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what I wore this week

    There’s a thing in blogland called What I Wore – where you photograph your outfits and share them online. It’s weird. And feels super awkward. I’m not a fashion blogger, don’t wear designer clothes or even know how to pronounce half the brands anyway, but sometimes I like to jump on the WIW bandwagon. Here’s why:

    1. It keeps me motivated to put on a real outfit. If I know I’m taking a picture of myself, I’m more likely to put on something I feel good in.

    2. I run out of outfit ideas and love seeing outfit/accessory inspiration from other real women.

    So I share what I wore not because I think I’m an awesome dresser or have a unique or fabulous sense of style, but rather to encourage regular ladies to put on something you feel pretty in and get creative with what you already have. And also? I don’t wear designer clothes. I am a work-from-home mom who needs cute and easy and wearable and practical and washable and affordable. These are the types of clothes you’ll see me in.

    Alright, here we go. What I wore this week.

    // D A Y   O N E //


    She wanted in on the photo, but clearly was more mesmerized by her tongue than the camera. And how about that bedhead?!

    dotted tank: J.Crew Factory (similar) / jeans: Hudson bootcut / wedges: Target / bracelets: Noonday

    // D A Y   T W O //


    baseball sweater: J.Crew Factory / jeans: seven for all mankind (so old they don’t make them anymore)

    // D A Y   T H R E E //


    denim shirt: J.Crew / cropped jeans: Express / stripe ballet flats: Target

    Note to self: try to smile next time. You look mad. And have the kids come clean up their mess.

    // D A Y   F O U R //


    Just keeping things honest here. I wore this for half the day while I mopped my floors for the first time in about a month, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted and did domestic things like that.

    I changed into this before we ran out to do errands:


    t-shirt: Old Navy / cropped jeans: Express / belt: Target / flip flops: reef

    // D A Y   F I V E //


    shirt: TJ Maxx (similar) / pants: Banana Republic / wedges: Nordstrom

    // D A Y   S I X //


    This was yesterday. I felt terrible. But I hoped getting dressed would pull me through. It kinda worked, until about 3:00 and it was sweats and the couch for me.

    gingham shirt: Old Navy (similar) / jeans: Hudson Bootcut / wedges: DSW / belt: Target

    So there you go. May you feel inspired today to put on an outfit you feel cute in.

    24 thoughts on “what I wore this week”

    1. I have subscribed to your blog for a while now- but something about this post compelled me to comment- you mentioned that it seems weird and super awkward- but I loved this post about what you wore- I search Pinterest for outfit ideas to motivate me not to wear the same 3 outfits – I have a new baby and an older sibling- so it’s easy for me to just run on auto pilot. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and ideas. Please keep posting outfits and doing an amazing job with your blog. I love your style and your ideas- even if I haven’t commented before.

    2. yay! i love it when you do these posts. you have great taste, emily. i have a couple of things hanging in my closet that were inspired by you. :)

    3. I love these posts. It motivates me to try to be a little more interesting with my outfits. Although at the moment I’m blaming baby weight and nursing tops for my lack of variety! But inspirational nonetheless. Post more of these :)

    4. Absolutely loved them the outfits Day 4 (bottom outfit) and Day 6 were my favorites, prob b/c it is something I would wear. Just found you blog earlier this week and loving it. Looking forward to the next post :-)

    5. You are ADORABLE! Smiling or not—- just cute as proverbial pie! (And I do like me some pie!) Thanks for your bravery in posting. I am one of those people that takes photos of my finished knittery or sewing on my DRESS FORM. I am a coward. Embolden me and give me confidence I say! ;)

    6. You know, if I looked as good as you, I’d be posting what I wear every single day. Somehow, you make a simple t-shirt with jeans look good. And you’re a mom to many. You go girl!

    7. Thank you for this. What a gift. I am inspired! I love your honesty – coupled with the fact that your style is awesome! You are beautiful on the outside as on the inside – but what I love the most is the fact that you took the time to do this …. something hit a nerve on this one for me. I am a caregiver to my son and must be home for him – except on rare occasions when he is having a great day and I can take the time to do an errand (doctors appointment, post office, bank or pharmacy)… my life does not require me to dress for success… I think that if I tried – it may make me feel better both on the inside as well as on the outside. Thank you again!

    8. I have always thought you look so put together…even when you have on Casual clothes! Love your style! Wish I had that same knack! Clicked on several items & unfortunately all sold out

    9. Love when you do these post. Most of the fashion blogger’s out there wear such ridiculously priced pieces or things that are totally not realistic for a mom of three (that lives in North Georgia, not New York City). I am working mom, but we have quite a bit of casual days in the office. I always get great inspiration with your style and the way you put basic pieces together. I like how you put long term investment pieces (i.e. Hudson Jeans) with a trendy Target item. Love your blog – Keep up the great work! (And hope you’re feeling better)

      1. Thanks Shelley! That’s how I feel about most fashion blogs, too. Their outfits are amazing and totally on-trend, but not necessarily what I would wear for my lifestyle. I’m also not really that fashion-forward, so I tend to stick with classic pieces and maybe throw in a trendy item here and there. Glad to share inspiration!

    10. You look PRESH! It is amazing how just putting on something nice even for just around the house makes me feel soooo much better about myself. Love it when you do a WIW and agree that you should do it more often.

    11. Thanks so much for your post yesterday on working out! I asked you awhile ago about how you stay so slender, and I was so happy to see your post on exercising. :) Now for my next question: What do you do to maintain a happy, healthy marriage? How do you keep the romance alive? Any tips?? (Just a suggestion for a maybe a future post that many women out there could probably benefit from!) ;) Love your posts — keep ’em coming!


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