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instagram highlights


    Just in case you’re dying to know {wink, wink} what we’ve been up to outside of the blog, instagram is a great place to find out.  I’m not great about using facebook, twitter is still over my head and this new video thing called vine? Not sure it’s up my alley either. But I just can’t get enough of instagram. It’s so easy to document little snippets of our day and see what my friends are doing in their real lives, too.

    So here’s a snippet of our month:


    We enjoyed the chilly but bright sunny skies, we played with our pup, we skied {me for the first time in 16 years!}, we worked, we dressed ourselves {hence the inside-out tights}, we crafted, we bowled, we celebrated.

    It was a good start to the new year.

    {you can follow our day-to-day here}

    21 thoughts on “instagram highlights”

    1. Your puppy is the cutest thing ever! And I need to know what that stain color is on the far left in your photo! I’ve been trying to find the perfect color for some open shelving and I’m having no luck, but I am loving the way that mystery color is looking in your samples. Could you let me know what it is? Thanks a ton!!

    2. Emily – Love your blog! What is the font that you used on the header – January? I have been looking for a font that is a script, but does not have a straight baseline…

    3. Love the instagram photos. Need to do the “blackboard” sign. What a great way to post a daily message to your loved one. Can’t read the last line, though. ??? Can you fill me in. Thanks.

    4. OMG! I love your puppy photos so much! We have a 7 yr old doodle who looked a LOT like your puppy when he was little. He is the sweetest, most loving dog and I hope you all enjoy your dog as much! I have lurked on your blog for a long time and love it too!

    5. Emily

      Where oh where did you get those beautiful ballet flats????? I love ballet flats and those are so adorable and down right pretty.

      Where did you find such cute shoes?

    6. What a beautiful month.:) I am very intriguing by those stained boards. Can you tell me more about this project? I ask because I need to build new shelves and would like to find some aged wood that is gray in color. Like old fenceboards. But the wood also needs to be strong. Wondering if I should just stain new boards…

    7. I’m wanting to print my instagram pictures and don’t know of any programs or websites to let me print them at home or order them online. Do you print your instagram pictures?

    8. The picture of the puppy in the dishwasher is so funny and precious. It seems we all have that picture of our children trying to get in the dishwaser, it is great that you caught the moment for your puppy too.

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