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tiny dancer photoshoot with my baby girl

    When Paige was here this past fall, we set out one very chilly morning for a girly photoshoot at this gorgeously dilapidated old farmhouse nearby.


    Paige styled the whole thing – choosing our outfits and bossing us around with how to do our hair (kidding. She’s not bossy. But she did have a vision and I was just along for the ride). Being in front of the camera is not totally comfortable for me, but if I’ve learned anything about having your picture taken is that the more awkward you feel, the more awkward the photos turn out so you might as well just relax and smile and try to look cute so you’ll like the end product.


    And, my goodness, I just adore the end product. Paige is such a talented photographer – knowing how to find the right light and make the experience fun and comfortable.



    She perfectly captured our girly ballerina side, a tiny dancer photoshoot as Paige called it (she was headed to the elton john concert when she returned to atlanta so that probably has something to do with the cute name. PS. I love that song).



    Outfit change!


     I wore this dress for my little sister’s wedding when I was six months pregnant with No. 2. It was all pinned up around the back to keep it from falling off, but I just love the juxtaposition of the crumbling down house and unkempt grass with the fancy black dress.




    Promptly after the photoshoot, we put on our warm coats and went to starbucks for an extra-hot latte. We were freezing!  What’s so great about these photos is that you would never guess that we were shivering. Paige did the most amazing job.

    For christmas, I gave Audrey a little book with all of my favorite photos from our morning at the dilapidated farm house.


    It’s only a few inches wide and such a sweet memory for her to look through.


     What a beautiful gift Paige gave the two of us to have this mommy-daughter moment documented for always. I sure love my little Audrey-girl and feel so grateful for a tiny dancer in my life.

    36 thoughts on “tiny dancer photoshoot with my baby girl”

    1. I’ve been enjoying your blog for several months now. Thank you for sharing. I especially like the “twirl” print. The font is just perfect. I assume it’s something you made. Do you sell the print? And if not, would you share the name if the font? Thank you. Debby

    2. Hello Emily,
      As you are beautiful you and your daughter!
      In the early morning cold, it should not be easy for your little girl but what reward!
      Here you are with wonderful photos and a book to pass on to your daughter.
      Thanks for sharing this and the great idea of the book.

    3. You are simply naturally beautiful Emily and your sweet daughter is blessed with equally beautiful DNA. Thank you for sharing this……Oh how I wish I would have stopped long enough when my daughters were that age to capture the moments we were living. Lucky for you that you learned that life lesson so early! It reminds me that its still not to late to capture a moment with them…….Paige has a gift, so splendid that she is sharing it with the world.

    4. Aww, I love this post and beautiful photos. I gave birth to my daughter after 2 sweet boys and totally relate to loving having a girl to do girl stuff with. I grew up with 3 sisters so being around little boys was new to me. My daughter is now 13 and we have an incredibly close bond, which I love. I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything though – they are great just as well!! Love your blog and sweet, sweet spirit that shows through your words. You are beautiful on the outside and inside!

        1. The little book is from mpix. I love the cover and size, but I wasn’t totally happy with the quality of paper/print inside. I think I would upgrade to better paper next time.

    5. Is this the same Paige that I get my favorite jewelry from? Do her talents know no end?!??!? (of course she had great subject matter) I have never met her but love everything about her! Hooray for fabulous pictures and lovely, talented people! I have -after seeing this post – resolved that am going to do a “tiny dancers” shoot with my smash-em, bash-em boys – though it may be more like “tiny mud-puddlers” or “tiny wrecking balls” or “tiny rugby players”!! Just darling, though.

    6. Emily, This gave me such sweet memories of my mom and me when I was a little girl. I had 3 older brothers and was born when the youngest of them was 5 yrs old so I got a lot of “princess” attention (in a good way, not a spoiled brat way). She sewed me lots of full frilly little dresses which were so fun to twirl in and sometimes she made one just like it for my doll. Such sweet, sweet memories.

    7. The twirling photograph reminded me of one of my favorite scenes from “You’ve Got Mail” when Meg Ryan reminisces of doing such a thing with her mother in the book store. Thanks for sharing.

    8. This may be my favorite post. And I LOVE alot of them. I recently had a baby girl and am learning about all things girly. Would you mind sharing where your dress is from or the brand and your daughters outfit details as well? Also, who did you use to make that sweet book? Such a treasure for her for years to come. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily basis.

    9. I would also love to know where you got the peach/pink dress and the boots worn with it. It’s such a perfect look!

      1. The peach dress is borrowed from my best friend. I’ll ask her where it is from. The boots are a few years old from DSW. No longer in stock :(

    10. Simply beautiful! I must do this with my tiny dance too! I love how you embrace your fair skin. I have always hated that about myself, until I had my little girl. I look at her perfectly pale and pink skin and see the beauty. I guess it sometimes take 34 years to see that! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment!

      I would love to know where you got the peach/pink dress. A perfect color for us peaches and cream girls :)

    11. This is beautiful beyond words! 1. I realize you probably got it awhile ago, but *where* is your pink dress from?! I must know. 2. YOUR HAIR, THOUGH. You have a Connie Britton-like mane goin’ on; like, worthy of its own Twitter account and fanbase! 3. Such a sweet little book, and what a precious keepsake for your daughter. I love it all! xo

      1. 1. The dress came from my best friends’ closet. I didn’t think I could wear peach/pink, but it is pretty cute! 2. Thanks for the nice words on my hair. 3. The book turned out so sweet.

    12. This is absolutely beautiful! My husband and I just found out we are having a baby girl {we have 1 boy}, so this brought tears to my eyes. I hope to make memories like this with my daughter!!

    13. OH HOW SWEEEEET! I so wish I had done that with my daughter years ago. Love that EJ song too. My favorite shot is the one with your Twirl print…reminds me of the twirling scene in You’ve Got Mail. :)
      Happy Friday girl.

    14. i had no idea you created a book for her….oh friend. what a treasure!
      having had two little tiny dancers those memories of leotards & tights and tiny pink shoes are precious to me.
      i’m so tickled you’re pleased
      & that you allowed me the PURE delight to play dress up & photo time with you two gorgeous friends.

      i love you despite some serious hair envy

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