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gathered flower {tutorial}

    A few months ago my sister found a really cute burlap table runner with three fabric flowers on each end. She loved it, but didn’t really love the crazy-expensive price tag. So she asked me to re-create the flowers to attach to her handmade burlap table runner and this is what I came up with.

    gathered flower

    Here is what you’ll need:


    :: fabric {linen, canvas, wool, felt – something slightly sturdy}

    :: template {download here or at the bottom of post}

    :: scissors, needle, thread

    :: something pretty for the center {rhinestone, old brooch, a button}

    STEP ONE: print template and cut out petals


    There are two templates available for download: small and large. I used the small for this example and the large for the pillows. You can certainly adjust the size and shape to your liking and disregard the template altogether if you prefer.

    STEP TWO: cut petals


    I fold the fabric so that I only have to cut once.

    cut fabric

    You’ll need FOUR large petals and THREE small


    STEP THREE: gather the center of each petal


    Make a running stich through the center, then pull the thread taught, wrap it around the center a few times and make another stitch through the center. Knot it off and cut the thread.


    You’ll have this:


    all the petals

    STEP FOUR: stack the petals


    Start with the large,

    stack the petals

    then layer on the small.

    small petals on top

    STEP FIVE: stitch the petals together


    Just stitch back and forth through the center several times to secure the layers.

    STEP SIX: embellish the center


    a little dab of hot glue does the trick.


    This size is just right to attach to a headband



    And do you remember this cute flower pillow? It is part of this month’s giveaway {have you entered for a chance to win? You can do it here}. I made it out of felt then stitched directly onto the pillow.

    blue pillow

    If you would like to make a few of your own, please feel free to download my templates:

    small-gathered-flower-template large-gathered-flower-template


    Note: to make a fuller flower keep the center a bit wider than on the template.


    I hope you are enjoying flower week! Come back tomorrow for another great flower project.

    71 thoughts on “gathered flower {tutorial}”

    1. I just printed out your calendar and I’m now sure when you made the comment, but you indicated you had a minor meltdown, but that your husband might not consider it minor. It brought a thought to mind that it means you are not perfect, although your website indicates that to the contrary. But the important thing about not being perfect is that you do this, you wig out occasionally and unlike Martha (who I really do love) it means that you wont’ end up in jail. See, wigging out has it’s advantages.

      Just be you girl, clearly, we all need you to be just who you are. Perfectly capable of a meltdown. Perfect site. This place is so amazing, it hits all my right buttons, you know the creative ones where joy is found.

      Thanks for doing all of this. Trish

    2. Would you please tell me where you bought the large crystal looking things you glued to the center of the flower?. I can’t seems to find anything that looks quite right.

    3. Thank you so much for the flower tutorials : ) I’m new to your website and to crafting things myself, although I have always loved watching other folks make amazing things. I’m planning to make a bunch of flowers for the holidays (garlands, wreaths, gift bows, etc.). Again, a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to pass on the knowledge : )


    4. Emily~ Would you mind sharing the font you used at the top of the “gathered flower” tutorial? I believe I’ve seen you use it before, and it is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am a font lover and this one made my heart race. :)
      …and, as always, I LOVE the tutorial! Thanks for all the great ideas you share-
      I truly mean that. I go through my inbox hoping that I will see “emily” buried in the piles of cyber junk mail.

    5. I just made a pillow with one of these pillows on — I had my husband print out your template even bigger to fill a 14″ pillow and it turned out great! (I’m giving it tom my sister for her b-day) Thanks so much for the step by step tutorials you give. I really enjoyed flower week and am still working on trying all the great ideas.

    6. I know this may sound funny but I am working on redoing my bedroom. I want a earthy/romantic style room. My husband and I have all white furniture and I am looking to find a linen duvet or comforter the color of the burlap flower you made…any thoughts or suggestions on where I could find such a thing/or make? I am not even sure what to call that color…any help would be great! Thanks!

    7. This is my favorite! I’m getting married this year… I have a feeling these flower tutorials will come in handy in terms of bridesmaid gifts! :)

    8. I just made this flower last night, and I love it! I had everything on hand to make it, for once. I’ve been to “tight” to go and purchase a hot glue gun.

    9. LOVE the flowers! You have this not so crafty girl into a craft nut! Thanks for all that you do. :) Just wondering about the burlap runner–were the flowers attached at the end? And were there more than one? I would love a picture if you have it or is it linked somewhere else in your site? Thanks!

    10. Hi, Emily. These flower projects could not have come at a better time. For church, this weekend, I am supposed to make a big box to hold chocolates for moms, and I think the paper flowers are going to be absolutely gorgeous (if I can make them as well as you can). Also, I have two pieces of clothing that have needed embellishments for a long time – the cloth flower today is perfect. Thank you!!
      P.S. I mentioned you in my blog today, and then I had the thought, “Is that legal to do without permission?” So is it? I hope so.

    11. Absolutely LOVE this! You have the very BEST tutorials and design ideas! Thank you oh so much for sharing and I always look forward to your tutorials! I end up making everything and decorating my home…so I’m always excited when you show us how to recreate your amazing works! Thanks again!

    12. Emily thank you so much for a wonderful flower tutorial. I just printed off my templates. I love all of these flowers you are sharing with us. I’m in the middle of two projects for friends. Yesterday I finished a pillow with an appliqued bird with a crown and a pretty flower rosette. Today just by luck I’m making a burlap runner for another friend and wanted to add more than ribbon and a pin. I now know it will be a flowers instead. How wide do the small flowers measure when finished? Thanks again for these fabulous flowers. Can’t wait for tomorrow to get here. rj

    13. Wow!! I really loved yesterday’s flower, but today’s flower is wonderful too!! These tutorials are amazing. You are helping me make my home a prettier place. Thank you!! I can’t wait until tomorrow.

    14. thanks so much Emily for sharing these cute crafts with us! so fun and easy! i will have such fun making a few of these for my little one and friends!

    15. You’re so sweet to share all these with us! Thank you. I will make these for my daughter’s headbands…and some for me too!

    16. Oh my… the people at my local craft/fabric store are going to be so tired of seeing me in there after this week! I should just wait until this week of fab ideas is done so I can make just the one trip :D

    17. Supper cute! I wan’t to make the headbands for my girls. Can you let me know where you get the head bands to attach the flower to and what you use to attach them? Thank you so much for sharing!

    18. Totally want to make these!!!! I am making the paper wreath for a going away present for our Music teacher at the elementary school I work at… I want to make these and put them on a headband… How do you attach them to the headband??? Just hotglue? Or is that just stupid?!?!!?

    19. Love this! I saw the same runner and pillow and just knew there had to be an easy way to make them! Can’t wait!

    20. You have done it again!! {I think I say that every time!} These are delightful, as were the paper ones yesterday. I will be trying these for end- of -the- year teacher gifts and other ministry gifts as well.
      Thanks for always sharing with us!

    21. Must. Pace. Myself. You have soooo many amazing projects! I link back to your blog so often on my blog people might think I have a craft crush on you!! I might…don’t judge! haha! Thanks for this one! Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

    22. LOVING the beautiful teal flower pillow!! If my husband would allow, I’d flower-up all my pillows :)

    23. I love flower week. I made the paper flowers yesterday – had a little trouble with the pop out – but other than that great. Ready to try today. Wonderful.

    24. I’m SO glad you did this one today! I found a bag of fabric scraps last night…and my first thought was, I hope she does a flower with fabric tomorrow! Thanks for getting my mental message! :P Totally going to use the bright fabric to make some headbands for my girls! THanks!!

    25. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, so I’m making your flower things for my little girl’s teacher :) Can’t wait to see what you have for me the rest of the week!

    26. I think that these will be the perfect flowers to make into “corsages” for all of the moms coming to our Mother’s Day Brunch on Saturday. Thanks again for the inspiration to make life a little more beautiful and handmade :)

    27. Loving flower week thus far. My daughter (4 years-old) and I made some of your paper flowers yesterday and I thing I will attempt to make us headbands with today’s toot. Looking forward to tomorrow!

    28. ok, I just have to know: do you ever toss curse words around while sewing these cute things? I tried sewing some elastic on the inside of my duvet cover and my thread knotted up and it looked like a toddler did it. I am pretty sure a blind person could have done a much better job than I did. I love all your sewing projects but just wonder if I can pull it off without throwing the f-bomb around….

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