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what I wore in Disneyland

    I may be the vainest person around, but one of the things I thought obsessively about and did the most research on before we left for disneyland was what should i wear?

    I know, how ridiculous.

    But bear with me for a moment.

    Disneyland in May can be hot, so you don’t want to wear too much. But you’re holding your kids, getting on and off rides, sitting on the sidewalk to watch parades, so you don’t want to wear too little.

    You walk all day so you want to wear the right shoes, and while running shoes might be the most practical, they may not be the most fashionable.

    Comfort ranks high on importance, but there will be a million favorite photos snapped so you want to be cute, too {see? I’m vain}.

    I scoured my closet and bought a few new things to fill in the gaps to fit with my disneyland fashion criteria: stylish comfort, easy layers, loose fitting {read: as little visible evidence of sweat as possible}.

    Here’s what I came up with for our three days in Disneyland.

    DAY ONE:


    We woke at 3:45am {insane} and took the first flight to Orange County. I wanted to be comfortable and warm so layering a sweater and scarf was perfect.


    During the day, I removed the sweater and scarf and was very comfortable in the dress and leggings. I never would have worn this dress to the park without the leggings – too much risk for exposure.


    sources | dress – Old Navy, sweater and leggings – Target, sandals – b.o.c, scarf – murabelle

    DAY TWO:


    We woke up early and spent our second day in Disneyland. Layering this light sweater was perfect. And even though I’m not a big fan of shorts, these were comfortable, not too short and still mildly stylish.


    sources | sweater – banana republic factory store, shorts  – gap, blouse – borrowed from my friend about 3 years ago and I never gave it back. Oops. belt – target, sandals – b.o.c


    The sandals were not something I would have normally chosen, but I waited until the last minute and had limited stores to choose from. These actually turned out to be really comfortable and they are pretty cute. Not sure if I’ll wear them much more, but they served me well for this trip.



    It was a little cooler {mid 70’s} on our third day so I decided to wear jeans. Again, I layered a light cardigan for the morning and evening.


    I was not sure about the jeans {nothing worse than soaking wet denim} but you really don’t get all that wet at disneyland or california adventure. And I wasn’t too hot either.


    The shoes were a new purchase for me and a bit of a stray from my normal ballet flats. I’m happy about these and will probably get plenty of use out of them.

    sources | jeans – joe’s jeans boyfriend, top  – banana factory, sweater – target, shoes – aerosoles

    These three outfits plus a swim suit, cover up, pj’s and unmentionables was all I packed. I’m normally a way-over-packer because I like having options for each day, but this time I only had these and it worked out great.

    If you are planning a trip to disneyland and struggling with what to wear, here are my tips:

    1. Wear shoes that are comfortable. You don’t need to wear tennis shoes {unless you love yours} – there are lots of good options with support and cushy soles that are more fashionable than your running shoes.

    2. Layer a light sweater over your tank/shirt/dress.

    3. Dresses are good because they are light and airy, but just be sure you can bend over without showing the world more than they want to see.

    4. feel cute. You’ll be happier with your photos later.

    Any other disney fashion tips you want to add?

    45 thoughts on “what I wore in Disneyland”

    1. Love your style! I completely agree there is no need to lose your fashion sense just because you are on vacation! I am wondering though what you did for a purse–not sure what to do when we go in May. Something with a zipper for sure to contain everything…we will have a stroller to load stuff into, but you would want to keep the important stuff with you. I usually cart my giant (but stylish!) diaper bag-but I was thinking to maybe downsize to a crossbody bag of some sort…

    2. Hey there. So I want to say awhile back, when you went to Disneyland you posted about some great deals, and ideas to keep in mind when going to Disneyland. Do you still have those links, and information? I would appreciate any help to make our trip fun, and save a little as well. Thanks! Any tricks you have .

    3. You read my mind! When I was looking at your other Disney posts, I truly was thinking “I wonder what she wore.” Admit it or not, we all obsess over outfits when packing for a trip.

      Love your style and especially love that your sources are places like Target and Old Navy. Sooo relatable. Keep the style posts coming!

    4. Hi Emily,
      My family and I are making our way out to the West Coast this summer and are wanting to take our boys to Disneyland. Any suggestions on where to stay? We are just now researching hotels etc. You mentioned you went with a package deal? Do you mind sharing where you stayed etc. It can be daunting to try and find nice accomodations at a reasonable price.
      Thanks so much!

    5. I have just started planning my outfits for Disneyland. part of me just wants to throw on my gym clothes and nikes. It will be just me and my 3 year old at Disneyland for two days because dad has to work and we are tagging along to SoCal. I definitely need comfy and cute! Loved these outfits and your tips!

    6. Emily,

      I just have to say that I can completely appreciate your vanity as I am the same EXACT way whenever we go anywhere!! I swear my husband thinks I am a complete loon when I have to pack for anything. It is a challenge to balance the variables of comfort, style, temperature changes, etc!

      I have a cardigan or casual blazer with me at all times….even in summer because I chill easily and I have found many places crank the AC! Also, I am 5′ 3″ and often wear heels, so I am left with only a few options of pants that are the correct length for flats. Ahhh, it’s a challenge to be a women…..

    7. Love the outfits! One year I planned a surprise for my Moms birthday while at Disneyland. It was great! The picture of my mom, her best friend, an I? not so awesome. We had left at 3:30 in the morning and one of my bags got left at home! The only warm thing I had was my ugly loading the car sweatshirt! Grey, boxy, ugly.
      I always have cute toes and take a variety anklets : ) even if I’m wearing Mary Janes and no one else sees my toes during the day.
      I always find it shocking to see women wearing super high heels. No wonder some people get grumpy….

    8. Love the outfit choices….especially day 1! That scarf is too cute.I believe that tennis shoes are made to wear to the gym and much else, so I like the other options you chose. I recently wore Tom’s to a theme park we went to over spring break and they were comfy as well. Love your blog!

    9. My #1 tip- No matter how hot it is outside- that’s right- NO. MATTER. HOW. HOT. IT. IS. OUTSIDE.- bring a light layer to throw over your cooler outfit. The air conditioning in Disney restaurants, indoor venues and shuttle buses is insanely cold and you will be so glad you lugged around that lightweight cardi all day:)

    10. I love those sandals too! Super cute, you def. need to wear them again! Isn’t it great that there are choices of sandals and flats that have good soles so you don’t have to be in athletic style shoes just because you’re going to do a bit of walking! Your outfits were all so cute. Nan’s comment about putting the fam. in the same color each day, especially for places as big as Disneyland is so spot on, really good advice!

    11. Two questions: When do we see the pictures of you in those cute clothes? and Do you need my address to mail those sandals? I am size 7.5/8. Thanks :) Kim

    12. Very cute outfits . I am a DL native. You are very stylish and not touristy at all. Wish some of us could pull off what you did above. But to us, DL is just DL (and we brag that DL is better than DW anyway!) Never worry about what you will wear – the Lord will guide (if you ask Him) : ) Glad you and your family enjoyed your holiday in our fair venue!

    13. Loved this post! I agree about the comfy/cute factors. Disney is not one of those places you want to dress down completely because once you get hot and sweaty, you really feel awful!

      I have those same aerosoles shoes and have now worn through 2 years and they still look great! My husband had to *convince me to buy them because they weren’t my style. I’m so glad he did though, I love them now!

      Thanks for sharing!

    14. You have the cutest style!! After I’m out of maternity clothes, I’m looking to you for inspiration :) LOVE the pair of shoes too. They look super comfy and also stylish.

    15. You are not vain at all and it is not ridiculous that you think you obsess over what to wear. I do the same thing, many times until I make myself miserable. It’s difficult for me to put together outfits for more than just a couple of days at a time. I also think (rightly or wrongly), that my personal appearance is many times the only way I have to communicate to many people I meet how I feel about them and myself. Their first impression of me and the one that stays with them. You chose a darling variety of outfits and fun accessories, all of which I’m certain looked darling on you.
      Ease up on yourself, I think if we all were honest, we all obsess about something!

    16. Girl, please! You are so not alone! When I found out that we would be going to Disneyworld in August, the first thing I did was go on Pinterest to see what to wear!
      Tights and a light dress are totally the way to go!

    17. Emily – I have a suggestions on what to wear…. We took our boys to Disney World 10 years ago when they were little. I was worried about losing them in the crowds and someone made this suggestion to me and it was a life saver! Whatever you chose to wear on that day – like your bright orange dress – put the same color on your kids. If you lose sight of one of them – or, God forbid, you need help in locating them, you will be able to tell others exactly what they are wearing by simply looking at what you are wearing. So, when I wore my cute green shirt, with plaid shorts and sandals, my boys had on green t-shirts. Dad even matched and it made all of our pictures look really nice. I know you’ve already been, but something to remember for next trip.

    18. I love your picks! So sensible & cute. We went to Disney World in February and I obsessed over what to wear….for the very reasons you state. I hope you post more of your clothes picks in the future. I love your style.
      Thanks for sharing!

    19. I was SO excited to see this post. We are leaving for Disneyland in 10 days and I am obsessed with trying to figure out what to wear. Shoes are SO hard. Every time we have gone my feet were killing me! I want fashion but don’t know if I can find anything that will feel good and look cute. I have tried sandals & Toms but end up miserable. We will be there for 5 days. I just bought new Nike free runs but what do you wear with those? Workout clothes?! UGH! I love your outfits! Thanks for this post. Anymore tips? I am all (Mickey Mouse) ears. :-)

    20. Hi Emily!

      Love your outfits! You are right, what mom wants to get their Disney photos back and think – the kids look great but I wish I wore something nicer! I’m going to Florida in August (yes, I am nuts but only time I can visit relatives). I hope to use many of your tips, although probably won’t need the sweaters (lol) except for places with frigid air-conditioning! I always enjoy your posts! : )

    21. LOVE this post! I always obsess about what to wear at Disneyland because of the pictures and the weather! I’m so glad I’m not alone in this! Love your style and love reading your posts. Would it be okay for me to share some of these pictures on my blog?

    22. I love #4: Feel cute. Words to live by! I guess I would also try and wear a hat since it’s so sunny there, but I can see how it could also be a problem: shadow on your face in pictures, hat hair, or it blows off on a ride….

    23. We go to Disney World once or twice a year and I always make an effort to look cute {because you’re right–we take a million photos each time!}. I always stock up on {hear me out} Croc’s ballet flats. They are cute, cushy, and they don’t rub blisters. They even have cute designs like cheetah print and stripes!

    24. Very cute! I find it funny that I have seen items in your wardrobe more than once that I own as well, including the yellow striped sweater from Target. Love the chevron scarf, too!

    25. I love all your picks! I wish some other dland attenders could read this. My friend took a picture last week of a lady who wore, what looked like painted on cheetah shorts, black knee socks, and a black bra. :/ Super appropriate with a ton of kids around, right?! Oiy.

    26. emily you are so cute. i am always freaking out about what to wear because i want to be appropriately dressed for each event. that means comfortable and cute!
      also, you can just send those shoes my way. ;)

    27. LOVE those picks. Theme parks are so challenging and you were lucky to have days that weren’t crazy hot. We were at disney in November on a cool day so I wore capri jeans and a tee with a cardigan. I didn’t think much of it at the time but it look great in pictures :)

    28. You picks were super cute…I especially love the comfort and cute factor! My go to comfort non-sneaker shoes are my sperry angelfish…SO comfortable:)

    29. LOVE the outfits you chose! I’m a big believer in caring about what you wear – that way you like the pictures of you & you’re more likely to actually enjoy your day. Who feels good when they look in the mirror in the morning and dislikes what they see? I’m also biased against running shoes because I get CRAZY blisters if I walk around in running shoes. I’m all about comfy ballet flats (with those secret socks underneath) and sandals.

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