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what we’re wearing (family photos 2014)


    Tis the season for family photos. If I could, I would have photos taken every couple of months. But, alas, I live in reality and not only could I not afford it, my kids would probably go crazy if I forced them into outfits and made them smile real smiles more than once per year. Just kidding. They love it. Sort of. For a few minutes.

    This year, we’re doing a mini session with the super talented Stacy Jacobsen (if you live in the seattle-tacoma area, she’s your girl!) at a local christmas tree farm. These mini sessions are ideal for us because they are quick, affordable and we’ll definitely get at least one great shot for our christmas card. Part of the fun for me is pulling together coordinating, but not too matchy, outfits for the whole family using as much as I can from our closets, and filling in with a few pieces where needed. I want everyone to feel comfortable and like themselves (not an easy task for boys who prefer athletic shorts and WSU sweatshirts over jeans and collared shirt …) but it is also my one chance to dress the whole family. I kinda love it.

    Here are some close-ups of our outfits with sources:


    shirt / sweater / jeans / shoes


    shirt / sweater / jeans / booties / scarf


    shirt / vest / jeans / shoes / gloves


    shirt / sweatshirt / jeans / scarf / shoesno-3-outfit

    sweatshirt / jacket / jeans / shoes


    shirt / sweater / skirt / shoes / hat + gloves

    Hopefully the photos will turn out cute!

    (Last year we wore similar styles – jeans, navy, gray – with a few pops of orange. Paige flew in to seattle for the long weekend and gave us the most beautiful family photos – see a bunch here)

    12 thoughts on “what we’re wearing (family photos 2014)”

    1. I love the boots! Can you please let me know what color they are….the grey or tan? The color appears taupe, but looking at the website colors, they appear much more of a true grey color. Thanks!

    2. We just had our family pics and you and I had the same button up on- (actually my entire look was jcrew outlet)–but now i’m wishing i’d chosen that sweater you wore instead of my vest. Loved your selections

    3. love your blog!! thanks for posting your outfits- I’m choosing ours for next weekend pics and they look very similar!! ; )
      also painting our daughter’s room white, and your post on that was quite helpful- I think we’re on the same wavelength!

    4. Totally just went through your links and ordered a bunch of stuff. :) I love when I don’t have to think about what to wear, now we will have a few coordinating outfits. Thank you!

    5. Kudos to you for planning so well! As a family photographer, I know that planning a simple color scheme in the same tones gives your photographer the best start on making awesome portraits. I will use your wardrobe ideas for my clients, if that’s ok. I have used your craft ideas and decorating ideas in my monthly info e-zine for my clients. I always note the source for these wonderful ideas. Thanks for contributing to my life and to my clients as well!
      Blessings this holy day season.

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