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what to wear: swim + beachwear

    So, we’re headed to the beach. The beautiful, gorgeous hawaiian island sands of Maui. I can’t wait.

    In prepping for this vacation, I’ve been searching high and low for favorites to wear on the beach and in the water. Here are a handful of my top picks. Maybe a few will make their way into your wardrobe for the summer:


    1. J.Crew Beach Tunic. Lightweight, darling, covers the bum.

    2. Bobbi Brown sunglasses. I have a petite face and her designs are made especially for us small-headed women. I still look a bit like a bug in them, but what can you do.

    3. Starbucks Gradient Gold Cup Tumbler . For proper hydration, of course.

    4. San Diego Hat Company Ribbon Hat. I like a wide-brim hat to shield my face from the sun and this one works great because it is packable without messing up the shape.

    5. Turkish blanket. Thin and perfect for pool or beach. I’ve been wanting to switch out our bath towels to these thin ones, too. Anyone have any recommendations?

    6. Reef flip flops. I like a thin, leather flip flop that molds to my feet. Reefs are great.

    7. Roxy Oceanside Beach Pants. Light, breezy, great to throw on over a swimsuit. I can’t wait to wear these.

    Okay, and now for swimwear. I’ll be honest and say putting on a swimsuit is not my fave. It’s just so much skin! And I’m just so pale! And this poor body has birthed four children and I just like sugar too much. I’ve been working out (using this method and GUESS WHAT?! I just tried yesterday and I reached my goal of 10 real push-ups! That Tracy. She’s the best.) to get myself more beach ready and I’ve shopped around for the best suits to suit my body. Here’s what I’ve come up with:


    1. Athleta Pacifica Rash Guard. To throw on over a two-piece while snorkling. Or to just wear because it fits really cute.

    2. Anthropologie Ruffled Halter Maillot I actually bought this last year in blue (no longer available) and love how it covers, but still feels fun and flirty.

    3. Athleta Shirrendipity Halter Tankini. Have you ever tried Athleta swimwear? It’s super thick and stretchy and holds you in nicely. I highly recommend.

    4. Anthropologie Ruched Maillot. Another purchase from last year (in blue with white polka dots – seen in this photo). I actually really like it in black, though, too.

    5. Gap hipster bikini bottoms. I bought them in stripes as shown and in solid navy. They are the perfect fit for me.

    6. Seafolly Goddess Bandeau top + hipster bottoms. This is my one risky/slightly uncomfortable choice. But I’m going with it. This swimsuit fits nicely and is well made (hence the price) and Ryan likes it, so I’m going with it.

    There’s my go-to list of beach + swimwear. Do you have any favorites for summer? Do share!

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    1. My husband are braving a trip away from the kiddo’s in September. We will be staying in Maui, too! We have three children all under 5 (will be 8 months, 2 and 4 years when we leave). Thankfully my parents and nanny agreed to watch them. As a mom, I’m nervous leaving all three for 9 nights! Any advice since you’ve done it before? Your last trip looked amazing (…and I agree, Hula Grill is the BEST). Thanks! Wendy

    2. I always buy my turkish towels from a sweet Turkish lady named Tolga—seriously! We met on Amazon where she sells her towels through her shop called Natural Turkish Towels. She and her family run their towel shop on the shores of Turkey and they are amazing to work with. They have several colors and styles, so if you don’t see what you want on amazon just shoot her an e-mail and she will get back to you. (That’s how she and I “met.”) I love supporting her little business, and the towels I’ve ordered are always lovely. Enjoy the beach!

    3. How sweet! I just bought two of those Roxy pants, in navy blue at Macy’s and in beige at Tilly’s. They are so comfortable and versatile–perfect for our southern CA weather! Happy to see you got some too Emily! I was feeling a little old to buy Roxy clothes, but who cares– they are sooo comfy!! xo

    4. I’m loving the athlete suit and the rash guard. I snagged a couple of simple bottoms and tops from old navy this year. I’m alway amazed by the price of swim ware!

    5. Hi Emily! I’ve been on the search for some new suits also, and surprisingly found two that fit well and I don’t feel too frumpy but can feel comfortable chasing my kiddos around, you might like them too: and

      Have fun!

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