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rolled fabric flowers {tutorial}

    Perhaps you’ve seen this flower elsewhere : it is a popular one.  There are many different ways to roll and fold the fabric for different looks, but today I’ll show how I make these rolled fabric flowers.


    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: fabric

    :: scissors

    :: hot glue gun {you could also hand stitch if you prefer}

    STEP ONE: cut fabric into strip


    For this 2 1/2″ flower, the strip is 2 1/4″ x 28″

    I tear the fabric both for ease and because I like the frayed edges


    STEP TWO: fold strip in half


    STEP THREE: roll end into a ball for the center


    Add a dab of hot glue to hold securely

    STEP FOUR: twist and roll


    starting with the strip held straight, twist away from the center


    then roll around the center


    Did you get that? Twist away


    then roll.



    Every few twists you can add hot glue to hold


    Keep twisting and rolling to your desired size


    STEP FIVE: finish the back


    Leave a bit of fabric at the end so that you can flip it over the back


    add hot glue


    and trim the ends



    The back will look like that and the front looks like this:


    I attached a mini flower {and felt leaf} to a hair clip for the baby



    and added one to a piece of thin elastic for a dainty headband


    A bundled group of funky flowers makes a fun belt when pinned to a grosgrain ribbon.


    For this pillow I cut up an old shirt and used the material to hot glue a enormous flower to an existing pillow.


    I can’t decide if I’m in love, but it was super easy and a good mindless activity while the kids were out making mud pies in the back yard. You should have seen their muddy little bodies when they were finished. Oh my.



    So have you enjoyed flower week so far? I hope I’ve given you the inspiration and easy steps for making a few of these blossoms. I’ve heard from many that it is teacher appreciation week and a few of the flowers have been made for the sweet ladies who teach our kids. I’m sure they love receiving a hand-made gift! And, of course, we have Mother’s Day on Sunday and what mom doesn’t like a flower?!  So keep creating and I’ll be back tomorrow with one more flower tutorial.

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    3. I used your tutorial to make 83 fabric roses to put on a fake cake; If you reply to my email, I will send you a photo. Love how easy these were to make!

    4. great tutorial for the sweet fabric flowers. the large flower on the pillow looks beautiful. although this tutorial is from 2011 i have to say your little one is beautiful, precious & downright adorable. she has eyes that almost appear to b dancing. i know she’s older now but i’m sure those mesmerizing eyes are still the same enchanting eyes she had with that tutorial. never have commented on anything but i love the flowers & her happy eyes. enjoy her enjoy life penny

    5. Em, It’s Emily Carl. I have a question to ask you. Could you please email me? Thanks friend! I love all of your hard work and talent!!! I am so impressed!

    6. I LOVE these flowers and have been practicing on some scrap fabric I have. However my flowers are scrunchy, bulby, buds mre than your flat thin flowers. Any suggestions on how I can skinny them up? Thanks!

    7. I found your website on And I think I’ve fell in love with your cute and easy projects! You describe them great and I’m excited to try some in my free time this summer! Thanks again, this website is just amazing.

    8. Mine came out soo cute! I used an old scarf that belonged to my late grandmother. Now I still have the scarf but in another form that will last longer.

      Many Blessings,

    9. Emily I love your blog !!! When you made the flower on the pillow how much fabric did you use ? I would love to try this :)

    10. I so LOVE these flowers. I couldn’t wait to get home and find some fabric. I made three and had to share them on my blog – included a link for this tutorial. Thank you for sharing this!! :-)

    11. I LOVE the pillow! I love your tutorials as well! I am a ruffle, grosgrain ribbon, flower lover! All those things together make me one happy girl! SO this is a VERY happily read post! ; ) The belt is adorable!

    12. I’ve made these flowers for multiple projects including headbands for my niece but I can honestly say that I want that belt! :D So cute and such a great idea!

    13. i made a sweet bunch of three out of navy blue, light blue, and white t-shirt material and am just thinking of where they belong. thank you for such a great tutorial – you are just amazing!

    14. I gave this a link on my blog. It’s scheduled to post Monday, May 8 at 8am EST (tomorrow morning). These are such pretty and easy flowers. I had a lot of fun making them. Thanks again for the tutorial.

    15. YOU could sell these flower pillows, girl!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!! Question?? What type of fabric did you use on the gray one?? Happy Mother’s Day. . . . ..

    16. LOVE these… making some headbands for my girlfriends baby girl, I only have boys so I’m going crazy with all my friends babies!! :)

    17. Thank you for flower week!! I’ve been wanting to make rolled flowers for awhile and your tutorial made them seem not so complicated. :) I made 3 new hairbows for my little girl and the only reason I stopped was because I ran out of glue sticks!

    18. I love your belt and I really love the pillow! Thank you so much for flower week… this NW spring hasn’t nearly been sunny enough (I’m trying to be patient) but your blooms provide so much cheer!

    19. Hi Emily! Love all the flower tutorials! My son and I made some paper flowers for Teacher Appreciation week! Perfect timing! I just signed up for “Bloom” too, so I am excited to learn more in June!
      I have 2 questions for you:
      1) Will you be adding all the new tutorials you’ve done recently to your tutorials section? (ie, the woven pin board, all these sweet flowers, wire words, easter booklets, etc.)
      2) Could you tell me what paper stores are good around here? I am a local girl, from Bothell/Mill Creek, and I am looking for more specialty/fancy paper.

    20. Emily, you are the best. We made your paper flowers last night at a Girl Scout meeting and they were a HUGE hit. My 5 year old could keep them to herself, so she gave them to me last night for an early Mother’s Day. I’m off to make some for teachers. Thank you so much for the oodles of inspiration you provide.
      d e n i s e

    21. I absolutely love flower week, I have been dying to know how to make those rolled flowers! I am going to decorate a canvas bag for my mother for mother’s day with this method. Thanks so much!

    22. Simply gorgeous! I have been wanting to attempt a flower pillow- this one is great for a gal who is afraid of her sewing machine. :) Thanks for such a fun and inspiring week!

    23. LOVE flower week. My favorite so far is the rolled paper flower. Can’t stop making them out of scraps of paper at work!

    24. This week has been so much fun. I finished a few of the gathered flowers to put on the end of a runner and they came darling. I’m definitely going to make the buttons flowers for future centerpieces for a party. And before the month is out I’d like to try all of your great flower ideas. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Thank you so much for so much inspiration. You are a most creative and generous lady and so appreciated. rj

    25. My head is going to explode with all these ideas! I need a JoAnn’s closer to my home! I have seen this flower and have wanted to know how they are made for a while. I should have known you would come up with a tutorial for all your adoring fans soon! Thanks so much!!!!

    26. I love the fabric you used…I’m in the mood to take my rosettes to the “fabric” level. I’ve been using ribbon and it is getting a little pricey! I need to try that huge rosette pillow. Can you please let me know what type of fabric you used? I am new to the crafting world!!

    27. I truly like this series, the mustard yellow paper flowers on Monday were my fav. I find I am drawn to blog series, something about the anticipation of waiting for the next post, because in a series they always seems to get better. Great job thus far.

    28. I love all the tutorials that you’ve shared! I made the paper flowers with my boys for teacher appreciation week! I plan on trying more of these. Thank you!

    29. I am so inspired by all the flowers this week. My third grade class will be doing a Mothers Day project today with one of your flower tutorials. The kids and I are excited.

    30. I have loved every flower tutorial this week so far! I have tried two of them and am really looking forward to sharing them with my daughter’s teacher and my mom for mother’s day. You are so creative and I am so thrilled that you take the time to share with us. Can’t wait for tomorrow :) Thanks!

    31. Thanks for all the flowers!

      Quick question, if you happen to have a moment to answer – Where is that map from? I love it! And I’m in the market for a big map to frame. I love the coloring on yours. Thank you!

      1. The map is a piece of paper! It is by cavallini & co and I bought it for $4.95 at my paper store. Try googling and you should be able to find one online

    32. I’ve been busy making these flowers for the last two days for mothers day magnet gifts :) Love the pillow!

    33. That pillow is awesome! What material did you use? It almost looked like jersey! I might be inspired to use my large gray old tshirt collection to redo some of my pillows!

    34. This is so wonderful! I’ve been wanting to make these rolled fabric flowers…and I was hoping you’d do a tutorial soon. I always feel like a can trust a good tutorial from you, they are alwasy so helpful and easy to understand! The rolled paper flowers are absolutey wonderful, I’ve been addicted to making them all week. My house now has two new bouquets in vases that I love to keep out all the time, and now I can keep flowers in them that won’t wilt! Thanks for doing this, Emily!

    35. I have enjoyed ALL of your tutorials SO MUCH!! Thank you for sharing!! I have made ALOT of flowers over the past week based off your tutorials and have had SO much fun doing them!=) In fact, my mom and sister are both receving flower pins as part of their Mother’s Day happies…and may just have to make them both a fabric flower pin, too!!
      Thank you so much again for sharing and have a blessed day and Mother’s Day!!!!!

    36. Love this one too. I make these out of lightweight denim and my daughter loves wearing them in her hair when she wears jeans. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow!

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