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What I’ve been wearing

    Back in the day I used to play along with a blog thing called what I wore. Today seems like a fun day for the next installment!

    While I am far from a legit fashion blogger, I do think its fun to see what other people are wearing to help put together outfits or try new styles. I figure if I can inspire you to shop your closet or find a few new items and in the end you feel good in your clothes, then I’ll gladly pose awkwardly in front of a mirror and take pictures of my mom-appropriate outfits :).

    So today I’m sharing what I’ve been wearing the past few weeks.

    A few notes before we begin:

    1. You’ll notice a theme in every outfit I wear – casual, simple, neutral, comfortable. I love basics that can be mixed and matched and worn in any season.
    2. I realize that our summer weather in the Pacific Northwest allows for jeans and even requires light sweaters at times, but there have also been lots of hot days, too. I’m happy to live in a place with such pretty summers.
    3. Not all of the items I’m wearing are shop-able. Some are old, some from random stores. When the item is available online, the link will be included. If I can find something similar, I’ll link that.
    4. I am 5’7 and 120ish pounds. It’s probably taboo to actually share those facts but it helps to know sizing when thinking about what certain items would look like on different body types.

    Let’s get to it!


    OUTFIT ONE | You may remember earlier this summer that I was wanting a pair of wide leg jeans. Well, I ordered two pair and I actually like them both. Ryan, on the other hand, does not. But I can’t help myself and wear them anyway. They are not maybe the most flattering, yet it feels like a fun change from my go-to skinny jeans.

    Jeans (similar and cuter) | tank | gold hoop earrings

    OUTFIT TWO | I had to include at least one version of a workout outfit because I love going to barre and pilates classes a few mornings each week and often just keep the same clothes on for the rest of the day if I don’t feel like changing. Which is more often than not :)

    shoes | cropped leggings | tank (similar)


    Shorts. They are truthfully not my favorite. But it’s been in the high 80’s and sometimes shorts are the right choice. I’m not excited about super short shorts, so I tend to go for slightly longer inseams (these are both 5″). Now that I look at them, I feel like maybe I should just brave it and go for something shorter. Or wait a few weeks and not think about shorts until next summer :)

    OUTFIT THREE | I ordered myself a bandana and have been trying to wear it and get over the fact that it feels a little funny to try new trends (even though the head scarf thing is not really that new of a trend). I actually do think it’s pretty cute.

    tshirt | bandana | white shorts (similar) | birkenstock thongs

    OUTFIT FOUR | this is a typical Emily outfit – white button up + jeans, but I paired it with denim shorts instead.

    shorts | white shirt (similar) | sandals (similar)


    OUTFIT FIVE | I wore this to church and then to a friend’s 40th birthday party. That was a fun day.

    shirt (size down – I’m wearing an xs) | jeans | shoes (similar)

    OUTFIT SIX | I love this shirt. I love the olive green color. I love the saying (because I also love the shade).

    shirt | jeans (old) | birkenstocks


    OUTFIT SEVEN | This is my first jumpsuit and I’m a big fan (except for when you have to use the bathroom – that’s not the easiest!). I found this one at Marshall’s and especially love the tie neck. I have a tank with similar silhouette and have worn it a bunch this summer.

    jumpsuit (similar) | sandals (similar)

    OUTFIT EIGHT | These are the second pair of wide leg jeans I bought (from Loft, no longer available). I like them.

    jeans (similar) | long cardigan (similar) | shoes

    So that’s what I’ve been wearing. Do you have a favorite? Do you see a theme in the clothes you’ve been wearing? Please share!

    12 thoughts on “What I’ve been wearing”

    1. I have missed seeing “what I wear”! Thanks for sharing these recent shots! I have long thought we have similar height and body shape and appreciate seeing stylish clothes on “our” body type that fit this stage in life.;) thanks again!!

    2. Thanks for sharing! I love your style. I’ve been meaning to reach out to you and let you know that I’ve been doing barre since you shared more about it several months ago, and I love it so much! I stream workouts and do them at home, but I feel so graceful and strong. It reminds me of taking dance lessons when I was younger. I am thankful you are willing to share so much about yourself – you seem really peaceful and confident.

      1. Yay! I’m so glad you are enjoying Barre3. I have been doing barre for almost a year now and still love it just as much. And it makes me feel graceful and strong too :)

        My deepest longing is for quiet confidence so I truly appreciate you saying that is what you see in me! Thank you for that encouragement.

    3. You pick out the cutest outfits and I wear super similar things. I’m also a redhead so it’s fun to see :) That outfit number five … I wear something like that nearly every single day. It’s just me to a T. Love that central shirt on you.

    4. I love your culotte jeans! They are super stylish and look great on you. And don’t go any shorter in the shorts department. This length you’re wearing is super flattering and appropriate.

    5. I bought a pair of wide leg crop jeans from free people and love them as well. They are so comfortable but my husband hates them. Oh, well! I always love these post as I get good ideas or something new for my closet.

    6. Hi Emily!
      I’m so happy to see “What I’ve Been Wearing” again. It’s fun to get new ideas for different outfits- I always get stuck in a rut with my clothes. You’ve inspired me to try some new things- they all look so cute on you!
      I love the bandana, and I have a weird question- how did you tie it? I love the little twisty part on the top, and I couldn’t figure out how you did it. The only way I’ve ever worn one was to hold the two opposite corners, and roll the middle. Thanks so much!

      1. I folded mine a few times to get it to the width I wanted and then just tied in a knot up on the top. I tucked under the little ends so they didn’t stick out.

      1. not really :)

        food is just so complicated! We order our meals through Green Chef which we love (more coming on that later) and I work out doing barre + pilates a few times per week. Also, I just have a slender build and fast metabolism which is great for me but terrible for giving suggestions!

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