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displaying jewelry

     I was just having a conversation with my darling sister-in-law about how to navigate looking stylish when you don’t have a clue what stylish is. My best tip: throw on a piece of colorful, chunky jewelry. I’m not really sure if that qualifies as stylish, but it seems easy enough to me. As a girl who wears a whole lot of jeans + cardigans, somehow I feel a bit more put together when I slip on a necklace.

    Jewelry-collecting is new to me. I don’t wear a lot and on most days all you’ll see me wearing is my wedding ring, a white watch and my favorite dainty necklace with my kids’ initials.

    But with so many affordable and colorful pieces out there, it’s fun to go a little crazy every once in a while.

    To store my small collection of jewels {none of them precious, by the way}, a simple linen-covered cork board does the trick. I stapled the fabric to the board, adding in upholstery tacks along the perimeter because don’t you think upholstery tacks make everything look fancier?! The necklaces are hung on t-pins purchased at the office supply store.

    Bracelets and cocktail rings overflow from a vintage silver bowl.

    Having the pieces out makes me excited to wear them.

    And hopefully look a bit more stylish in my jeans + cardigan uniform.

    Do you have a favorite way to store jewelry?

    19 thoughts on “displaying jewelry”

    1. I’ve been trying to figure how to organize my jewelry in a way that I can see everything easily. I think I’ve found it! I’ve also seen something like this but with a pretty frame around the jewelry. Thanks.

    2. I also hang my jewelry on cork! But I think this weekend I’ll cover them in fabric and I already have upholstery tacs! Why didn’t I think of that? :)

    3. You have a wonderful selection of fun necklaces! The blue beaded necklace is my favorite.
      Mine are in a drawer, but I’m inspired to add some new ones to my collection and proudly show them off!

    4. O my gosh! Funny you should mention jewelry storage! At 57, I recently started a new job and I went from wearing scrubs to career clothing on a daily basis and I am finding that just the right necklace with an outfit makes all the difference! I have mine on an antique clothes tree in my bathroom (just a temp solution) and I was just imagining something like this! I love the fact that with a little trip to the store and maybe an hour of time I can make one of these! Great idea and post!

    5. My jewelery is hung on this organizer in almost the exact spot as you—right next to my sink. I love having it “on display” now, whereas it used to be in a big jumble in a drawer. There is a place for earrings, bracelets, and rings. It truly brightens up my bathroom and reminds me I have jewelry to wear.

    6. I just reorganized my jewelry a couple of weeks ago. I took a plastic silverware/utensil organizer from Target and gave hoop earrings their own section, necklaces, stud earrings, rings, bracelets, charms, watches, and beads their own sections. It worked out perfect. A few very long necklaces are hung on the side of my bedroom mirror so they don’t get tangled but everything else fit.
      I lost a small drawer in my bureau for it but I think I’m wearing more jewelry because it’s accessible.

    7. Love this idea for necklaces! I just might have to make myself a couple!

      My sweet Dad made me an earring display that I just adore! It’s a 6 pane window from my great-grandfather’s house (also my grandfather’s birthplace). Several pieces of glass were missing, so he popped out the others and attached window screen and a hanger on the back. I hang different colors of earrings in each pane (silver in one, gold in another, pinks and reds in a third, you get the idea! I have a LOT of earrings!) It’s painted white and perfectly weathered with age. I get so many compliments on it, and I love that it’s a part of my family history too!

    8. Oh this is just perfect! Thank you Emily for sharing! My jewelry collection continues to grow and I have a stand that is just too short and small to hold everything. I’ve considered investing in a big ok stand but don’t have anywhere to put it, it’d take up too much room on my bureau. I’ve looked at pinterest ideas but they seem too tacky or too complicated. Thanks for this great idea!

    9. This is a perfectly timed post! I just started branching out away from my two go to necklaces…a silver “pearl” necklace and my “Three Sisters” necklace my teenage daughter had made for me. I need a place other than my jewelry box to store my new colorful necklaces that are spicing up my cardigan/skirt/jean wardrobe.

    10. Gorgeous!! What scripture verse do you have taped to your mirror? I love having them all over my house also, but was just wondering which one that was… :)

    11. I am always on the lookout for cute chunky necklaces. Would love if you would share some of your favorite placed to buy them!

      Thanks for the inspirational post!

    12. LOve your leather cuff with the flower…. Do you remember where it is from? Thank you for always inspiring and being a blessing!

    13. I hang my favorites in my guest room from the on off switch of the bedside lamp. They dress up the lamp, and are out in the open to grab and wear. I will have to snap a photo soon.

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