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a video about how to curl your hair to get loose waves

    Here’s something a little different: I made a video for you showing how I do my hair to get these soft waves.


    Believe me, I’m not a hair expert and I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to all things beauty related, but this technique works for me and it may be something fun to try on your hair, too.

    The video is about 12 minutes long and not exactly taken at the most flattering angle or in the best lighting, but whatever. Look for Audrey who makes an appearance about halfway through wearing one fantastic outfit. She’s a kick, that kid.

    Was it helpful? I do hope so. I wonder how many times I said the word hair. Oh my.

    I mention them in the video, but here are direct links to the products I use {minus the butterfly clip. That one is vintage}.


    1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

    Enjoy your weekend and have fun curling your hair!

    81 thoughts on “a video about how to curl your hair to get loose waves”

    1. Love your tutorial! It has helped so much! Quick question, do you use your curling iron on the hottest temp? Thanks!

    2. I am new to your blog! TenJune featured your autumn print last week and I HAD to have it!!! I went home from work that night and printed it out and hung it in a frame by my back door and it brings happiness to my life every time I pass it! (I so hope you make a winter one when the time comes!) After I found that, I decided I needed to check out your blog because I everything I saw, I loved! So I added you into my reader and some of your old posts came up and I saw this hair video. After having my kids, my hair changed from being completely straight and not holding a curl to kinky and waivy but not in a good way. So I’ve been at a loss of how to handle it. After watching your video I decided to unearth my curling iron (from college 10 years ago!) and curled my hair instead of my normal flat iron attempt. I LOVED it and got tons of complements. Today is my third day straight of curled hair and I love it more each day! Thank you so much for your tutorial. It’s so much easier than I ever imagined! I’m excited to be a new follower!

    3. Amazing video – thank you! Just to confirm – is your curling iron a 1 1/2″ or a 1 1/4″? The link takes us to a 1 1/2″ but in your video you “guessed” 1″ or 1 1/4″. :-) Thanks!!

    4. Loved this tutorial, I have similar hair texture – but the sad part is I used to be able to go 4 days without washing but after I had a baby I can barely go 2 and that’s with dry shampoo. Here’s to hoping that will change!

      BUT, I did have a question. Is that your natural hair color or do you color/highlight your hair. It is so beautiful!

    5. Love it! I always end up with the curl at the ends, which is not the look I’m trying for. Very helpful. By the way, where is your shirt from?

    6. Loved the tutorial. I have totally different hair (short to medium) but it’s thick, very layered and the top gets pulled down the weight if I start letting it grow or such as now, growing some layers out. Your video was still a help to me. I decided right off I needed the bed head product. I had sworn I saw it at my grocery store – and they did have some bed head products, but of course not THAT one. However, because I was impatient and wanted something THEN, I bought another brand. A root lift/voluminizer product. A BIG difference. My hair also has a good bit of wave to it but I tend to use the curling iron to smooth out a few places, pull curl out of my bangs, etc. Because of shorter hair, I use a smaller iron, but I tried your technique. Worked great, although I did a few pieces toward my face and the rest away.

      Thanks for sharing!!


    7. In college, I had oily hair. But now that I am 30, it has started to be less so. Dry shampoo has become my best friend. I tried a bunch, some expensive, some drug store cult classics. Most made me break out at my hair line. (super sensitive skin).

      The best dry shampoo of all time has been a homemade recipe of cornstarch and a few drops lavender oil or Amazing Grace perfume in a travel shampoo bottle. Super versatile and not only helps maintain a blow out but also give the hair a little lift. Plus no chemicals. Highly recommend.

    8. I don’t think I have ever met/seen anyone with hair as similar to mine as you. Minus the difference in color, seeing your hair and hearing you talk about it I just kept thinking, “Finally! Someone gets my hair!” :-) I love the tutorial. I one day kind of made up the same style with the same process….only I don’t really know how to use a curling iron so I made it up as i went. The tips you gave were just what I needed to perfect it. Thanks for the video. Very helpful for this visual learner.

    9. I love this video! And your hair, of course. :) Okay, I have a stupid question…..what do you do on your non hair washing days? Use a shower cap? Take a bath? Not shower at all? I workout every morning and get really sweaty, so I feel like I have to wash my hair everyday. Okay, just had to ask. :)

      I’m off to get the Bed Head right away! Thanks!

    10. What a super helpful video! I need to get better with my curling iron and can’t wait to try those 2 products. My husband loves full hair, so a little extra time is so worth it for him and to have a little more style : ) You have beautiful hair and full hair helps your eyes to stand out. Thanks for the hair inspiration! Your little girl is a cutie pie… my little 5 year old girl loved the whoopsy doodle part : )

    11. Totally love this! I have to say, I think you might have the perfect hair: color and texture to be able to hold curl that long.

      I did a post about my hair a few weeks ago and the fact that I usually only was every 5-6 days. When people ask how I have time to do this or that, I tell them I don’t wash my hair. Ha!

      Thanks for sharing, and I love Audrey’s cameo appearance!

    12. Emily, thank you for sharing the video. I have long hair, but they are always sticking to my head. The bed head and the powder is the first thing on my to-buy list :) you are gorgeous, and as another lady said beautiful inside and out. I was actually contemplating cutting my hair thinking the length is pulling it down, and now I am sure I will be able to bounce it back up. Thanks again, it was really helpful.

    13. This was great Emily!!! BTW, I found the perfect frame for the twirl print! It looks lovely, and it makes me think of you everytime I look at it=)

    14. Cant wait to try this! I’ve been braiding my hair trying to get this same affect and now I know what to do :) oh and do you get your eyelashes professionally done or do you DIY

    15. We have twin purple claw clips from the 90s! I still use mine every time I actually do my hair too :) I would like to know how you feel about your blow dryer. It looks like nothing too fancy, just a conair brand. I also have long and thick hair like yours and it takes ages to blow dry, so I am always curious whether buying a more expensive blow dryer would be worth it or not.

      1. I am sure a more expensive hair dryer would dry faster. I just upgraded from a cheapy 5 year old hair dryer because I wanted the air direction nozzle thing. Mine is from target, I think. Nothing fancy. Does the trick.

    16. Watching this was such fun. It is exactly how I curl my hair but I have a ton so it is three layers. People ask me all the time how I curl it and now I’m just going to send them to you video!

    17. I am jealous you don’t have to wash your hair more then you do! I have super oily hair so by the middle of day 2.. it needs to be washed again. Thanks for the video.. It’s nice to actually see the Redken product working so well.. I think I’ll go try it, I have super fine hair and not much left after babies!

    18. Such gorgeous hair and curls! I’ve been looking for a good, large curling iron. All the ones I’ve found in the past don’t hold the curls because they just don’t get as hot. I’ve bought about 3 worthless ones, so I’ve been leery about trying anymore, but I love the big curls so much more than the small ones.

      Also, I’ve been using Big Sexy Hair Powder Play for over a year now, its essentially the same thing you used by a different company, but it liquefies after you put it on making it not so noticeable in dark hair. If you have dark hair you might want to try this instead. It’s about $15 dollars, but I use my little bottle about 1 to 3 times a week and have had it for over a year now. You can find it at Target, Ulta, online, all over the place.

      Also, your eyelashes are stunning.

    19. It’s like Connie Briton hair! I did need this tutorial .I have straight hair like you and curl under, but mine looks flippy, now I studied your technique to make ringlet curls, so pretty. Happy Friday.

    20. Loved the video, Emily!! You are a complete doll with gorgeous hair. Your video was so easy to follow and I love all the product recs :) … thank you! I do have a few questions… had you combed your hair out before you took the towel off? If not, that is unreal that you were able to comb through your long hair with such ease. Could you share what shampoo and conditioner you use? I’ve got daughters with long hair and it is a constant struggle for them to comb through after shampooing. Also, what hairspray do you use? Oh, and I’ve got you beat with the days I can go without shampooing…for sure five and sometimes even another day. I know…totally sounds gross, but dry shampoo has changed my life.seriously. You can spray or powder the grease away. Plus the dry shampoo gives it way more body and makes it thicker.. I like my hair so much better when it’s not freshly shampooed. My hair always looks clean even though technically it’s not ;) Love your blog, Emily…thank you for everything you share with your readers!

      1. I use costco brand shampoo & conditioner :) I wasn’t lying when I said I have a low-maintenance beauty routine. My hair doesn’t get too tangly – I put conditioner just on the bottom half to keep it smooth without making the top too silky.

    21. Thanks for the excellent tutorial! I have long thick coarse curly hair that I like having blown out, and I’ve wanted the loose waves for a while but they have been ever so elusive! I hope I can make them work w these tips!

    22. I’m so glad you posted this! My hair is the same texture – pretty fine, but LOTS of it! I have trouble getting volume up top because my hair, like yours, is really heavy, so I’m really excited to try the Bed Head root boost!

    23. Thanks for the tutorial. Gorgeous hair! A little off topic…where did you get you blouse. I love the style. My kiddies are working on their q-tip fall tree art…thanks for the ideas!

    24. Thank you so much for the video. I always think your hair is gorgeous when you post pics of yourself, so a how-to is very fun! I, too, am curious about your cut. My hair sounds a bit like yours (long with lots and lots of it) so maybe your particular cut would work on mine. :-)

    25. Thank You SO Much; I think I’ve been envying your hair and wanting the step-by-step since I found your blog 2+ years ago! I remember you showed us how with photos, but this is even more helpful! And I’m glad to hear about those products- Looks like they’re the answer to my long-time mystery of trying to figure out how to get that awesome volume! (no sisters = not a lot of beauty know-how here)
      My next battle is to figure out how to get a good long-hair haircut (they never go well, so I’m kindof gun-shy and take way too long between cuts).

      Can I ask for any info/advice on getting a nice cut for long hair? Does yours have any layers, or just the ‘long bangs’ in front? Do you ask for, or describe it in any specific terms I might be missing?
      Thank you again! I love all that you do for your readers : )

      1. It has taken many hair stylists and a million cuts and I have finally landed on a stylist that always does a good long layered cut. He is expensive {about $100 for the cut} but I only go 2-3 times per year and my hair cut is always good, so I feel fine with spending that much. I have lots of layers and long bangs and he texturizes the ends to give my hair more lift. If you see friends or local strangers with a good long, layered haircut, ask where they go – that’s probably the best way to find a good stylist.

        1. Hi Emily! I am local and have struggled to find a skilled hairstylist that isn’t a 45+ minute drive from the Lake Tapps area that can cut AND color. Thanks for being so kind to share. God bless you and yours…:)

    26. Thanks for the video! Your hair is beautiful! Makes me want to grow my hair out longer again! I’m pretty sure I had that lavender butterfly clip in 1991:) I was waiting for you to get your Caboodles out;)
      Lash extension question… I also have very light lashes to begin with – do you have to dye your own lashes darker before getting lash extensions? Or how do you get them to blend in? Thanks!

    27. Gorgeous, gorgeous hair! I lost a TON of hair after every child. After my daughter it fell for her whole first two years(!!!) so went to Dr and they said that can be normal. My poor husband: trying to console me when I’m crying that I’m going to be bald. Ha! My friends bought some similar texture powder from Walmart for just a few dollars. Really neat stuff.
      Thanks for posting!

    28. Gah! Your hair is gorgeous! I lost so much hair after I had my son, I had to join the extension club. Gotta try that BedHead stuff….and the my hair lady put that Redken stuff in my hair and it works wonders! I got a little heavy handed with the stuff and looked a little like a character from Hairspray.

    29. Emily, I adore you! I’ve followed your blog for such a long time (and now IG) and want you to know how much I appreciate how genuine you are. Everything you do is beautiful because you are beautiful both inside and out. Loved the tutorial. Off to buy me some Bed Head!

    30. Let me just say that you are gorgeous!! It was nice to see a video for a change… It proves that with all your talents and creativeness you are a REAL person too!! Thanks so much for sharing pretty lady!!

    31. I am curious how you sleep on your hair at night. Do you leave it down or pull it up? I’ve found when I style my hair and pull it up for sleeping, I tend to get those grooves in my hair but when I sleep with it down, it becomes oily around my face and crown sooner. Any suggestions?

      1. I don’t have any routine for my bed hair. I sleep with it down. I have seen others do loose buns and that holds the shape and keeps it off their faces in the night.

    32. You have got a gorgeous head of hair! I have never been able grow mine out long, it is just too baby fine. But, now that I have a shorter cut the root boot would probably be a great product to try for added lift.
      Audrey is so precious!!

    33. You are so adorable… thanks so much for sharing with those of us who are “hair-impaired” as I call it. I am the queen of clips and bands because my hair falls so flat despite having natural curl. You’ve given me the hope that maybe I can try curling and lifting it, just one more time…
      Thanks again for being willing to share and not hoarding all the good hair days to yourself!
      G Woolwine
      Queen Creek, AZ

    34. You are gorgeous!! I think I need that root boost.. My hair is thick and heavy as well. Ok, here’s my question- do you use a dry shampoo or anything between washings? I’ve always washed my hair every other day and would like to go longer, but I get so oily. My hair is really dark, and I do think those powders show up easier (and can end up looking like dandruff! Eek!). Does your hair/scalp start to get oily between washings, or did it used to? I kind of think if I just powered through for a while, my hair would get used to it. :) but who knows!

      1. I don’t do anything in between washings. I don’t have particularly oily hair, but by day four it is more oily than before. That is usually my ponytail/braid day. I have heard that the more you go without washing your hair, the less oil your scalp will produce so I say power through! Get a few hats or scarfs that you can hide your hair, maybe start by skipping just one day of washing and hopefully it will work for you!

      2. Also have dark hair and am now able to get away with not washing my hair for a few days thanks to dry shampoo. My hair used to be really greasy after just one day but it was my scalp overcompensating for all the washing I was doing! I tried about 20 different dry shampoos and found THE BEST one called ‘not your mothers dry shampoo’. It’s on Amazon or my Target carries it too. It’s the best!!

      3. It’s true! The reason your scalp produces more oil is because shampoo strips your hair of oil and your scalp goes into hyper production mode. The more often you shampoo the more your scalp thinks ‘my goodness, I’m dry!’ and overcompensates. It’s a vicious cycle because then you think ‘Ah, I’m oily’ and shampoo again. Of course the more oily your skin tends to be the more oily your scalp tends to be, so part of it is just genetics and some people will always be able to go longer than others without washing. But if you want to wash less try to stick it out with washing only 2 times a week for a month or so and see where you are at. If you have particularly oily skin, though, you might want to try every 3 days rather than every 4.

    35. Do you have makeup on in this video? If you don’t, I’m jealous. Also, are those your lashes? You are a classic beauty!!!!

      1. For dark-haired girls (like me), you can use cocoa powder in between washings to eliminate some of the greasiness. I don’t think it’s much of a root booster, but it will help with the oil. Love the video! Thanks!

      2. Not much. I had just showered, so my face was fresh. I have lash extensions which is the best invention for someone like me with light lashes. It allows me to go make-up-less and not feel like I look 12 years old.

    36. Thank you so much for this! I have just ordered my curling iron! I am growing my hair out long and when it’s dry it’s big and fuzzy. I’m not such a fan of perfectly straight anymore and I’ve been trying to braid it to get a wave. But I will be giving this a go as soon as I can! I also only wash my hair every four days on advice from my hair dresser. I have a few friends who say they have to wash their hair everyday and they just don’t believe me that it won’t be greasy if they just leave it! They think I am gross… So I am relieved to hear someone else does the same! :)
      P.S. Audrey is so cute!

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