issues. The benefit of raising a dog from a puppy is that then they are yours, trained for your house and your family and your rules. We recently dog sat another bulldog (his family has 2 young kids) and this dog was also well taken care of and so well behaved. I think an English Bulldog is a great family dog!! Here are some more of the reasons I love our buddy:

    40. I have to add my 2 cents to you about dogs…When my son was about 1 1/2 and my daughter was 4, my brother-in-law gave us a border collie pup. She sheds like crazy and it drives my husband INSANE. I am usually the one that takes care of the dog poop and the dog when she gets stinky.
      All of that said…there is no way I would trade in all that because we would lose the love…Sappy I know. But I have never seen such as bond as what my son and our dog have. They adore each other. Even though Border Collies tend to be hyper, Daisy has mellowed as she has gotten older (she’s still not quite 3). We don’t do the daily walks either, but the boy and the dog play chase throughout the house. Some of the biggest belly laughs we hear from him when he is playing with his pup.

    41. I love my dog!! I can’t imagine not having one now. He’s not an English Bulldog so I can’t help you with that. Dogs can be a little destructive though especially when they are young! check out my blog all about my dog!

    42. I feel the same way you do about dogs. Since my daughter turned 3 we are back and forth…thanks for this post. I have now made up my mind. I’m getting a chia pet and growing a vegetable garden in the backyard so McKenna can learn to take care of that =)

    43. The idea of a dog is always better than the dog itself. You imagine your family sitting around dog at your feet and life is grand. That’s how I pictured it anyway. I was just like you, wanted a low key dog, that didn’t need an excessive amount of energy and didn’t shed. Solution? We buy an English Bulldog {we have had two since then}. Don’t get me wrong I LOVED THOSE DOGS. Here’s the issue. They do shed. Gosh do they shed. And their fur is almost impossible to remove. The other thing was they had SO MUCH ENERGY! Our first Bulldog could run for hours. We walked her everyday and she still was full of energy every night. Our neighbors all had dogs and were shocked at how much more energy she had than any other dog on the street. The last thing, both dogs were VERY protective. At first it wasn’t bad but in both instances we ended up giving the dogs to other homes because it got to the point were they were snapping at visitors, children, other dogs etc. It was so much more responsibility that I could even imagine. A baby is easier to care for. Now we have three cats and we are happy as clams. They are self sufficient and they still give our son something to love on.

    44. Our solution, which is no-shed, no-stink: a standard poodle. We let him grow shaggy, so he does not look at all like a poodle. He does require trips to the groomers every 2 months for haircuts/bath, as he does not shed at all. Poodles are very smart, good with kids, good watchdogs. Highly recommend!

    45. We have the best dog…a standard poodle! We’ve had tons of dogs and she has been my favorite! No shedding, not smelly at all, and super smart…we also have labradoodles, but they are like horses and I can’t stand when they are inside, so the poodle gets to be queen! plus…she is the only girl in my home besides me so she gets spoiled!

    46. Hubbie’s cousin has a super cute English but he actually really likes to wander. I grew up with farm dogs & thought I never wanted inside dogs. Now we have 2 bird dogs & love them. They’re inside/outside dogs & we’re in a trailer now, so forget rugs. But when we build, I’ll probably limit them to certain rooms. They get baths every 2 or 3 days, as needed. We live on a large property, so they get a walk/run or run with the ATV daily. I love that they have short hair so they’re easy to wash & stuff doesn’t stick in their hair. Our white one that’s 1/2 lab/1/2 English pointer sheds the most. The full German shorthair pointer doesn’t shed much. They’re not hyper or high strung but they are an active breed. I’ve heard that some poodle breeds – like toy poodles? – don’t shed much at all so that may be a good option. Our families think we’re nuts to let the dogs in but we love having them with us & the little bit of extra cleaning is totally worth it. :) Plus, food that falls to the floor is cleaned up instantly! :)

    47. English bulldogs are cute and YES, very lazy. My friend has one, and they do shed a bit and can be smelly. Why don’t you adopt an older dog that may be trained? We adopted a lab mutt at 1.5 years and didn’t chew or go to the bathroom in the house at all. What a relief, especially if you have four kids! And adoption is a great way to go since so many dogs need good homes, you could save one from being euthanized. Our dog was abused before we got her so she was a bit timid. But with consistent love and training, she is an amazing family dog that we can’t imagine life without. Just a thought…. :)

    48. hey emily! i grew up with every sort of animal! but you would not know it! we have one cat that i have had since before husband and kids! i have not had the “want” for a dog! the hair, the smell, the accidents! yuck! however, i never say never (or atleat i try)! i am sure one day we will do it! i have always wanted a french bulldog! i think they are sweet and pretty in a fancy sort of way! i mean, martha stewart has one! i do think bulldogs are cute! let us know what you do!

    49. Would you consider anything other than an English bulldog? There are all sorts of tests you can take to pick one! They’ll match you according to your lifestyle and preferences. The only thing is…..they all poop. BUT you can choose a dog who’s poop is minimal. :)

      I have a king charles cavalier spaniel. She’s adorable and I love her to pieces. She’s also really laid back. If you’re relaxing, she’s relaxing. If you’re jogging, she’ll jog along with you. But she has long hair and it sheds.

      But I totally think you should get a dog. They’re lovely additions to a household. But I think mini is better. You still get the dog just not the HUGE dog poop, hairs, smell, etc. Good luck!

    50. I alwasy had cats, never liked dogs because of the poop/drool/wet dog smell as well. But last year Novemeber 2010 I started getting an itch when I saw some cute puppies. I always thought it would be nice to have a dog, but I am a neat freak, we have nice things in our house, and the dog would have to be more like a cat. Well we got a miniture schnauzer last year, I absolutely positively love him. We do have a backyard though, which helps. These dogs dont shed, and if trained properly (we had training) can be great obedient pups. Our dog Edward is a happy hyper doggie, that loves attention, but since he is outside all day playing in the backyard, he is usually tired and lazy by the time we get home at 4pm in the afternoon. If you are a runner, my dog can run up to 3 miles with me which isnt bad. Only set back is my pup is a howler, :) they are known for this. Its cute but sometimes can be annoying. We have a bark collar, of which helps because you just put it on and he knows not to bark, and it doesnt hurt him, I’ve tested it on my self. lol

      If I ever had to get another dog, Id get another Schnauzer, great companions, very loving, no slober, no hair, no fuss. And he loves water (most dont though), but I got in a habit of bathing him every week since he was a baby, so he is super clean, just the way I like it.

      Hope this helps,


    51. Looks like you have already changed your mind, but I’ll go ahead and leave my comment anyway.
      We have some really close friends with an English bulldog. There are super cute and I, like you, can’t stand lots of dog hair. BUT, after seeing how much drool this dog makes I think I would take the dog hair over the drool anyday! He drools all over their furniture, shoes, clothes, etc. And it’s not just a clear liquid-y drool. It’s like a thick, mucous-y drool. So gross. So I say dogs are awesome, but I would look for another low shedding option and stay away from the english bulldog! :)

    52. We have a cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle mix) that my kids just adore. She doesn’t shed and is extremely smart. She’s about 20lbs so she’s small but still a good size for wrestling, playing fetch or just sitting on your lap. She’s pretty lazy but can still out run any of us. We got her before kids so she’s definitely the “oldest” and moodiest. I have to say at this point in my life my favorite things about having a dog is that they clean up after the kids. I never have to pick up any food or crumbs because Maggie catches them all.

    53. Take a German Miniatur-Schnauzer.
      They don’t shed at all! They don’t smell as bad as other breeds.
      They are not very active unless you teach them to be!
      They are extremly nice to children!
      Greetings from Hamburg (Germany)

    54. Hi Emily! First let me say, I LOVE our English Bulldog to death. Samson is wonderful with the kids and although he is strong, he is very gentle and lets them climb all over him. Second, he is very, very needy {as our most English Bulldogs}. He needs to be where the people are all.the.time….we were initally going to get two EB’s, but he needs so much attention, I can’t imaging having another! And, he does stink {so plan on a dog wash once a week – but that can be fun with the kids, right?}, and last but not least…he does shed A LOT actually. But, he doesn’t drool at all. Weird, huh? Also, I know they have a reputation for high vet bills, but we haven’t had any medical problems and he’s 3. So, I probably didn’t help at all with that…good luck with your decision making! xoxo

    55. There are oh so many things that I could tell you or suggest about what type of dog to get and why or why not to get one. I am sure that many of the previous posts have mentioned them. I do know, that English Bulldogs have a lot of medical problems. Mutts are the way to go on that front. Less medical bills (usually). Poodles do not shed, but they have a lot of energy. The poodle mixes are great, but they usually need to run around a lot too. We have a dog and it is just my husband and I and it is still a lot of work. Walking them, vet visits (even the shots they must get add up and if they even get a simple ear infection, like our mutt just did, it will cost you an arm and a leg!), finding a home for them while you are on vacation (or paying extra for them to stay in a room with you while you are on vacation), making sure they are not home alone all day, training (unless you get an older dog that is already trained), making sure they are kid friendly (even the ones that are “always” kid friendly can go crazy sometimes). Ah, a lot. But, that said, I LOVE our dog. He is perfect for us. Even the things he does that drive me crazy I do not mind much because we love him so much. I am glad that when we have kids they will have a dog. And when Max gets older, we will likely get a puppy so that when he passes away, the kids will still have another to love and soften the blow. Teaches responsibility too (if the kids are old enough to help). My Mom fosters pets from a local animal rescue and that is how we got to know our Max. That would be a great way to test out and make sure you wanted a dog for real before committing. I’d say get a book on breeds and look to see which would be best for you, make sure you have the extra $$ in your budget, and ask around to other families with pets. And if you can, try fostering. =)

    56. As a lover of both children and dogs and possessor of neither, I can say that the best way to cure i-want-one-itis for either children or dogs is sitting. That is baby sitting for children and pet sitting for the dog. Find a friend who will part with one for a few days and have at it. Best part – they go home shortly after the fun wears off, leaving you with the pleasure of the experience and the relief that they’re not yours forever.

    57. They are wonderful dogs, BUT medical nightmares!!! Being a veterinary technician I have seen it all and if you want to take the time to clean the folds and ears and be diligent on veterinary care then I say go for it. BUT they do shed some, if you don’t want a shedding dog you would need to go with a poodle or poodle mix and there are PLENTY of poodle mixes nowadays: schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle), labradoodle (lab/poodle), cavipoo (cavalier king charles/poodle), etc etc. If you want a great dog…one that will play with the kids and then calm down and cuddle in the evening, I would suggest a Boston Terrier. Yes they too have a fold b/c they are brachycephalic (short stubby nosed) like a bulldog but they tend to not have AS defined lines and wrinkles so I haven’t seen as many issues with smelly infections in the creases. (you’re welcome for that fine visual and smell you probably are thinking about right now) ; ) If there is anything I can do to help you let me know (I am Kevin’s Mom from Ethan’s 1st grade class) : )

      1. Yay, Boston Terriers! I hope Emily and her family just get a dog, no matter the breed (whatever fits them best) but I do LOVE my Boston Terrier.

        p.s. I don’t have any problem with his face wrinkles – just wipe his face with a damp washcloth every couple of weeks.

    58. You absolutely have picked the best breed for the lifestyle you describe. Our 6 year old English Bulldog is the best dog in the world! Lazy, lazy, lazy but very loving. He is a 60lb lap dog, he would’nt dream of barking, chewing up anything or doing anything else destructive in our home. We literally can leave the house for 12 hours and he will still be in the same spot on the sofa when we return! He does snore and he sheds a little. I’m a neat freak and our home is nicely decorated with nice things….Rocco does not impede this lifestyle at all. I sweep and vacuum often and all is well. Bulldogs can have health problems so it is key to investigate the breeder you chose very thouroughly. health and temperment should be their number 1 priority. Our boy is 6 and has never had a single health problem. He does not stink because we feed him a high quality food. He does not play outside so no wet or dirty dog smell. Go for it, you will most certainly not be sorry!

    59. So I am totally a dog lover…but I can’t stand drooly, shedding or smelly dogs in my house. I have a friend that has 2 English bulldogs and could not even sit down because there was hair everywhere! Horrible. I suggest Miniature Schnauzers…they are very loving, do not shed, are great family dogs, easily trained, and do not smell (to me). Just my thoughts :) Good luck in the hunting!

    60. oh gosh, like you need one more comment – haha! But here is my two cents.

      I cleaned for a lady and her husband who owned an English bulldog. He did drool a lot and they had wood floors. In the one house they lived in, it had dark floors and the drool showed up everywhere. Then they moved and did their wood floors a lighter color; the drool did not show up as much.

      But this lady had a problem with the dog having to go the bathroom a LOT. I don’t know which word is appropriate to use here but I’ll just say it — pee. In the three hours I’d be there to clean the house, he’s have to go out at least once if not twice. Weird. She said the vet told her this was a problem with bulldogs.

      Have you heard this from anyone else? Maybe it wouldn’t be a problem for you if you’re home a lot.

      Anyways…….LOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog!

    61. if you do decide you want a dog a friend of mine is desperately seeking a new home for her lab/retriever mix who is 13 months old and doesn’t want to have to end up putting him in a shelter. :(

    62. How about a young dog instead of a puppy? We found our dog on You can search by breed, size, gender, age, location, etc. We just searched around until we found one we liked. It’s a great place to find not only mutts, but purebred rescue dogs from reputable purebred rescues. That being said, I love dogs, will always have one and I would never, ever, get a puppy. No way. Our dog was six months when we got her from the shelter, fully crate-trained, house-broken, knew basic obedience, etc. We basically brought her home, taught her our rules and because she was still so young, she adapted perfectly to our family. She’s an 80 lb German Shepherd/Husky mix and spends all day lazing around the house. Great with the kids. We take her on one run (maybe) a day to the local park, but other than that, she just hangs in the house with the family.

      Our dog is dry-mouthed too. I hate drool. I can handle a little dog hair and because our dog stays inside most the time she doesn’t smell and only gets a bath once a month. I never regret having her, not only does she add a lot to the family, but she’s really protective of our kids. Bonus. I don’t know how we’ll ever replace her.

    63. I would suggest a maltese. They don’t shed, are great with kids, very affectionate, big personalities, and you don’t have to walk them (although they do love it). My whole family has malteses and we love them. They are seriously the best dogs. My husband and I have our 2 maltese dog children whom we adore. And best of all they are soo cute! After owning a dog that doesn’t shed, I couldn’t imagine having one that does – even if it was short hair.

    64. Well, everyone has an opinion…and I’m sure you will be tired of wading through them before you get to this one! ha!
      As a vet, I would strongly caution you against English bulldogs. While they are the cutest puppies EVER, many of them have health problems and you can end up spending a lot of $$.

      But…do get a dog…my dog and my kiddo are BFF:)

    65. MINIATURE SCHNAUZER!!!!! dont shed dont smell, w/ ours we groom maybe 3-4 times a year w/ a teddy bear cut we dont walk he is lazy and only 17lbs he is great w/ our 5 month old and such a cuddle bug. Good luck on your quest to find the perfect dog!!!!!

    66. Wow! Look at these comments. People love their dogs. I have to give one more plug for the Westie. My westie, Winston, is 8 now and you’d never know it. He’s always ready to join the action. Have you seen Wallace & Grommet? Every Westie I’ve known seem like Grommet: very clever and smart. Plus, they don’t shed. My favortie description of the westie, “there’s a lot of dog in that little package!” Get one. You and your kids will love it. …and the leopard rug is to die for.

    67. As a vet, I am definitely in favor of pets in the home. Bulldogs are great dogs, but they have a lot of health problems to go along with it. Plan on budgeting a good bit for vet bills if you decide to get one.

    68. Dogs are a wonderful addition to a home. Yes, they are a lot of work but. Provide so much joy. We have 3 dogs (2 Yorkies and 1 Yo-chon). I love them so much. I en
      Ven named my blog after one of them.

    69. I love dogs I have always had one growing up and now that I moved out I really want a dog but I have to wait until after I get married this October because we are just to busy right now and the poor thing would be locked up all day. I really don’t like drooly dogs. they gross me out, I do think that the English Bulldogs are cute, but I know they can have a lot of health problems. Ive never owned one that is just what I have heard about that breed. I have had a Pug however and I must say I love them! They are awesome power nappers which is great and they have their rowdy run around moments too and their poop disappears in the grass its so small =) Its great! Plus they are in the Medium-small range too so they aren’t going to over power the kids and they are not an aggressive dog at all. I would also suggest looking at some of Cesar Millan’s videos or reading some of his books about training dogs they are really helpful. His book that I am reading now is called Cesar’s Way. Its really good! I hope this helps! Cant wait to see your dog!

    70. Get a golden doodle! It’s a mix between golden retriever and poodle. We love ours. He doesn’t shed and is great with kids. So playful and loyal but also no shedding and hypo allergenic. Amazing.

    71. Cockapoo (poodle and cocker spaniel) because they are mixed with poodle they don’t shed. Anything mixed with poodle won’t shed or will shed so little you don’t notice. Shitsus are also great family pets.

    72. Check out retired greyhounds. I have one and they are the gentlest most polite creatures ever! They come mostly trained, and no licking, drooling, or barking. Not too much shedding due to their short hair and no bad doggy smell; Eames only needs a bath about every four weeks. They are also so gentle with children, and the laziest couch potatoes ever. If you meet one, you can’t help but fall in love with them!

    73. We are in the same boat. Going back and forth with getting a dog and what kind.

      You should check out the French Bulldogs. They require hardly any exercise and I dont think they shed much.

    74. Maybe you should try fostering a few dogs to find out if it would fit your lifestyle before you commit…I am pretty sure you can contact the local shelter and they will show you which dogs are up for fostering. You may not get to choose the breed but maybe what you get will surprise you and at least help you decide if it is to too much work. We have 2 beagles and while I love them I feel like the don’t get as much love since baby came…

    75. Like many above, I too am a HUGE DOG LOVER. We have two (pictured on my blog). Both are rescues and I am 100% for rescuing dogs from shelters rather than purchasing pure breeds. Many have already stated what I was thinking about bulldogs. While hair is a pain, drool is way worse! One of my dogs drools as I’m getting her dinner ready and it’s hard to clean up. Re: dog hair, I think slightly longer fur is actually easier to get off clothing and furniture. Short hairs can get “stuck” in fibers. Dogs of all sorts need outings in order to stay mentally well-balanced. Just think about how it would feel to have to stay in the same house and/or yard all the time? Boring! If you haven’t watched The Dog Whisperer, do. He gives excellent advice. Most problems are a result of the owners not doing the right thing. And so much of what applies to raising kids applies to raising a dog. I think dogs make life wonderful, but they are a lot of work and expense, so give it some thought before diving in. And if you do decide to get one, please check out your local shelter. Those dogs are truly in need. Good luck!

    76. Oh sweet mercy. English bulldogs…I grew up with one and my parents still have him. His name is Wilson and he has his share of medical problems AND he even came from good genes but I just don’t know what life would have been like without him. He is lazy, snores loud enough to hear through the walls, a complete coward (he gets scared of the vacuum and doorbell) and completely pitiful looking–but all those qualities completely endeared him to all of us! It’s an expensive decision but they are oh-so-sweet.

    77. We wanted a bulldog as well–and then asked other owners about their health–and they sound like you would need a new budget line JUST to take care of their issues. Dogs are also a huge expense on a family—especially a family as big as your sweet group. ;) Even if you buy a great dog from a good home–their health issues will always be there–no matter what the breed. But I do like the “idea” of a dog—they are fun–and your sweet boys would LOVE it! Can’t wait to hear your decision!!!

    78. I grew up with dogs and have always been a fan. I always loved the idea of coming home to a happy dog, playing with the kids in the park while letting the dog run around, taking family photos with a dog, going to dog parks…you get the idea. Once I saw how much my 4 year old twins loved dogs, I decided we absolutely had to get one. So we adopted one – a great dalmation mix – and he was super cute. But a TON OF WORK. Too much. Between walks, cleaning up after him, playing with him, etc., he was just too much for me to handle. Once the kids got over the initial excitement of having him, he just became a big bundle of stress for me. A cute bundle, but I have enough on my plate with kids, homework, work, keeping up with the house, whatever. So we gave him back to his foster mom. And the house seems much calmer and less stressful now – even with a 6 year old and 4 year old twins. So just keep in mind the work…..oh, the work that is involved.
      Good luck!

    79. How about a Shih Tzu? They are little, don’t shed and don’t need to be walked all they want in life is to be by your side and snuggle. I have a 5 pounder and she is just the biggest baby that ever was. But it is a big commitment to make sure someone is home to let her out biggest they are not easy to potty train. I wasn’t so sure I wanted her at first but know I can’t imagine my life without her. Shih Tzu’s are great family pets!

    80. I feel dogs can add so much joy to a family if you do your research and find the right dog for your lifestyle. They provide unconditional love and teach children about responsibility. There are a small number of breads that don’t shed, are hypoallergenic, and that would have the right temperament for you. I hate shedding too but when we picked our dog out at the pound we didn’t know she would be quite the shedder. Even so, I could never give her up now. We love her to death and even though I might have to vacuum a little more often I credit her for all of the clean house comments I get when people come over and can’t believe how new and freshly vacuumed our carpet looks :)

    81. I know you are getting lots of great advice pro and con a possible dog. We love our dog Rosie so very much. I can’t imagine life without her now. They really do bring a lot of joy into your life. (obviously I’m pro-dog!) My one bit of advice though:
      small dog = small poop!
      Just something for you to think about. Good Luck making your decision. I know you’ll do what’s best for you and the family.

    82. We love our Boxer! We have had 3 different types of dogs with our kids 1. a German Shepherd mix {loved her, sheds way too much!} 2. a Beagle… he was awful! A runner, and came close to biting our toddler several times ~ we paid to have him adopted to a loving home. 3. our sweet Boxer Ruby. By far the best kid dog you could ask for. She is on the smaller side for a Boxer, she sheds a bit {not terrible, I loathe dog hair too!}, she absolutely loves to be with the family. She is happy just being in a room with all of us. She is perfect with all 3 of our kids {ages 8, 6, and just turned 2}. She can even climb the play structure and goes down the slide. She travels well and was potty trained very easily, she’s almost 7 and has been a fantastic addition to our family. Hands down we will get another Boxer when the time comes. Good luck in your decision! XO Michelle

    83. Picking a dog is sort of like choosing a name for a child ~ everyone has an opinion. My neighbor has an English bulldog and although she loves him, she would not get another. His name is Mr. Big and he sheds and drools in excess. We have a Shih Tzu and I highly recommend this breed for children. She is so sweet and does not shed (much) which is hard to believe. Everyone loves her. She is very much a part of our family and worth all of the headache that comes with owning a pet of any kind. I truly cannot imagine our life without her.

    84. If you think you may want one, go for it! Our family always had dogs when I was growing up and we loved it! I waited for many years to get a dog on my own and finally went for it in November. I adopted the most adorable cockapoo from a rescue and it’s been great! He came house-trained, doesn’t shed, and is so sweet and well-behaved!

    85. I have to say – I was so reluctant to get a dog because of so many different reasons. I didn’t want to deal with the dog hair, the wet dog smell, the backyard clean-up, the walking of said dog… However. In a “just looking” mood one day, we went to our area shelter and fell head over heels for the very first dog we saw. He’s a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix and when we took him home that day we knew he’d had some experience with people but we really didn’t know anything about him. It was a huge risk but the dividends it has paid have far outweighed every “down” side to a dog. Even having dog fur in my kitchen doesn’t bother me. Granted, sweeping every day can get annoying but Max is worth every.single.second. No doubt whatsoever they’re hard work but a medium to medium/large dog would probably be awesome for you. A sweet-tempered dog and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without him (I’ve heard, too – avoid the “her” and get a “him” but not too sure how it matters) or…I do, anyhow. One thought? Go to a shelter, find an older dog who was well trained. In this economy, many, many families have had to give up amazing animals because they can’t afford to feed them. You could give a great home to a wonderful, beautifully trained animal and skip a lot of those negatives the come with getting a puppy.

    86. I have a cockapoo who is 5. Cockapoo don’t shed. I am a big dog lover so I say “get a dog”!! Cockapoos are the best dogs ever. It will also be good for your children to help with the dog, feed/walks…it teachs them responsiblity. Good Luck with your decision.

    87. Just an idea- but I have a boston terrier who shares a lot with the english bulldog, but does not drool or smell as much! While he does have a spurt of energy each day, it lasts all of about five minutes before he is snoring on the floor again. He does shed a tiny amount, but not very often and they are tiny little hairs I only notice on my car seats that attract any type of fuzz (which is a constant source of aggravation with or without the dog). Also, we give him a bath once a week so he always smells wonderfully, a necessity as my other half has the most obnoxiously sensitive nose. (If you teach them right, he’ll actually walk into the shower so your kids could even bathe him.)

      Just my two cents….

    88. yes I have two dogs ( a rescue pit bull and a pet shop shih tzu) and they totally enhance your life. And I have white slipcovers!! But I also have a leopard carpet, lol. Slipcovers you can wash, carpet not so much. The kids will love the dog and you will be glad you got one.

    89. I am a huge dog/animal lover and I’ve always had multiple pets growing up and have had a pug for the last five years (a huge 30 lb pug, so he’s a lot like a bulldog). Here’s my experience with having a flat-faced breed. You will need to clean the wrinkles everyday and wipe their jowls/lips as well or they will leave a black slimey smear on EVERYTHING. Not only do they snore crazy loud when they sleep, but they also snort/sneeze when they get excited and leave brownish spray marks on the walls and floors. I’m not sure about the English Bulldogs, but even though pugs have short hair ours shed like CRAZY! I had to sweep the hardwood floors everyday and keep a lint-roller handy when getting dressed. Even short little hairs show up really well on a black sweater.

      We love our Banjo to death, despite all these dirty little quirks, but like some of the other commenters have said, we always felt like bad pet parents and that we were neglecting him. We live in a 3rd story condo and just taking him out to pee and for the occasional walk was very difficult to fit into our schedule–and we only have one kiddo. He never got enough attention from us and always got the short end of the stick and we started to feel guilty. Dogs are very forgiving, but he just always seemed bored and a little depressed. It was when he started getting really naughty, like getting into the trash several times a day and climbing up on the table to steal food, that we knew we needed to do something different. So just last month my in-laws took him for us to be a companion to their very active Jack Russell. It is just a temporary set up to give us a break and let him have a little vacation, but I have to say it has been nice. Very quiet and empty-house feeling, but nice. I cried so hard the day he left, but I knew he was going to be so much happier than he had been (long walks, trips to the park, and a dog-friend everyday). We hope once we move into a house with a yard and our schedule gets a little less chaotic that we can bring him back. Hopefully soon.

      So I guess my advice is to make sure you are willing to put in the extra time for baths and wrinkle cleaning, as well as the extra house cleaning (like vacuuming, sweeping dog hair and washing your bed linens or throw pillows that get ‘slimed’). Walking is not the only time issue with dogs. I am a huge advocate of having pets for kids and the family, especially dogs, but it really is like having an extra child no matter how low maintenance the breed is. They need time just as much as your kids do. But having a dog can be so much fun and so much entertainment for the kiddos–they really create a bond with them. They gain a best friend. Just remember you’ll be the one taking care of it though.

      p.s. I know our good friends got rid of their English Bulldog after their baby was born (about a year later) because it became really aggressive. Another option: my husband grew up with a rescued greyhound and although they are huge they are true couch potatoes! Let them run loose at a dog park once or twice a week and then they’ll literally sleep the rest of the time :-) Oh, and their super quiet dogs too. Hope my post wasn’t too discouraging, but I just wanted to be honest. It’s a big decision. Good luck! (and sorry for the novel)

    90. You should get a dog! They are great. However, I would recommend one that is a little more active than a bulldog. Since you have kids they can wear out the dog in the backyard, plus the kids will be entertained and then tired. I grew up with all kinds of dogs. If you can afford a bulldog I would recommend a Labradoodle, the lab that’s all curly, they don’t shed. A dog can also help teach your kids responsibility. I can’t imagine growing up without dogs.

    91. We had dogs (and cats) before kids. Actually, we started with an adopted kitten. A few months later we got a puppy. A few months later we added another adopted kitten. Four years later, we adopted an eight year old from our breeder in Idaho. Bred them (our two dogs). Got another puppy. Whelped a litter of 4 (from the breeding mentioned) and sent them on their way to new homes via our breeder. Said goodbye to one cat in 2009. Said goodbye to our 14 year old female dog last May. Now we’re down to two dogs…and a cat…and a fish…oh, and two kids. (btw, the dogs have all been black labs…LOVE them, but they do shed!)
      We will always have a dog…or two…or three. ;^)

    92. A dog makes your family complete! We love our schnauzer just like he’s our child…probably too much, truth be told! However, we have had 2 English bulldogs in the past. I loved them just like babies too, but they DO shed quite a bit (or at least both of ours did) and bless their hearts, they have SO many problems. One of ours had pretty terrible skin problems which required daily care, and the other one had to have hip replacement, which I understand can be common. Our schnauzer, who is almost 10 yrs old now, has been the absolute perfect dog. He does not shed AT ALL, not even when getting a bath, and he is so smart! He was a piece of cake to housebreak, has never had even one accident in the house, and knows all of his 12 toys by name. He’s a sweet boy, although he can be very protective of his people!

    93. We have a West Highland Terrier “Westie”. She is the most lovable dog. Very obedient. Very good around kids and other pets. No shedding of hair around the house. Easy to train, but has allergy problems. We buy special dog food and treats for her. The vet carries it. All pure breed dogs usually have problems. I can’t see my family without one. We grew up around dogs, and I will always have one. They bring such joy to your life. Let me know if you have any questions.

    94. I LOVE English Bulldogs–and spent most of my life coveting them from afar. And when it finally came time for my family to add a dog to the mix, it was the first dog I thought of…and then a few friends brought us back down to life. They are ExPENSIVE! Not just the purchase fees from breeders–but even the healthiest among them have many health problems. Plus, any puppy goes through a puppy stage when they need much more interaction and play. My suggestion is to do as we did and adopted a senior pug from a pug rescue organization. Senior pugs are wonderful–our is six–not exactly old–but potty trained, healthy, proven with kids/cats and other dogs. Senior pugs are total couch potatoes and they love love! They basically live to be your constant companion. And their care won’t break the bank. Good luck! I look forward to finding out what you choose ;) Best,S

    95. I would never suggest to anyone that they get a dog, if they are already certain that they won’t be able to take the dog out on walks. I am a very busy woman, with an infant, and an English Shepherd. No matter how stressful things may get, or how busy I may be, I simply can’t ignore my dog. I believe a large dog needs at least 1 long walk a day, for exercise, and to keep things exciting and fun (new smells and sights). If you have a backyard that is safe and fenced, sure they can be let out for the majority of their bathroom breaks, but would you like to be fenced in like that? You need to be responsible and care for your dog, and teach your children responsibility. A dog is definitely a way to introduce that to kids, but not if you simply can’t meet his simple needs.

    96. Sorry. I wouldn’t get a dog yet. Wait another 5 years…it’s like having a perpetual toddler. The time, expense, smell, messes, vet bills….adds up. Plus it is a 15 year commitment. I would dog-babysit instead for awhile.

    97. You might not want an English Bulldog. Had one and loved him but he was not easy. You can read a bit about him in these posts: They drool, they shed, they can get smelly, they’re incredibly stubborn, and this one ate anything (which ultimately led to his untimely death). A bichon is a great choice for a dog – not smelly, they don’t shed, and they’re sweet. :)

    98. If you get a dog or any other animal except a fish, this cousin of yours will not be coming over any time soon ;) (I put the winking smiley face in to make it seem less mean, but you know that I am actually serious–and now your readers do too.)

    99. Wow, you have a lot of comments on this post. I REALLY want a dog, but I have two under three, and hubs says NO! But I will say, having a furry friend around can boost levels of oxytocin {a calming hormone}. Plus, I feel like the fact that the dog needs and deserves to be walked everyday would encourage me to get my butt up and out the door! That’s just my 2 cents.

    100. You have to get a Miniature Schnauzer! They are the BEST with kids/families. They don’t shed. They are smart and easy to train. They are little so they get worn out by running around the house and playing with your kids. They become a family member quickly. My parents have one, I have one, 2 other Aunts have one and we all love our Mini Schnauzers!

    101. Go for a Standard Poodle- they’re super smart, can look oh so cool if trimmed correctly, do not shed AT ALL (they have hair not fur) and are just in general the most amazing dogs (in my opinion) We love our Roscoe. He has changed our lives. You’re right a dog is a great addition- especially if they don’t come with the “drawbacks” of a normal dog… ;)

    102. Emily…it’s so funny that you want an English Bulldog…I saw your blog title today and I immediately was going to suggest that you take a look at the breed…We were at a huge St Pat’s party at a home in Seattle last Sat night…and I felt this little nudge at my ankle…it was Griffey…the cutest E.B. puppy with a Fighting Irish kerchief…he just mozied around the whole evening visiting with all of the guests…layed back, friendly…and oh soooooo cute…they love kids…perrrrfect choice! We have a wonderful female Chocolate Lab…as soon as we put our remodeling expenses behind us we are going to buy her a little sister English Bulldog! The one thing that you may consider if you get one is Doggie Health Insurance…they sometimes have health issues…also, I have been told that they may not live as long as a breed like a Lab…but most that own them say it’s worth the risks! Good luck on your choice! Labs are wonderful too… they are all pretty much BIG …food driven and very tactile…We love our Chocolate Gousse( like chocolate mousse) and she loves us…she contibute to her home… fetching food during duck & goose season! *Lynne*

    103. We have a Shih-tzu. Perfect dog!! She enjoys walks whenever we go but it’s not something she needs everyday. She is a “lap” dog but also likes to just lay on the couches and just be by her companions. She is playful with our 13 month daughter but also tolerates her pulling and hitting her. She is an angel! She doesn’t shed and is hypoallergenic. She only really needs to go out just a few times a day and is very low maintenance!!

      Also, if you don’t like the smell of a dog if you feed a high quality dog food then they won’t have much gas if at all and less smelly poops. My husband works part time at a pet supply store so he knows a lot about dogs (breed, etc.) and food.

      If you adopted a dog that is 1-2 years then you can just bypass all the house training part and they will be able to tell you if the dog is good with children.

    104. I have the perfect solution…get a Shih Tzu! I have the most adorable black and white Shih Tzu and she does not shed at all. Apparently they are hypo-alergenic because their hair is more like people-hair. I know it sounds strange but it is true. I personally do not like stinky dogs or feeling like I have to wash my hands immediately after petting one…so a Shih Tzu was the answer for me. I got my dog groomed 2 weeks ago and she still smells like baby powder :). They also do not need much excercise…just a little playing in the house will do. You can see my puppy child here:

    105. I like the idea, but it’s so cold here in the winter. Walking seems like no fun. And dirty paws seem like less fun. and I’m 9 months pregnant. so I think I just talked myself out of one in this one comment. but one day I want one!

    106. I don’t have an English Bulldog, but I would love one. But I have some friends who had 2, one had so many health problems he had to be put down. The other one, sheds like crazy!! I know they are prone to health problems, and cost alot of money. The friend I mention before had about 8k in one dog! Crazy!

    107. My cousin had an English bulldog, Roseanne. She snorts crazy loud!

      My co-worker has a West Highland Terrier (aka Westie) named Fern. She is so cute and sweet. She does not shed and she’s hypoallergenic.

      Happy dog shopping!

      P.S. We’ve always had really good luck with pound puppies :)

    108. We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (named Willow) and a Golden Retriever (named Finnigan). The golden loves long walks and sheds a ton. The Spaniel really doesn’t care for walks and doesn’t shed too much. She’s so tiny that she really doesn’t have that much hair to shed anyway. I recommend the CKC Spaniel because she cuddles and loves like it’s her job. She gives the best love and is quite a little lady. We love how dainty and proper she is compared to our Golden Retriever. Best of luck on your dog search!

    109. One more thing, I’d consider a French Bulldog to an English one. English bulldogs are SO cute, but I heard that they can get pretty smelly with their wrinkles, they often have sinus problems and obesity issues, so vet bills can get pretty hefty. While Frenchies (think Martha Stewart’s dogs) are more active, I don’t think that they have nearly as many issues. Just my two cents . . .

    110. Do you like the smell o’ farts? Just wondering because that IS the smell o’ the bulldog. I lived with one for 4 years as a kid and she was a quiet, passive dog that smelled like you cannot believe. She snorted, she sneezed and flung her tongue up her nose or let it all hang out and was always wet around the mouth. She also shed a lot of straight white or brown hairs. she wasnt crazy or bouncy but she could have fun if she was up to it. she was very stuck to my stepdad and my cousins rescue bulldog is the same way! he left her at my house and she sat, staring out the front door until he came back hours later.

    111. I’m such a dog fan! They are a lot of work, but SO worth it. Having a dog that needs walks gives me a good excuse to exercise and get out of the house. We were told that beagliers (beagle mixed with King Charles Cavaliers) were low-shedding. That’s not exactly the case, but the pros totally outweigh the cons. Beagliers are adorable, cute snuggly things if you wanted to check them out.

    112. Dogs are a lot of work. A lot. I am a huge lover and had an english bulldog for 10 years (we just lost him actually;(– They are expensive, far beyond their purchase price. Bruno had a slew of the strangest medical issues and in the end I’d say we spent at least 10K on vet bills alone. They do shed and in my opinion, a lot. He loved us and my boys though, he was the most gentile and kind dog I’ve ever known and I miss the spit out of him. If you decided to go with this breed there are two products that will make your life much easier. A furminator, used weekly will cut way back on the amount of hair floating around your house and mr clean magic erasers for the drool and “boogers” that will land on your walls. Good luck with your decision. A dog really makes a house a home and becomes a part of your family, it’s pretty rad.

    113. EB’s are amazing dogs, but could I also suggest a Boston Terrier? Friends have EB’s and while they are gentle and loving to their kids, the bully’s can’t keep up with the kids in the heat. Boston Terriers are medically usually very hardy and love kids. They have short hair and being a small dog clean up (by this I mean poo) is easy. Also, can I request you look into rescues when you do decide to adopt, there are so many amazing animals in rescues that need a forever home. I would be happy to help with finding a rescue if you want.

    114. This is a very timely question you pose, as we JUST adopted a rescue dog in December. The kids had been wanting a dog for the longest time, and we promised that we would get one once we moved into a new house. So, we moved in November and had to make good on our promise.

      We had been looking via Petfinder for awhile and had an idea of what we wanted. No puppy (I don’t have the time or the energy for that, and didn’t want a puppy tearing up my house), preferably a lab or a golden retriever, maybe a little older and more … relaxed. We got a black lab/Newfoundland mix named Martin (the name stuck). He was rescued just hours before being euthanized and is the sweetest most docile dog I’ve ever seen. I was not a big pro-dog person in this discussion, since we all know that Mom is the one who ultimately takes care of the dog. But he is such a sweetie, I just totally fell in love with him. I thought it would be a tremendous amount of work, but of everyone in the house, Martin really requires the least from me, and always appreciates and loves me. :-)

    115. i actually read a blog and they have a precious english bull dog named kingsley.. I think their take on him is a fair representation of that breed..
      Here is the link:
      they actually have quite a few posts about him, so don’t let the first one sway you.. :)
      from what i personally know about english bulldogs, they are absolutely wonderful.. they do have health problems and so either planning financially or getting pet insurance would be something to check into.. health problems also have a lot to do with their breeders, and so I would just do research before getting one.. (the blog i mentioned does a better job at explaining this)
      i don’t think this is a low-maintenance dog.. i don’t really know of very many low maintenance dogs.. i think dogs are great, but if you are in a season that is crazy busy and aren’t really in a place where you could pay attention to it, walk it, train it, etc – you may want to wait a while.. too many people look at getting a dog like they would getting a hamster.. not saying this is you, by any means & dogs are super cute and lovable so I can totally understand why this happens – i just think it’s really important to look at all aspects and decide if that’s something that could fit in your life right now.

    116. Love dogs and I know they will always be a huge part of my life. By the way, we did in the “wrong order”: Buy house, get cat, get married, get dog, get dog #2, and kids well … here’s to hopin’.

      Anyway, I love English bulldogs and have the good fortune to hang out with the coolest one ever at work on occasion, but don’t fool yourself into thinking they don’t shed. They do. A ton. And it’s that short sticky hair (like labs have) that is impossible to get rid of. My two Newfoundlands shed like crazy, but it’s long fluffy hair, not the short sticky stuff.

    117. emily~RUN, don’t walk, and go get one! I LOVE them! We have a lab, which I adore {and the hair is a minimum and he does his business in the woods, he even knows how to open the door and let himself back in the house, yep, he’s the best} but I have always wanted a bull dog, I just want to grab their cheeks and play with all that fat! :) Ok, little too much info there! Let me know if you get one! Maybe I won’t come over until you have that dog! :)

    118. I also <3 Bulldogs! We have two FRENCH Bulldogs – my parents have one. Bulldogs are great: they aren't really high-energy, per se – they're pretty much couch potatoes. They are pretty demanding in their own way though: they're love sponges and they want to be with you ALWAYS. Our two wear themselves out following us from room to room. However, they can be terrible disloyal – they will attach themselves to a new visitor at the drop of a hat! They can be shedders – but I haven't found that to be too much of an issue for us – any dog will shed. They can also be stinky – and gassy, phew. A good diet for the most part will help that issue. And as for the "bull" part of their name: they can be VERY stubborn and bullheaded. They often take AGES to potty train. My son is 9.5 months and our two Frenchies haven't shown too much interest in him so far. Two of our Frenchies came from a rescue: I URGE you to do your homework and either work with a rescue group or find a *responsible* breeder. Responsible breeding means an expensive dog – because responsible breeding is a time and labor intensive effort, so be forewarned. People will tell you that they have medical issues, but this is mostly a result of poor breeding: a responsible breeder will provide you with a health guarantee with your contract. This information is geared to Frenchies in particular, but will be pretty applicable to bulldogs generally:

    119. Hi Emily. I’d love to share a little about our Bulldog story…it’s a short one because we ended up having to find her a new home. We rescued her and fell in love with her instantly. My husband always wanted one and we thought we hit the jackpot when we saw her at the shelter even though she was already 5. First off, what they say about bulldogs being expensive, high maintenance and smelling is SO true. We bathed her often and went through many different puppy shampoos. We had to get the puppy kind because they have sensitive skin. We also had to wipe her face and bottom every day because their squatty bodies can’t curve around to reach. She was needy and we couldn’t sit down without her scratching at our legs. She snapped at other dogs at the dog park, refused to go for a walk (in fact she would just lay down), she would pee on everything too. We were determined to remain in it for the long haul and worked hard with her to teach her. The last straw was when she snapped…not just once, but 3 times at our youngest. The last straw was when my daughter was happily sitting at the table and the dog was growling at her and showing her teeth from the crate. We loved the dog and were heart broken when she left. I strongly urge you to do your homework. I know they have the potential to be amazing with kids and wonderful family pets. I wish it would have worked out for us so I’m transferring all my hopes to you and your family. Good luck!

    120. Dogs are amazing. I have always had outside dogs as a child and they were my most beloved companion, but in my house as an adult, I preferred a cat. Cats are low-maintenance and don’t need to be walked. However when I got married, my hubby came with two adorable crazy pugs and I have loved them so much despite the occasional mishaps, the vet bills, and the shedding. I would recommend one completely. My personal favorite breeds are Pugs (of course) or Dachshunds (my sister has one and I love him) or French Bulldogs. Happy dog shopping!

    121. we have a rat terrier mix who sheds but I love to vacuum (i know I’m weird) so it’s not a huge deal. One of my qualifications is that it cannot drool! Just grosses me out but if you can put up with go for it! Dogs are fun to have around, except when the baby is sleeping and they begin to bark, then I could so do without! I do feel safer when my hubby isn’t here especially at night, he will always let me know if something is wrong or someone is here. I’ve heard also that boy dogs are much more hyper than girl dogs and from what I’ve seen I think I believe it. You might want to go with a fixed girl so you and Audrey can have another girl on your side! Good luck, can’t wait to hear what y’all decide!


    122. I ♥ bulldogs! I just lost my French Bulldog (named Scout who I miss every. single. day). My mother & brother have Frenchies. I’m obsessed with those wiggle butts! They don’t drool as much and don’t require long walks. They do, however, require lots of love, a cozy bed near a window so they can watch people go by. They will make every person passing them by stop! I loved mine so much! I can talk all day about dogs!!

    123. I’m not a fan of bulldogs, my daughter and husband had one and eventually had to put it down, it was very tutorial especially with my daughter, husband and granddaughter. It bit my son and he was in the hospital for 2 days and bit me on the foot and I missed a days work after going to the EMR. He snored, smelled and cost them alot in vet bills, maybe he was inbred I don’t know, I do know that he thought he was the master of the house. Every one hated going there to visit and one time she got a pill to give him to calm him down for Christmas at her home, I guess you can tell I’m not a big fan of bulldogs they give me the willies!
      We have a yellow lab, Buster, that is fantastic with kids but he does shed but doesn’t get on furniture so it’s all on the floor, it outways though the love he gives each of us!


    124. YES! We have the most amazing English Bulldog and I couldn’t imagine a better breed! They do have a reputation for being stinky, unhealthy, etc. but a huge part of that is the breeding. Make sure to do your research, check out different litters, but most importantly make sure you see the parents. Most bulldogs have to have c-sections because of the size of the puppies so seeing how the mom is recovering can show you a lot about her health/the health of the puppy. My husband walked away from several bulldog puppies before her found ours because he didn’t like how they looked or because the mom didn’t seem to be doing well. Our guy is 5 years old and has never had a health problem. He does require wrinkle care (wiping them out with wet wipes once a week or so) but he really isn’t smelly. We also feed him Royal Canin Bulldog Formula dog food. While it’s pricey, it’s kept him in great health and in shape. It does contain fillers that can lead to bulldog’s being overweight and it’s specially shaped so it’s easier for them to eat with their underbite. Bulldog’s are definitely need worth the investment. Good luck!

    125. Santa brought our 8 year, Charlie, old dog for Christmas. You may remember Charlie since you designed our 2010 Christmas card. Anyway…he kept insisting that all he wanted was a dog and it had to be an indoor dog. He didn’t want a fluffy dog or a girly looking dog. He wanted one that looked like the dog in the movie My Dog Skip. We did find one with a similar look. He loves her like crazy, and it was the best decision. It is work, and we don’t walk her as much as we should but we have throughly enjoyed her. The worst part by far is the poop!! By far!! She rarely has accidents now and it has gotten easier.

      Kids need a pet, and I am very glad we took the plunge! OH and btw he named HER Skip.

    126. I say go for it! Having graduated from the University of Georgia, I am big on bulldogs! I think they have pretty big medical issues because our mascot UGA keeps keeling over on us! i think that might be because the line we use has been inbred for far too long! Anyway, having a dog far outweighs the benefits of not having a dog. Best of all, they are great for that throwing food from the table stage! Good luck, and goooooooooooo dawgs!

    127. We only have an outside border collie now… love him to death. But my best friend all growing up had an english bulldog. He was lazy indeed! Just a bit of warning… her bulldog s.t.u.n.k., like all the time. I remember my friends mom battling with the stink constantly. Trying every bath routine, and product to remedy the smell. She said it was the slobber and the seditary habit of this breed.

    128. Hi Emily! I have a five year old and an almost three year old which I am fortunate to be at home with. We adopted a Lab mix puppy soon after Christmas. Let me tell you, the first month was torture and we almost gave him back. Now he is enrolled in obedience school and we are all getting along so much better! The biggest problem we were running into was stealing and chewing toys causing much tears and screaming. It did turn into a lesson for the kids though, they found by leaving their toys on the floor they were most likely going to be destroyed. Now that he is a little older, almost done with training class we are delighted with him! The kids adore him and he is starting to adore them back!
      Now I must say honestly and personally as the mother of the house, with my husband being the bread winner and at work ALL he time, I am the one taking care of him. I am the one taking him to class and bringing him outside. Because of this Gus is mostly attached to me, which is great but most of the day I have all three trying to get my attention at the same time! It can be VERY trying! I would just think really hard about how much responsibility the puppy will be for you, because if I thought about it a little more I would have waited another couple years. Also we have friends with an English Bulldog and he is a little sickly thing, needs a daily dose of Benadryl and has to eat a Gluten free diet which is of course more expensive. But they love him dearly and he gives them great joy! Good luck with your next journey!

    129. I say YES! We got a goldendoodle puppy last summer and treat him like a child:) He has brought so much joy and energy to our lives. They don’t shed either (or very minimally) and are super sweet, friendly dogs. Be warned, a puppy is like a baby again (wake up in the middle of the night to go out, have accidents you have to clean up) so make sure you are ready! Good luck!

    130. Also to add on to my last comment, we JUST went through the finding a breeder process and prepping for him, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!

    131. Emilee (Soptich) Kevin

      We have an American Bulldog – VERY big, but she stays outside because 1) the drool is legit! 2) She actually sheds quite a bit. 3) She’s HUGE.

      She is the world’s best dog though. It helps that we got her when she was @ 4, so totally out of the puppy stage (that is miserable . . . we had a puppy for a few years). She’s very gentle with the kiddos – even our 2 year old can walk her on a leash.

    132. we love our dog like another child but he does love to walk! caesar milan is a great resource check out his website or books. bulldogs are great but can be a little territorial. our friends just got one and he is lazy and so stinkin cute!

    133. Hi there! I work at my local animal shelter and I just love seeing people decide that it’s time to get their first pet! I’d just suggest making sure you do your research on health problems and physical cleanliness since a lot of others seem concerned with that, personally, I’ve never owned the breed so I don’t know the issues myself. I’d also suggest testing to make sure your kids don’t have animal allergies, and maybe even “test drive” having a dog by watching a friend’s or family member’s for a week or so. So many people come into our shelter to get animals and then have to return them or find them new homes because they didn’t realize that their children would have animal allergies. Hope that helps! Good luck! I’m sure you’ll make the best choice for your family!

    134. Emily – I am back (posted a comment above). Here is a link to my blog, although I haven’t blogged in months………..anyhow. Click on the link to this post and scroll down – you will see my doggie – she is a lhasa poo and she has been the easiest dog ever. Hardly barks, never sheds, no messes in the house, very little chewing, small, but not too small – and very laid back…..we only have to walk her like 3 minutes and she is happy.
      i love her.

    135. I never had a dog growing up but have always dreamed of having one as a “grown up”. Yeah, i’ve been married for 11 years and been a mom for nearly 7 and we’re just starting to get serious about it. We’re likely getting a Wheaten Terrier. They are non-shedders, great with kids and are sort of medium sized I guess. I don’t think that they require walks or anything (though i’m sure they’d love them) but a fenced backyard is a must. You can see more here:

    136. I think dogs are well worth the hair (and sweeping!)!!! Please consider adoption! There are many, many purebred dogs out there waiting to be adopted!!! Example: I rescued a full blooded mini poodle when she was 6 months old! :)

    137. I don’t have a dog myself, but everyone I know who has a dog (and also has kids) does nothing but complain about the dog. I never hear anything positive from them, only complaints about all the hair, the smell, the barking, the vet trips etc etc. They may have enjoyed the dog when they were single (or just a couple), but once the kids came along the dog takes a backseat and seems to become more of a burden. I think secretly they all wish they hadn’t gotten the dog in the first place but they would never say that out loud.

    138. Yes, get a dog. We have an amazing Boston Terrier. Similar to a Bulldog, but without all the joint problems and a bit more energy. He barely sheds and with no tail or long hair there’s less for small hands to grab. Ours loves walks in the summers, but is more than content staying inside all winter long (which can be 6 months long in these parts). My vote is for a Boston. Love them.

    139. ok – here goes.
      Hubby and I got a dog BEFORE kids {I’m due in August, the pup will be 2 in November} so that the dog and kid{s} grow up together.
      That being said – I’m from a family that waited until my baby brother was 2 before we brought a dog in.
      Here’s what I will say about your CHOICE of dog – I would SERIOUSLY look into the health issues associated with the bull dog. The drooling isn’t really that big of a deal when you consider all of the breathing problems that dogs like that {it’s the ones that have smooshed in faces like that – pugs have the same problems} have. so, they may be lazy, and they may not shed a lot, but unless you go with a SUPER-reputable breeder {they usually breed out as many health issues as they can, but they’re more expensive} you may be spending a lot of your time {and money!} at the vet.
      i grew up with a miniature schnauzer and hubby and I have one now. Health issues aren’t really a factor AND here’s the best part – THEY DON’T SHED AT ALL. they’re one of two breeds {poodles are the other} that don’t shed. and they’re super-family friendly.
      but you guys will and should do what’s best for you. ALL dogs have some sort of inherant risk. but their loyalty and the responsibility that kids learn for something other than themselves far outweigh any issues you may experience.

      now, I’m done my novel!

    140. I have a mini English Bulldog right now (she weighs about 37 lbs compared to typically 60-70 lbs) and she is amazing! They are the sweetest dogs with the best personalities. They just want to be around people all the time (ours follows me all over the house) and are great with kids, people, other animals, etc. However, if you are not a fan of shedding, you may want to reconsider the bulldog. Ours sheds like a monster. Despite frequent brushings with the best dog hair brushes, it just never ends and her hair covers everything in our house. The shedding is definitely horrible, but her personality and temperament far outweigh the constant cleaning. And just one more note, they pass gas constantly because they take in a lot of air through their mouth because of their scrunched up faces. It can literally clear a room.

    141. I am a dog person, and the kind that alway ends up adopting the mutt that steals my heart. BUT my best friend in the entire world has a miniature schnauzer and he is the perfect dog for what you want. He doesn’t shed, he doesn’t drool, he doesn’t stink, his poop is small and he will happily sit on a pillow in the sun all day while you’re gone, or play by himself outside in their fenced in yard. They don’t have kids yet, so he does get treated like a human, but I’m sure a puppy raised with kids would be very good with them. The only downside to this breed in my (big dog loving) opinion is that he’s pretty small and his bark is kinda yippy. Have fun, and do a lot of research about breeds before you go look at puppies! Once you see a puppy, it’s all over…

    142. forget the dog.i want the leopard carpet! seriously, we got a cat..and last night he killed a bird on the backporch..gotta get him fixed..anyway we have a huge yard great place for a dog but live in a busy street and i dont want a dead dog..ours would be outside and on the screened way inside..I dont know about a E bulldog..elton loves bassets!

      good luck!

    143. We have a lhasapoo and she is the sweetest dog. She’s half poodle so she doesn’t shed, is very lazy, small, and is sweet with the kids. I would highly recommend a lhasapoo!

    144. They really are the cutest dogs….My sister has an English Bull Dog named Ruby. She is a wonderful dog with the exception to her loud snoring!! She actually snores louder than a human…but that could just be the fact that she is overweight :) She does tend to be on the smelly side, but that is to be expected with any dog. The drool does gets stuck in the wrinkles and ahs to be maintained. With that said; she is alot of fun to have around with her loving personality and she always enjoys all the attention; she is now a certified therapy dog and goes on visits to hospitals to cheer them up and participates in all types of charity events :) A great addition to any family – dogs are a wonderful companion!!

    145. We have a dog and we love her but my son has stepped in dog poop in our backyard three times in 5 days. This is really typical. We (usually my sweet husband) picks up the messes in the yard every couple of days but it is really hard to keep up with. Although I love my dog I would rather skip hosing off shoes and clothes as often as I have to and picking up the messes is awful and a never ending job. Plus, our dog sheds. Good Luck! They are sweet and no one minds the work at first but it does get a little old after awhile.

    146. no dog! just too much work, but maybe because we have been in continual baby stage and/or pregnant stage for the past 8 years solid! my kids and hubby would love one, but i say too much work!

    147. English bulldogs tend to be gassy-so prepare for smelly noises! Most purebred dogs will have some health issue, so please research extensively for this. For pet purposes, mutts generally are the best bet. Purebreds can provide some predictability of personality, but the inherent health issues can offset that. You may explore purebreed rescue organizations as well. Those would provide an adult dog who has been in a foster situation; the foster parent will be able to provide a wealth of info about the dog’s disposition, health, etc. Rescues allow you to adopt a purebred dog while still giving a dog a second chance for a forever family. Dogs are individuals just like people.

    148. I think every kid needs a dog to grow up with!! We have a Shi tzu and he is the best house/kids dog! He doesn’t shed, you do have to get him groome, but that beats cleaning up dog hair! He is great with our kids and calmly takes anything they dish out! He is lazy, his favorite place is to hang out in my lap. He has his momemts that he loves to get wound up and play, but mostly he just lies on the back of the couch watching out the window. We call him our little Hoover, as soon as food hits the floor he is there cleaning it up! He never really went though the terrible puppy chewing stage. He did destroy a few of my boys bath toys but maybe it was because they had a squeeker in them like his toys did? Anyway, we are quite sold on our little Shi tzu! Can’t wait to hear what you pick!

    149. Totally for getting a dog! We love ours. He is a golden retriever and was a rescue from a local shelter. He is full of hair, but it has never been to much for my OCD self to handle. One of my friends has an english bulldog and they love him!! Like someone above said – He does have several health issues with his skin and they have to pay for special medication, etc.

    150. First of all, YOU will be the one to train, feed, walk, and clean up after a dog. That is just the way it is. If you do not want to spend AT LEAST half an hour/day walking a dog, do not get one. Dogs need to walk every day, even the lazy ones. Behavior problems are usually caused by bored, inactive dogs that need to be exercised. If you cannot do this, then a cat is a better option.
      Dogs can be separated into wet mouthed versus dry mouthed dogs. Bull dogs, goldens, spaniels, english sheepdogs etc. are wet mouthed dogs, which means they have a lot of drool. It isn’t something they can control, it is a factor of the breed. If you don’t like a lot of spit, get a dry mouthed dog. It is also a fallacy that long-coat dogs shed more than short coat dogs. I have had shelties and collies my entire life, and they shed far LESS than various rottweilers, german shepherds, black and golden labs, etc. Truly. If you don’t want any shedding, get a dog with hair (poodle, Lhasa apso). They don’t shed, but will need to be trimmed up frequently. Finally, many of the flatter faced dogs have LOTS of breathing problems stemming from a foreshortened nasal passage. Some snore louder than any grandpa on the block. Especially since bulldogs are becoming more popular now, there are many more poorly bred dogs available that are bound to have greater problems. Do your homework, talk to breeders and other dog owners, and really take time to consider if your home is right for a dog. It isn’t fair to the dog if you cannot maintain it in the way nature intended (lots of daily exercise, a pack leader, strong limits, and lots of love).

    151. Sorry, but no dogs for me…it’s partly a hair, smell issue. I know my kids would kill for a dog, but we just built a new house in the city with no real backyard, so, it wouldn’t be fair to the animal. Also, I am so sick of dodging dog poop when I walk my kids to school. I like other people’s dogs, but just couldn’t handle my own. I also second, third, fourth the opinion of major health issues with bulldogs. Friends of mine had one and the poor thing needed to have surgery on both hips and many other problems. After their dog died they got a huge Great Dane.

    152. My husband had a bulldog campaign until we babysat one for a week. It changed everything. If you want a DOG get a dog that you can play with, etc. Bulldogs not only have a ton of medical issues, but they exhaust after maybe 3 minutes of play because their breathing tract is so messed up. Our friends who own the bulldog we sat, LOVE him, are thrilled with the non-activity bump on a log type of dog. And truthfully, if you want that then a bulldog is perfect for you. :)
      On hubby’s blog, a few years ago, a bunch of random people commented on his “bulldog or bust” campaign, many of them bulldog owners, you should check out their comments.

      We opted for a weimaraner. Super sweet, pretty, and lots of fun.

    153. Hands down, Dog! I hate dog hair too and it’s a constant battle in our house. Luckily we trained her not to sit on the couches, so most of the dog hair stays on the floor (invest in a good vacuum). We also don’t like the “bombs” she unleashes in the back yard, but 10 minutes of “turd time” fixes that right up (turd time is just my husband or myself picking all of it up). With that being said, our dog, Molly, brings us so much happiness. Walking her can feel like just another chore, but we all know that walking is good for us. Check out all of the great benefits of having a dog here: ttp://

    154. so, I LOVE my dog. And I have the KING of all shedders…a Lab.
      BUT, after he “goes”, we won’t be getting another one. Maybe ever. And, this is coming from a “dog person.”
      1. I feel like we always neglect him. With two small kids and a busy life, his nails rarely get trimmed, he gets taken to the vet at the 11th hour, and never gets walked. All of this makes me feel like a HORRIBLE pet parent.
      2. The poop, the vomit, the hair, the smell….I just can’t take it anymore. Our dog vomits, on the carpet, at least twice a week. (Now you’ll NEVER accept my invite to come visit…). It just adds one more hectic layer to an already hectic life. HOWEVER, if you want one, GET one! my dog is the ONLY one who doesn’t talk back to me and always loves me.

    155. hmmm..english bulldog….they can have lots of medical issues. costly ones, at that! i have two rescue dogs… small (chihuahua) and medium (pit bull mix) and i love them to pieces! i can’t imagine a day without them…even on days like today when it’s rainy and i have to wash/wipe 8 paws 50 times as they come in the back door. my only issue with having dogs is when we travel…i am a basket case if i have to leave the dogs at a kennel and i’m basket case if we have someone come to our house to watch them. lol i’ve even gone so far as to bring them with us in the hotel…not any easier. good luck!

    156. We have a dog, it does not shed, we don’t walk it daily and it’s great! She’s a miniature schnauzer, does great with the kids and the best part, ok well not really but a wonderful benefit, she cleans up under the table so I don’t have to! :) My kids love having a dog and yes poop is smelly and annoying to clean up, we love having a dog. When she’s at the groomers my house feels lonely, even if she is usually only laying in the sun somewhere napping, I still can sense she’s not here. Go for it!!!! You’ll be glad you did!

    157. Hi Emily! Yes dogs are wonderful for kids….I loved having one growing up. As an owner I did not enjoy cleaning up after one, but the affection overulled the hair and doo.
      You might look into other breeds, however if you are set on a bulldog by all mean do it. A little info for you, my parents have two E. bulldogs and having them around 6 grandkids can be a challenge. They do stink to high heaven and you need to clean their wrinkles often. They are extremly stubborn so you do need to be more stubborn then they are. They also are kinda rowdy. I know you think of them as being lazy but they can get pretty crazy when the kids are around them. They are never mean, but they are big and do like to lean on the kids and jump when they get excited. Socializing, and consistent discipline is key, a lot like kids dont you think. (: Enjoy your jouney on becoming a doggy mama.

    158. First, I am not a dog person but my hubby is. He is more specifically a basset hound lover. We are destined to have at least one BH in our home for the rest of our lives. Anyways, BHs drool a lot and it dries on your upholstery as a white flaky spot that looks rather inappropriate; and you have to magic eraser your walls all the time; and your hardwoods are never clean b/c the pup is in there drooling 5 minutes after you’ve mopped; and the drool makes the pup stinky no matter how often you try to clean them up. But all that said – I am so happy for my family that my hubby is a dog person, b/c or hound dog is a fantastic addition to the family. I am so excited that my kids will grow up with one of the world’s friendliest dogs at their side. And from the research I’ve done English Bulldogs have a very similar disposition to that of BHs. GREAT family pups!

    159. Um…I’m not an animal person…never have been…probably never will be. However, I wish that I was. They say that kids that grow up with pets do better. I don’t know the statistics or verbiage on that one, but I can only imagine-they get to love and nurture something that loves them back. Baam. Good to have.

      My cousins have a bulldog and it’s amazingly cute, fat, and a family favorite. Someone in my neighborhood has one and walks it by our house and my brothers love to go out and talk to it. (plus the lady walking it is “hot”)

      It will make you WAY popular. Way. Just watch the smell.

    160. We had an English Bulldog when I was living at my parents and he was great. He definitely shed less than their pugs did/do. I don’t recall him being much of a drooler, but the water dish (as Erica mentioned above) needs to be kept off the hardwood floors. Our Pittie male drools a ton when he drinks water too. The water spots drive me crazier than the hair. Bulldogs are great with kids too.

    161. I couldn’t live without my Kirby dog. Always had/have dogs. BIG responsibility. Dogs are a “pack” animal and YOU and your family become their pack. They are happy living with you not shut up outside or in a kennel. Wow, not very opinionated am I??? Wishing you well.

    162. you might lose your couch. and shoes. and anything else it might think is fun to chew on. they have bitter spray you can use for furniture though to dissuade chewing. also, i agree with Julie. if you don’t have time for one, DON’T get one. but we have a dog that we ADORE and he is definitely a member of the family. he fills my baby void for now. another thought, i personally believe small dogs are often less intelligent than larger ones. this is obviously not always true, but in my experience the bigger dogs can learn and remember rules better.

    163. What a GREAT choice! Of course, I am biased . . . I am a english bulldog mommy! Moose is the sweetest, most hilarious animal and I love him dearly. My husband got him as a puppy before we were married so he had to deal with all of his puppy antics (like chewing up remotes and cell phones!!) but now he is the EASIEST dog. He is obedient and well behaved and does not need to be walked, although we try to give him some exercise. He never messes in the house and can go all day without a potty break. He does shed … and it’s not the drool as much as the water that drips all over after he takes a drink. But not a day goes by that he doesn’t do something that makes me laugh. We’re about to have our first baby (a month to go!) and that will change things in our life, but we’ll always love our Moose!
      He is a frequent star in my blog . . . here’s a favorite post of mine –

    164. I always think that if you don’t have time for a dog, don’t get one. The pup phases are like having another child. Maybe wait until the kids are a bit older.

    165. Oh my, I am a bad person to be writing to you about this. I am not a dog lover for myself. I grew up surrounded by dogs, each of my 3 sisters has a dog, my parents have a dog. I don’t, I’m not sure if it’s the hair, drool, maintenance, or that my husband gets home so late from work that I would be fully in charge. However, my sister had a beautiful English Bull Dog, Mabel, for YEARS. She lived way past her expectancy and was a really good dog. Just be warned, the smell on this particular type of dog is pretty strong. The drool gets stuck in the wrinkles and dries up and stinks. She lived in my sisters room and you would open the door, even if she wasn’t in there and the room smelled. My sister is super clean and there was no way around it. I’m not sure if anybody else has had that same experience, but it was putrid. Good Luck!

    166. Awww definitely DO IT!! :) We have a couple and LOVE them so much! I wish I had the experience of having a dog when I was growing up but I’m glad I get to have it now :) We don’t have kids yet but when we do we want to make sure they have that experience.

      I also love English Bulldogs! They were on our list of possible dogs. We decided against them for a few reasons though. They don’t live very long and they tend to have A LOT of health problems due to the way they’ve been bred over the years. Their cute wrinkles can also need a lot of attention too. Depending on the dog you may need to clean in between it’s wrinkles everyday. I know there are some online quizzes that you can do to help you find the perfect breed for your lifestyle and preferences. You should be able to find some by Googling.

      Good luck with your doggie search!! :D

    167. “My” first dog was an English Bulldog – I say “my” because I was only 1 when my parent’s got the dog. But boy did I LOVE her! She was the best dog ever! I have a lot of very fond memories of her. I would definitely recommend an English Bulldog – they are so sweet and ours was always great with kids – especially since after me came my brother and sister and our dog welcomed them into our family like they had always been there.

    168. English Bulldogs are awesome! They are great family dogs, although make sure he/she sleeps in another room because they can SNORE!

      We love our big and beautiful Great Dane :) She is lazy, doesn’t smell, and while she does shed, it is only twice a year. She is also amazingly sweet with our 7 month old girly girl.

    169. hi. i love your blog, very entertaining.
      i waited 23 years and 6 kids later to finally get a dog. it wasn’t a thought in my head until recently. i DID NOT want a shedder either. i asked many people (with dogs) their opinion on us getting a dog, and believe it or not most people told me NOT to. I am so glad I didn’t listen………we got our lhasa poo last year and i adore her. she is about 14 lbs. and such a sweet little loveable dog. My 2 teenage sons were disappointed that we did not get a big dog and basically told me they would have nothing to do with a “little” dog – boy that has changed. They love her, walk her and play with her all of the time. We all love her – she is a perfect dog and I have never regreted one minute of having her in our lives.

    170. I love English bulldogs. I got to pet one at the vet, he was loving it. His owner said he doesn’t shed unless he’s stressed, so that’s good for you. I say go for it! We want one, but if we get one it’ll be after all our other pets have passed on, so we have a while to wait.

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