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evergreen wreath {tutorial}

    First off : thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes. You all are too kind and I feel grateful for such nice reader-friends.  By the way, did you know October 5 is the most common birthday in America? Go back 274 days {the average length of a pregnancy} and you’ll get New Year’s Eve. Apparently there is lots of celebrating {and lovin’} going on that night. So to all you fellow 10.05 birthday girls, happy birthday {one day late}.

    After seeing this amazing Nonna Wreath {as I affectionately call it}, many of you requested a tutorial. I’ll talk with the talented Nonna and see what we can come up with : stay tuned.


    But until then, how about a different wreath tutorial?


    This is one Nonna & I did this past weekend while she was putting together the flowers for a wedding.   So let’s get to it.

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: wire wreath form {this one is about 6 inches

    :: evergreen clippings {this is cedar}

    :: floral wire

    :: clippers

    STEP ONE: clip individual sprigs off of cedar branch


    STEP TWO: gather 3-4 sprigs and wire together



    You’ll need about 8-12 bundles for the wreath


    STEP THREE: wire onto wreath form




    STEP FIVE: secure with more wire


    Wrap wire around entire bundles to secure


    STEP SIX: secure ends by twisting and tucking into frame



    STEP SEVEN: add in extra sprigs to fill in holes


    You’ll want all of your branches to be going the same direction {this photo makes me laugh}


    and you are done.


    To embellish it a little more, you can add fresh flowers. 

    Shown here are roses, alstroemeria, calla lilies, bells of ireland.

    STEP ONE: gather a few stems



    STEP TWO: using floral tape, wrap the stems


    pulling gently as you wrap


    STEP THREE: trim ends


    STEP FOUR: tuck stems into wreath



    secure with floral wire, if needed.


    Add as many little bundles as you like.


    So pretty.

    You could use this wreath as a centerpiece for your holiday table or make it much larger to hang on a door.  Rather than flowers, add berries or wire in some pinecones for a cute nature-inspired look.  So many possibilities to embellish :

    Thanks Nonna for a gorgeous flower demonstration!

    14 thoughts on “evergreen wreath {tutorial}”

    1. Happy Belated Birthday! I was in the hospital delivering baby number 4 on 10-5-10. Hilarious to know that tidbit about New Year’s. There were so many women in L&D they had to keep moving people to different rooms. Now we know why!

    2. Mr. Goodwill Hunting

      I was blog hopping this morning and found my way here. Your blog has so much warmth and Im excited to have found ths piece of heaven. I will certainly keep reading to see what great things you have in store.

      Mr. Goodwill Hunting

    3. Both are beautiful…..and I’m glad someone asked for the Nonna wreath tutorial. Crossing my fingers she’ll do it. By the way, love your website!!!

    4. I really enjoy your blog. I only recently found it and had no idea what I had been missing. I have a dilemma today though. I have recently viewed a blog post, made a mental note to go back to it, then forgot which blog I was on. So, my question is have you recently posted a blog about a new rug in your kitchen? Thanks.

    5. so pretty! I love making arrangements at Xmas from our evergreen clippings in our yard. I have also found that if you want them to stay fresh longer than a day with fresh flowers woven in, it helps to put them in wet oasis. (for table arragements that is, not to hang) same idea as the tutiral, just cut the oasis to make a wreath shape and put on a round platter (i use a quiche dish) then stick the springs in the wet oasis. no need for wire and they will for several days). I usually put some pillar candles in the middle. As always, thanks for the beautiful inspiration. I made some of your flower pins to embelish one of my neices shoes and they turned out sooo pretty!! :)
      XO, Tessa

    6. Beautiful wreath! Would be so pretty for a fall wedding. This is sort of random and forgive me if you’ve already addressed this question in the past but where do you find all of Audrey’s pretty hair bows and bands? I think our girls are about the same age (my Lucy was born in February) and all the hair things I’ve seen are so gaudy but I love all the ones I’ve seen you use!

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