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what I wore to allume

There are a few things to consider while packing for a conference across the country: 1. you have to fit it all in a suitcase and 2. you have to like what you bring because there are no other options.  I packed a couple of items that were worn more than once – this helped with the limited suitcase issue. And everything was comfortable and neutral so I could mix and match should I feel the need.


There’s no surprise that everthing is either gray, white or blue … seems to be a theme in my clothing choices.  I love layers and sweaters and jeans, which make up three out of four of the outfits.  Also, a J.Crew factory store just opened in our area and I hit the jackpot with my favorite classic-style clothes that were all on sale.

// DAY ONE //


chambray shirt // j. crew {on sale now}

sweater // j.crew factory

jeans // emerson fry {no longer available}

shoes // target


twirl necklace // London Reid

// DAY TWO //


cardigan // target {no longer available}

shirt // j.crew factory

jeans // emerson fry

shoes // target




shirt // j.crew {on sale now}

sweater // j.crew factory {no longer available}

skirt // j.crew factory

shoes // bcbg {no longer available}


necklace // j.crew factory

// DAY FOUR //


shirt // j.crew factory

jeans // hudson

belt // target

shoes // target


Not shown: slippers, pj pants and a well-loved tee that I put on immediately upon entering our hotel room each night. A girl can only wear heels for so many hours a day.

11 thoughts on “what I wore to allume”

  1. So polished and adorable!! Love day three … Wish we had a J. Crew outlet store…we only have the “full price” store by us.

  2. So my hubby and I have a date night fri in Savannah, Ga. First one in 5 months:/ Been eyeing the Blue Jcrew shirt for a while.. Wasn’t sure how it would fit but it looked fabulous on you! Hoping the same for me because I just purchased it! #envyyouhavejcrewoutletnearyou#onlineonlyforthisgaonlyl#canyouhastaginacomment#ohwelljsutdid:)

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