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snippets of life with instagram

    Instagram has me hooked. I like it even more than facebook.

    You choose who you’d like to follow, then get to see their lives through images. It’s a polite version of voyeurism. I’m a reality tv girl, so it is completely up my alley.

    My favorites are photos with witty captions. Jami Nato is the absolute best at that. You should follow her.

    I was talking to my friend about it this weekend and she thought instagram was just a fancy camera app. Not True! Well, it is, but there’s more. You take a photo, use a cool filter to make it look all artistic and post it to your feed. Add a caption if you’d like {please do – that makes it more fun}. Then those following you can view your photo and leave a comment.

    We probably have enough status updates with facebook and twitter, but if you are a visual type, instagram might capture you like it has me.

    Geesh. Can you tell I’m infatuated?

    Since we’re talking about instagram, I thought I’d share some snapshots from the past two weeks taken with my phone {with captions underneath, of course}.

    Have a peek into my life:

    First little ballet shoes. Be still my heart.

    The most adorable quilt made by my sister’s mother-in-law for her new baby boy due in just a few weeks. Isn’t it beautiful?

    This is what love looks like to a two year old. Squeeeeezzzzeeee.

    Making the most of it.

    Crepes with raspberries. They are not healthy, but they are delicious.

    School project. Fun times.

    Chevron goodness from whisker graphics.

    Happy little trees.

    Giant cardboard tube turned bazooka. Oh, life with boys.

    Welcome to our family new washer & dryer! Get ready for a long, hard life with us.

    And my personal favorite:


    If you’d like to follow along on my day-to-day madness, you are welcome to find me on instagram

    23 thoughts on “snippets of life with instagram”

    1. That quilt is fantastic! I would love to see a more detailed photo of it, or perhaps your sister’s mother-in-law would care to share a tutorial? I’ve had that photo pinned for three weeks and just can’t get that quilt out of my head!

    2. I thought it was just an app too! Thanks for the tip!

      And what brand are your new machines?! I love the idea of a clear top, and I have to have a top loading washer (for soaking and washing cloth diapers) I’m kind of a laundry a holic and we’ll be getting new ones soon. I’d love to hear if you like your new ones! I feel a review coming on ;)

      1. Oops! I’m a bit behind on my blog reading so I saw this one first before seeing your post about the machines. Thanks!

    3. So much fun! I’m always taking pictures but don’t do anything with them. Can you join Instagram without having a smart phone? Would you recommend that?

    4. Oh, I adore Instagram! Like it much better than tweeting or Facebook. It’s so fun to get little snapshots of people’s lives {yes, I’m nosy like that}.

    5. me again.. i just was browsing some blogs and saw on that there is a photo a day challenge for june on instagram! she has the list posted on her blog. i’m not sure about how you post it.. if you put it in a special place on instagram or just your regular feed. maybe you tag it with #photoadayjune… i saw that on her post. today’s topic is “morning”! following you now :) i’m amielgriffin if you would like to follow me :) by the way the ballet shoes are adorable..

    6. Oh I miss those ‘happy trees.’ He made painting look so easy.
      I love the idea of instragram….I just don’t care for many of the photo edits. Most things look better the way they are photographed and washed yellow to look my mom’s old photos. Of course…the beauty is in the eye of the beholder….and I’m speaking as only one beholder. Heehee.

    7. Emily, I have been thinking about this for quite some time had have decided to ask you, hope you don’t mind. Have you ever been concerned about putting yourself out there so much. I have a Facebook account although not very active. I started a blog (I love them, including yours) recently created a pinterest account and now I really like this instagram…..but it is just so much of my life out there. What are your thoughts?

    8. i love your blog and i love instagram too! i will be following you :) i’m like your friend, i just found out last week that it’s not just a fancy app. i’m totally addicted to it and love following people. i’m going to have to see if i can figure out what mary beth said about putting it on a live feed on side bar of my blog. i have yet to actually figure out the side bar thing but i want to so i can showcase some of my faves ;)

    9. awww, that last one is perfect(: I just did a post called “My Day in Photos: Disaster Edition”. I just follow my kids around taking pictures and explaining why my house is so dirty lol.

    10. Love the family life pictures as my “kids” are grown. How do I follow you on instagram. The link does not work.

    11. I love all of this…especially “guilty”. I have one of my guilty daughter at about the same age with all the toilet tissue in the bathroom unrolled and spread out around her. :)
      Got a couple of questions…1. Is there a reason you did not go for a front load washer? I know we will be replacing in the future and just curious…especially with all the surface top stuff you can do if you have a front loader.
      2. Is Instagram only for iphones, and if not, is it only for cameras on phones? (totally no-tech girl here!)

    12. oh you.
      thanks for the shout out.

      one of my goals in life is to be put in the same blog post as bob ross.


      anyway, instagram obsessors unite!

    13. Thanks for sharing, Emily! Your photos are so sweet and I’m with you on Instagram – I love sharing images instead of just words! I’m following you now, so I can’t wait to see more over there :)

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