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spring wardrobe

    See that ad over to the right for EstepWorks Photography? We’re having a family photo shoot with him in the upcoming weeks {our first date was rained out : late winter/early spring is very unpredictable in the NW} and I’ve been trying to come up with coordinated – but not too matchy – outfits for our family of six to wear.

    . . .

    A few days ago I received an email from Jessica letting me know about a fun contest she is hosting. All you have to do is come up with a design board of your favorite spring outfit and include two pieces from her jewelry line to be entered to win a pretty generous prize.

    . . .

    So I combined the two thoughts – outfits for our photo shoot and outfit for a spring design board – and came up with one giant collage to suit the entire family.

    Here it is:outfits


    What do you think?

    For the record, I think ‘his’ outfit is a bit prepier than ‘he’ would actually go for {especially with the little pom-pom boutonniere which I happen to adore}. I am loving Kayce Hughes’ shirt dresses and those joyfolie shoes are the sweetest things ever.¬† I tried to include pieces that our family actually owns so that when photo-day arrives I could achieve a similar style.

    So there you have it : my version of our family dressed for spring.

    You can enter the Design Your Look contest at www. It is pretty fun to come up with a dream outfit : or six.

    32 thoughts on “spring wardrobe”

    1. Great inspiration outfits! We just had spring family photos taken on Saturday at the Dallas Arboretum. The flowers were amazing!!! Also, our local J Crew outlet just started carrying Crew Cuts! Oh Boy!!!

    2. I just love all the outfits!!I have been eyeing those Kayce Hughes’ shirt dresses too!! I ordered the wooden necklace from her shop. Soo stylish!!

    3. I have those Joyfolie shoes!! They are even more adorable on! I can’t wait until my daugther fits into crewcuts, they just have the best clothes!

    4. Good ideas! My daughter has the polka-dot sweater from Target {you can see the little cutie in it the “about me” on my blog}. I love it! Do you know what brand the boots from DSW are? Thanks!

    5. The outfits look great! Major kudos to you (and every other mom to a family of 6)! I can not imagine how you do it! I am having a hard time picking coordinating outfits for our family pictures and we are only a family of 3. And I dont even want to start thinking about how you tackle laundry, making dinners, coordinating schedules, etc. You have major talent! :)

    6. Joyfolie has the cutest shoes, I have been watching her design a day, she is amazing at what she does. I am sure your pictures will turn out amazing, you have great style!

    7. Great job! All of the outfits are precious. I love preppy style, my girls are totally Gap babies and as soon as they are big enough Crew Cuts will be added to their wardrobe. Good luck with your pictures. I have 2 and I know how hard that was. I can only imagine 4 ;).

    8. This is such a fun idea. I love the challenge of making us all 5 of us coordinate every once in awhile – it’s very like the creative process of trying to decorate a room with a unifying look. So enjoy what you came up with – you will all look so great on the wall in your home!

    9. you have great style! ….I think I might use this idea to piece seasonal outfit ideas together for my photography clients…..can’t wait to see the pics! (you will share some right?)

    10. You guys are going to look smashing! I love all the pieces you chose, especially that cute little ruffle skirt for Audrey. It’s hard to dress an entire family, right?

    11. Love it! Great patterns and colors! I’m loving those sunglasses for No. 1- I’ve been looking for something similar for my own No. 1 :-) Hope your photos turn out wonderfully!

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