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if the shoe fits

    When I was pregnant with Audrey and in I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-shop-for-girl-things-this-time mode, I came across the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. I mentioned them here and here and wanted to share them once again. They are that amazing.


    This company started when Jessica, the founder and creative brilliance behind Joyfolie, made her daughter a pair of hand-sewn shoes {you can read the full story here}.  She designed and produced a handful of shoes, put them up on her website and they would be sold out in minutes.   Because of the high demand the shoes are now being manufactured {now with firm soles} and will be much more readily available {which is great for slow-pokes like me who never could press buy  now fast enough}.

    Joyfolie currently has three styles of pretty little shoes available for girls:


    Charlotte in tweed


    Charlotte in metallic cream


    Sabre cuffed bootie

    These shoes are beautifully made, original designs and the cutest things ever. AND Jessica has offered a discount to JDC readers.

    *** enter JONES at checkout for 30% off shoes ***

    Be sure to keep a lookout on this company as they continue to grow : look what are coming sometime this fall/holiday season:


    Pirouette heels for women. Love them.  And that outfit the model is wearing.

    To see more of Joyfolie, visit the website at WWW.JOYFOLIE.COM.

    13 thoughts on “if the shoe fits”

    1. Hi Emily,

      Just tried to use the discount code to buy one of those lovely shoes for my little one and it says “Jones” is invalid. Please help.


    2. Hi Emily,

      Is there a way to post a comment in response to your giveaway question for those of us who are not Facebook users?? :)


    3. My brother-in-law’s girlfriend has size 3 feet. Go figure. She’s 4’11” so I guess that’s why but she can NEVER find shoes… shops the girls section. Thanks for this blog post. I emailed her a link and hopefully she’ll find some shoes she loves for once!!! Just have to say, I love this blog. Every single post is filled with great content and great heart.

    4. i am a big joyfolie fan! i don’t have a little girl but could still ooogle her designs all day long-her design a day series was so inspiring to me!! cannot wait for those heels for adults-too bad i can’t pre-order with that 30% discount ;)

    5. I just came across their site a few weeks ago and love their shoes! They’re adorable. I love buying clothes and accessories for my little girl – I think I’m better at accessorizing her than I am myself :) So many of their styles are sold out right now – hoping they’re available again soon!

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