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break the rules: six white pieces to wear this fall

    This is the outfit I wore yesterday:


    It’s still warm outside (in the low 70’s) and so I’m still dressing summery-ish with short sleeves and cropped jeans and flats. The white shirt I put on (a cute hand-me-down from my sister – originally from jcrew) got me thinking about how it was supposed to be the final day of wearing white until spring.  You know the old rule: no white after Labor Day. So I did a few seconds of research and discovered that it was a fashion tradition stemmed from class divisions in the early 1900’s (here’s a quick article from time magazine).

    Turns out, rules are meant to be broken (especially silly ones like this) and while white linen and gauzy silk may not be the best choices for cooler weather, wearing white during the fall and winter is not only okay, it’s also very stylish.

    I hung out on pinterest for a little bit (okay, way too long) and found a handful of Autumn outfits that all include white.


    Do you ever look at outfit ideas on pinterest? It’s super inspiring and these particular outfits make me excited for cooler weather. I want to wear each and every one.

    You can see all of my favorite outfits on my clothes pinboard here

    So in the spirit of breaking the ‘no white after labor day rule’, I’ve shopped around online and found six of my favorite white pieces to take us into fall.


    1. J.Crew Quilted Vest // great layering piece with a tshirt or button up under. I love the gold zipper and snaps on this one.

    2. Noonday Monaco Necklace // cow bone + brass = yes, please. I bought this for myself at my first noonday party and it is beautiful in person.

    3. J.Crew Endless Shirt // this longer version of a classic white shirt is another great layering piece. Wear over leggings or skinny jeans, add a sweater or scarf or maybe a belt? Is that still cute? I don’t know.

    4. Boden Grace Sweater // love the neckline and 3/4 sleeves and the chunky knit. It’s more expensive than what I normally pay, but maybe since it is such a classic piece, it’s worth the investment.

    5. J.Crew Factory Midrise Skinny Cords // a more fallish alternative to white jeans (although I think you can do white denim too).

    6. H&M Cable-knit Sweater // cable-knit is always good, plus this is a slouchy longer-in-the-back cut that makes it interesting.

    Good options, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts … are you a rule follower or breaker when it comes to wearing white after labor day?

    36 thoughts on “break the rules: six white pieces to wear this fall”

    1. Ha! I totally wore white today too! I thought to myself, “take that fashion police!” Always thought it was a silly rule. Thanks for giving us the origin.

      p.s. Love your blog! God bless.

    2. I always heard and thought the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule was strickly for shoes.?? Is it not? I have always just stuck to no white shoes. Hmmmm… guess I’ve always been wrong. :)

    3. I just picked up a pair of white skinny jeans in a rather traditional clothing store at a great price. I couldnt help but mention to the sales woman that I intended to wear them with boots. Such a trouble maker.

    4. Sherri & I share the same thoughts about the Dallas area! I wear white ~ and flip flops ~ as long as I can! (And that has included Christmas shopping!) It would depend on the fabric, though … I have some stretch white denims that I “live in” year-round (go with so much!) but I wouldn’t wear linen in the Winter.
      Love the white pieces you’ve highlighted, but I also wonder about leggings and long shirts … and haven’t seen an opinion on that “style” still being in yet!?

    5. Breaker, mostly. I grew up with the rule as guidance until winter white wool skirts arrived on the scene. And winter white wool sweaters. I love whites. Anytime. I love your outfit too, BTW.

    6. I love white so I am happy to see extra choices for extending it into the Fall. Every picture of you, no matter the colors, you always look cute. Have a great week.

    7. I believe the white ban could be easier understood if one recalled that heat was logs on the fire, coal, streets and other roadways were certainly not even close to what we have now. and the fabrics were also quite different. things were not easy. Then imagine wearing some of those styles of yesteryear in white into a store that was heated with a potbelly stove and soot abounding. lots of long clothing walking about in unpaved streets. unfortunately, I could go on and on with some of the practical reasons for not wearing white in the “weather” months of the year.

    8. Those outfits are so stinkin’ cute! I live in the AZ desert, so our “fall” isn’t here until November-ish. As I get older, I miss the seasons. We only get hot and hotter here. It’s a cool 107 today :\

    9. I don’t want to give up my white jeans for the fall! Going to pair them with high brown boots, and an oversized brown cableknit sweater layered with a pretty scarf. Love all your suggested pictures!

    10. I had to laugh out loud about the 70s!!! It’s actually cooler here in DFW today; only reaching 99 later!!! Flip flops and white are never put away here. You never know when you may need them, even in the dead of winter!!! Love your style!!!!

    11. The only problem I have with white after Labor Day is White Shoes!! Unless they are athletic. I just don’t like white shoes in general but after Labor Day, that is my one rule!

    12. So funny to here you talk about it still being warm there and in the low 70s. We would be in boots and sweaters in FL, those temps are about the only chance we get to dress like that! Wore jeans today and sheer long sleeves–it 93 degrees. So ready for fall here, but those initial lower 80s high 70s won’t happen until at least October, more like November/December. Happy fall!!

    13. I’ll be the person that doesn’t talk about white. Tell me more about that green purse. Tell me things like it was cheap and is still available in a store near me. Thanks!

    14. Hi Emily
      It’s funny for me to read that you should not wear white after Labor Day! Our Labor Day is May 1 of each year and in Europe, there are plenty of countries party to the same date as us! We do not work that day and it is often said that the French have great holidays! 11 In fact, only! And you in the USA, how many?
      For white not banned, but in the fall, I like to wear warm colors Commes the leaf colors, navy blue, rust, red and burgundy for example. Personally, I just bought a new handbag, it is wine-colored! We have not had a good summer in France, the weather level, personally I was in England and I had good weather! Also, at this time for the start of school (today), he was very nice and warm, 26 ° today! So we put our bare feet, our light blouses, our summer outfits! White is the trend in the summer, and I like this in late summer put because it brings out the tan! Have a good day in white!

    15. I love your outfit!! :) Where’s your bag from? I’ve been hunting for a beautiful-yet-versatile-and-big-enough-to-hold-my-water-bottle purse forever!!

    16. Love all if it! Big fan of wearing white with boots and etc. Even in the South (we live in GA). These are the hardest months to dress for, because it is still almost 100 degrees here.

      Also, the J.Crew vest (which everything the make is amazing) is also at their factory outlet online –
      Additionally, you can get a similar cream on at Old Navy, although the cute isn’t as flattering.

    17. I wear white until it gets cold…here in Texas it doesn’t start getting cool until the end of October. Right now it is 92 degrees, perfect weather to wear white.

    18. White is my favorite color! My grandmother and I both share a love for white shirts. I purchased some white flared jeans this summer which I love. Going to try to incorporate so I can keep on wearing.

    19. I LOVE white, so I can never leave it behind! As a side note, I just purchased a vest almost identical to the JCREW one at Old Navy’s labor day sale. I was so pleased to find that deal! Just wanted to share! Enjoy your day! xo

    20. 70s!!! I’m so jealous! Still in the 90s here (SC).
      I wish God (and my parents genes) had given me the lower body for wearing white pants/jeans! I cannot pull that off no matter the season….sigh….

    21. We’re still having weather in the 90s, so it feels perfectly acceptable to continue to wear white after Labor Day (even white pants). It won’t start getting cool here (NC) probably until later this month or even October. I think white on top (blouse, sweater) is appropriate any time of the year. Winter white, or offwhite, is even better outside of summer.

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