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what i wore {new year edition}

    What I Wore … a fun idea I borrowed from the darling Lindsey.  I’ve done lots of what I wore posts, but it has been a while, so I thought I’d go for it again.

    The purpose of WiW is to keep us accountable for getting dressed each day. I know that sounds strange, but if you are a stay-home-mom or work-at-home lady, you understand the problem. Sometimes it is much easier to stay in pj’s all day {see day 4}. But then you end up feeling slumpy and somehow that translates into less productive days.

    I am generally pretty good about getting dressed, so this is less for that purpose and more for the purpose of being creative with my outfits. I am a plain-jane dresser. Solids. Cotton. Jeans. That’s about it. But when I know I have to take photos, I try a little harder with accessories.

    So here is what I wore this week:

    1. green striped sweater {target}, brown blouse {target}, jeans {banana republic}, belt {target}, shoes {nordstrom rack}

    2. sweater {nordstrom}, tshirt {target}, jeans {seven for all mankind flare}, flower headband {me}

    3. shirt {target}, cardigan {martin + osa}, jeans {seven flare}

    4. Oops. It was a jammie day for all. And I should probably clean the mirror.  Not that you want sources, but the sweatshirt is my cheerleading sweatshirt from 1997 {oldie but goodie} and the sweats are from martin + osa – a store that is no longer in business and I’m really bummed about it. Audrey’s cute pjs are from Hanna Andersson.

    5. A cold and snowy day in the Pacific Northwest. Jacket {old navy}, sweater {nordstrom}, scarf {nordstrom}, jeans {target}, boots {DSW}. I tried a new braided messy bun I learned on this video tutorial {cutest girl ever}.

    A few notes:

    Clearly I buy a lot of my clothes from Target. Its one of the few clothing stores in my town.

    The only thing new enough to still be available in a store is the green striped sweater. They have a yellow one I want too.

    I bought the puffy coat on Black Friday and love it. I don’t see any more of the blue ones, but there are a few more white {click here}.

    I am linking with Lindsey.

    pleated poppy

    37 thoughts on “what i wore {new year edition}”

    1. Hi,
      Please post more of your daily outfit blog. I love your style and how you mix non expensive with expensive. As a busy single mom who works full time I really need motivation. Everytime I look at your blog I feel uplifted and inspired just to look good and feel good. You just give me a vision and when you go from being married for 13 years and now alone raiisng 2.5 year old with not much family you make me feel connected and remind me that looking cute can make me feel so good and doesn’t have to be hard! When your young you have so much time for things and now 37 your blog reminds me that things may have change but it can be much easier now to look cute with less time! Please post more!!! Nicole thank you!!

    2. i didn’t know hannah anderson was still around!! my kids are all grown up but i used to love them.
      target is awesome! we don’t have a lot here either and i buy a lot from target, old navy and luckily we have a banana republic outlet!!

    3. I love all your outfits! Super cute, comfy, classic and classy! Can you please tell me what brand your brown riding boots are in the last picture?? I’ve been looking for the perfect pair and I absolutely adore yours! Thanks!

    4. Who doesn’t love target!? You are adorable, Emily. I especially love that you threw your jammie day in the mix! Had one or two of those myself this week..
      { Kristen }

    5. I love photo #4! That is so how it is! Kudos on your new outfit inspiration! Looks like you have plenty of great classics and basics to jazz up in new ways! I would love for you to consider linking this up to my “Drab to Fab” party ever Friday at my blog Sugar and Spice. The theme of the party is taking what’s basic and ordinary and making it look great. You embodied that with this post! Here’s a link to check it out:

      Hope to see you Friday!

      Amy @ Sugar and Spice

    6. I recently found your blog and am loving it! I’ll be a faithful follower for sure. I’m love your outfits and style but must confess what really has me going is the hint of wallpaper I can see behind you! I love it and it’s very similar to what I’ve been wanting to do in my office. I’m hoping there’s more info about where it’s from on your blog – off to search now!

      1. Oh my word – you painted that?! My office has 3 walls of windows – I’m wondering how on earth I’d pull it off cutting in around all the windows! May have to just give it a try.

    7. Ahhh! I am so glad you are back into this…I DO hope you’ll keep doing it. :-) I am a total bum most days and need all the inspiration and motivation I can get when it comes to getting dressed. I have found I am much more productive when I make the time for it!

    8. Hooray for the return of WIW!!! :) I have yet to get dressed this morning, and I think one of your outfits just inspired me. Thanks! Off to the closet!

    9. You are so beautiful.

      I understand entirely about the motivation to get out of your jammies as a SAHM, especially in the winter when you are often snowbound! I love that you included day 4, thanks for keeping it real :)

    10. i always wondered what the purpose of posting what you wore was and was glad to see the reasoning. and you are right about being a stay home mom and maybe wanting to stay in pj’s all day. this occurs at any age though (i am old enough to be your mother!) and especially when you are taking care of someone else. accountable in ones life is a good thing no matter what it is for! thank you for posting and by the way i use it as inspiration for my daughter who is a casual dresser also!

    11. I am soooo glad you are doing this again. Call me crazy but as I was getting dressed this morning I was actually thinking that I wish you would start this again. I love your style. And, although, you say the purpose is to keep us accountable when we’re getting dressed I think it is also an awesome reflection of your design style and helps to promote your design business. Love your style!!!

    12. Love this! I so look forward to checking your blog…I love the variety you provide – style, creativity, inspiration (both creative and religious), optimism, organization. Thank you!

      And I have a high school sports hoodie I still wear too! My husband teases me mercilessly, but I still wear it with pride. Mines from 98.

    13. Hooray for the return of WIWW, JDC style.

      You were the first blog I ever read that did this (I wasn’t even a blogger at that point), and now I link up with Lindsay every week.

      Wouldn’t have seen that one coming! : )

      Cute outfits!

      Especially love the striped sweater, but what I really want is a better gander at that flower headband!

    14. I hate when people complain on other people’s blogs and I’m sorry if I sound like a jerk, but I have the hardest time reading the light grey text. :( Still love your blog and you’re adorable.

    15. I love your outfits. I enjoy seeing what you put together. I love your green stripe sweater from Target I have the Yellow stripe. Our taste is very similar. Most of my things come from Target as well. Thanks for the inspiration and please keep posting WIW. Thanks!

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