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What to Wear to Work Out

    Ryan and I went to the gym on Monday morning.

    It was packed.

    All us New-Year-Resolution-types who are determined that this is the year to get in shape! found ourselves working up a sweat next to one another.

    Our family joined the local YMCA last fall and I’ve been loving, loving, loving the barre classes. I skipped a few weeks during Christmas break, but I’m back at it (in fuller-than-normal classes) and ready to be consistent in this great year of 2016. I was a ballerina as a girl and can’t help but love the ballet-inspired workout I get in barre class. Plus, I come home sore in all the right places every time, so I know it’s doing something!

    Since going outside of my house to work out, I’ve realized that my workout wardrobe could use an update. There’s something about feeling cute while working out that makes you want to do it again (I know, ridiculous, but true. At least for me.) so investing a little bit into well-fitting, non-see-through, comfortable pieces feels worthwhile.

    I did some quick online shopping and found just what I’d like to wear to barre class:

    What To Wear to Barre Class / jones design company

    Seamless Tank: I like a tank to keep me cool, and while I don’t want skin-tight, it is nice to wear something more fitted to check your body for correct position. This seamless tank looks long (a big plus in my book) and flattering.

    Funnel-Neck Wrap Top: this looks like a great, easy top to throw on over leggings and a tank for warmth and coverage while coming and going from the gym

    Seamless Double Strap Bra: just a sweet nod to ballerina pink. And the double straps are cute in the back.

    Leggings: First of all, why are leggings go expensive? Second, I ordered these because they are currently on sale and also they claim to have blackout technology that allows you to bend with complete confidence. I like that.

    No-Slip Socks: I typically do class barefoot, but I’ve been wanting to try out socks and see if I like it better.

    I ordered a few of these pieces as well as a couple of other tops and I’m excited to see how they look in person and how having a few updated workout clothes inspires me to go to class.

    Do you have any favorite sources for fitness gear?

    25 thoughts on “What to Wear to Work Out”

    1. I love Old Navy’s compression capris and leggings; the Go-Dry style is my go-to. Their tanks are also nice – lightweight and long; the burnout styles are pretty see-through (I usually wear them under another layer) so FYI on that aspect.

    2. I love Athleta Plie pants for barre class. They’re super comfy & flattering, and the leg warmers are just fun. :-) I also really like the workout clothes I’ve ordered from Fabletics.

    3. Hey!! I saw you at the gym on Monday!! (Sorry if that sounds creepy!!) I didn’t want to intrude! But I LOVE the Y! It’s been a huge blessing for my family! I also love their barre classes. I’ve also found cute workout options at Marshalls. I still enjoy looking at Nike options as well.

    4. Emily,

      I love the Marika brand legging. Marshalls & TJ Maxx usually have them for $15.
      Most workout shirts I get at Kohl’s, they have a good selection at great prices.
      I would love to try a barre class when the class schedule works out for my schedule.
      For now I take other fun gym classes.

    5. I agree. When you do look cute in your workout clothes, you tend to have a better workout. Although pricey, I wear Lululemon and Athleta. I buy only a few pieces each year (hopefully on sale) and they wear well and last forever. If you’re going to put time into the gym making yourself feel good, make sure your workout clothes are comfortable. You owe it to yourself.

    6. I love Marshalls and TJ Maxx for workout clothes- especially the 90 Degree brand and RBX brands that you can find there. Nice leggings in long and Capri length with high waist for running so they stay up- very flattering and at 16.99 each you can buy two pairs! Also love Mondetta I think they are a Canadian brand.. Finally I love Athleta style but don’t buy much there because it’s a bit spendy.. In MN everyone usually has their favorite North Face or Mointain Hardware jacket to wear as their “warm up” :)

    7. I second Zella leggings/capris from Nordstrom! Love them WAY more than my $100 Lulu tights and capris! They are THE BEST. And anything from Athleta! Their return policy is awesome too. You can return anything at anytime for any reason, even after worn and washed!

    8. 1- Those socks!? Socks are required at my barre class and those look adorable. I would love to see what they look like on!

      2- Amen about expensive leggings–what the heck?! My favorites are a pair of Zellas from Nordstrom that have been worth every penny. Not see-through, and the waist comes just high enough to cover my mother-of-three-muffin-top.

      3- Love your style! Keep up the good work!

    9. I love Marshall’s for workout clothes because they have leggings that are great brands and on the cheap(er). Every pair I’ve purchased there seem to be quality pieces and so see-through problems!

    10. Just joined the YMCA in my town of Hartwell, GA, LOVED the yoga class and need new clothes other than my old walking sweats! Where can I buy the funnel neck wrap ?
      P.s. Always looking forward to YOUR blog!

    11. Did you order the wrap top? If so, I would LOVE to know if it’s nursing friendly. im not so concerned about modesty, but more if it’s practical and even able to nurse from the bottom.

      1. It seems like it would be great for nursing! I didn’t order it because it looks like it is shorter than I prefer (long torso and all). But reviews say it is a nice swingy fit which sounds great for nursing!

    12. I bought a couple pairs of lucy pants, and although they’re pricey, they do seem to be holding up pretty well. See more here: I wear these after exercise too. Otherwise, I find what I need in the Champion line available at Target. About VS products (mentioned by Ashley), I don’t think they’re as durable, but they are “light-blocking” which is important.

    13. Hey Emily,
      The Costco’s in Canada carry a 2 pack of black leggings (full length or capri’s) for $16.99. Completely black out, most comfy style I’ve ever worn. I danced as a kid too and am in my 3rd year of adult ballet classes and the pairs I bought 3 years ago are still going strong :)

    14. I’m curious about barre class — do you have to be pretty fit already to do it, or is it possible for a chubby gal to get in there and work it? Sounds like the only kind of class I’d actually like.

      1. Barre class is so wonderful (although I’m sure those who love cross fit or running or weightlifting, etc would say the same!). You don’t need to have prior ballet experience. You use the barre and use ballet positions and movements, but you really don’t ‘dance’, so do not be intimidated by that. Barre workouts use very small, isolated movements that work large and small muscle groups (think lots of repetitions of plies until your legs start shaking). You can go at your own pace and modify most exercises for your level. I highly encourage you to give it a try!

    15. I love lululemon but it is pricey. I also love nike and under armor, you can find them at Sports Authority. Athleta is great too!
      I too am a barre fan. I have been taking classes for over 10 years. It is my favorite form of exercise by far. It never gets old and it never loses its challenge.

    16. Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista

      This may sound silly, but I swear (I accidentally wrote sweat instead of swear – that would work too! ha!) by Victoria’s Secret workout clothes. Great quality and very flattering cuts. I love your picks as well though! I love anything that can double as workout and stop at the grocery store while looking presentable!

    17. Dont worry, if you’re really committed, it’s only about 6 weeks of mayhem before things get back to normal at the gym. Maybe another little rush before Spring break, but then you’re good to go. Kinda sad actually…but nice for the regulars! :)

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