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the happiest place on earth

    They claim it’s the happiest place on earth.


    They are so right.

    Our family plus my mom & sugar-daddy {that’s code for the best stepdad ever} spent a few days in disneyland two weeks ago. I just love everything about disneyland and could not wait to experience it through the eyes of my own children.


    It was a very full trip – you don’t sleep much when you’re in the magical world of disney – but every single moment was so worth it.

    happy in disneyland

    happy in disneyland 2

    very happy in disneyland

    I don’t think any of us stopped smiling.


    Except maybe No. 1 who after sitting through it once, affectionately referred to the It’s A Small World ride as the dreaded tower of doom.


    The kids were so excited to meet their favorite Disney characters, we ate all sorts of terribly unhealthy, but oh-so-worth-it food and from the oldest to the youngest, we all had the time of our lives on the rides.

    Our favorite of all {especially the older boys} was the california screamin’ roller coaster in California Adventure. Want to take a ride with us?

    That’s my head on the left and Ryan on the right. No. 1 & No. 2 are in front of us {daredevils} and grandpa is the videographer and the screamer.

    {I might be screaming a little bit too}.

    We seriously had the best family vacation we’ve ever taken and memories that will always be some of our favorites.



    Coming up this week: what I wore to disneyland, our favorite places to eat and some helpful disney tips to save you time and only a teeny bit of money.

    22 thoughts on “the happiest place on earth”

    1. OHHHHH – I wonder if we were there the same day?? I went with my daughter and her 8th grade class on May 21st!! Would have been a blast to run into you!

      So glad you guys had a great time – Disneyland really is a wonderful place – love it! I live about an hour away from it and I go as often as I can!!!


    2. It definitely is the happiest place on earth! This is the first year in a long time, that I don’t have a season pass- and I am going through serious withdrawals!

    3. It is the best!! We have met my brother and his family there and had a great family weekend. A few years ago we went for Christmas. It was amazing. We even packed the tree and had a tree and presents in our hotel room. Isn’t that what those rooftop pods for cars are for?? Glad you had an awesome time.

    4. I LOVE Disneyland! My favorite “ride” is “Soarin’ Over California”…I ride it over and over. I usually have to go in the ‘single’ line, as my family doesn’t like to ride it as much as I do. Can’t wait to read your tips this week!

    5. Man! I just had to cancel my June trip :( I’m in WA now—but still hold my Annual Pass to Disneyland. It is The Happiest Place on Earth! Next up for me is Walt Disney World in Septober–which I’m sure will be a blast and then DL again for Christmas time right after Thanksgiving—the Park is so much fun with friends and family for Christmas time!

      It looks like you guys had a GREAT time! I look forward to the hints and tips you post! I’ve been going FOREVER, but still love to hear what everyone else has to say–it’s grand fun!!
      : )

      1. You’ll notice we wouldn’t have dared take the trip without my mom & dad :)
        Life with lots of kids is a juggling act, but it makes for so many fun memories.

    6. We’re big Disney lovers too- my husband and I even went to Disney World for our honeymoon a few years ago! I can’t wait to have our own precious babies to take one day. It looks like you all had a wonderful trip- how special to be able to go with your parents as well!

    7. Yay! We are a Disney-loving family & LOVE going to Disney World in FL. But, we are super-excited to be going to California this summer & visiting Disneyland for the first time! Can’t wait to hear your tips.

    8. OH.MY.WORD! I’m in the midst of planning our trip for NEXT WEEK. to say I’m overwhelmed is an understatement. oy.

    9. Fun! I am looking forward to your upcoming post about Disneyland details- I would love to hear where you stayed and how you liked it. I am always looking for advice on hotels!

    10. Oh my goodness isn’t it the BEST! We just got back from 5 magical days at Disneyland as well! We were happy the whole time! The only dissappointment was I didn’t get to ride California Screamin’ since my #4 was too short. I told him I wouldn’t go on it since he couldn’t. Ah the sacrifices we make… Can’t wait to go back. Glad you had fun!

    11. My family is going to California in July to see the Redwoods, San Francisco, and will be ending our trip with a few days a Disneyland. I loved your pictures and video. I can’t wait for your follow up posts!

    12. Disney is the BEST! And I’m forever greatful that we readers can live through you because after looking at your pictures I want to go back RIGHT NOW! You’re family is beyond beautiful – every single one of you!

    13. Your kids are the perfect age to enjoy it!! LOVED your roller coaster video and all your photos! From the mother of 2 Disneyaholics I so enjoyed this post. My son even flew to Emoryville to be at Pixar for the opening of Up, and my daughter is a member of Princesses with a Purpose – a charity organization of girls who look and dress up like the Disney princesses and visit hospitals and events to raise money for charities. Disney is part of our lives. What a great trip you had!

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