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kevin’s salsa

    My uncle Kevin was a chef for much of his adulthood. He specialized in things like gran marnier injected chocolate-dipped strawberries {pure heaven} and the best parmesan chicken you’ve ever tasted.

    But his most beloved recipe of all {at least in our family} is his salsa.

    Uncle Kevin was diagnosed with ALS {also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease} my freshman year of college. The disease progressed quickly and it resulted in the loss of muscle control, speech and ultimately his life just a few years later.  It was a very hard time in my close-knit family’s life, but probably one of the most amazing as well. The ways Kevin used his illness to impact others in life-changing ways was so encouraging to watch.  He made a difference while he was here and we miss him terribly, but rejoice in knowing we will meet up again someday soon.

    One way I like to remember him is to make his delicious salsa. I love it on fish tacos, but it also is a great dish to take to a party or a summer-day snack with tortilla chips.

    kevins salsa

    salsa ingredients


    1 small head of cabbage

    1 bunch of cilantro

    3-4 roma tomatoes

    1 small onion

    1 lime

    lawry’s or johnny’s seasoning salt


    finely chop cabbage, onion, and tomatoes and add to large bowl. Strip cilantro leaves from stems and finely chop, then add to bowl. Add the juice of one lime and generously season with seasoning salt.

    How easy is that.  {I sound like Ina Garten – another fave}

    You could also chop it all in a food processor, but it does create a less chunky salsa. 

    finished salsa

    salsa on a chip


    I am by no means a food expert or even a good chef, but I can make this one every time without fail : I hope you try it!

    45 thoughts on “kevin’s salsa”

    1. i just made this with tomatoes and red onion from our garden! SO GOOD! i decided to make fish tacos for dinner and will top them with this! yum!
      thanks for the great recipe! :)

    2. This is wonderful! I just made it to go with our dinner tonight and I can’t stop eating it! Would it be ok to share the recipe and a link back to you on my blog?

    3. My brother in law is on a salsa making spree right now (I think like 3 weeks straight..) so I’ll have to share this with him and convince him to make it. YUM!

    4. Made is 5 minutes ago and LOVED it!! I added some little avocado chunks because I love avocado and it was a wonderful addition. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    5. This recipe sounds amazing ~ I’m so excited to give it a try with fish tacos! How long does the salsa last, if kept in the fridge? Is it best to eat right away, or is it still good after a day or two? Thanks for sharing!

    6. Cabbage?! Who’d have thunk it? But I think it would be great! When I make homemade pico de gallo, I add chopped carrots as a salute to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants that closed down years ago. Love the extra crunch, and it helps dilute the heat.

      Thanks for sharing — I love hearing memories of loved ones (and their recipes) who are gone.

    7. Can’t wait to try this salsa in honor of your Uncle Kevin. My wonderful brother Steve died of ALS 4 years ago after a 5 year battle. my friends and I have been participating in the ALS “run for the cure” each year in his honor.
      thank you.

    8. Thanks for sharing this recipe! We are having a birthday party Sunday with a Taco Salad bar and I think I will serve this as our appetizer :) I love your blog, by the way!

    9. It sounds and looks delish. I’ve never made salsa with cabbage in it before. What a wonderful twist. I’ve been making fresh salsa using the wonderful tomatoes from our garden. But. next time I’ll try this recipe. Hugs

    10. Interesting recipe for salsa with cabbage! Will have to give it a try. I’m sorry about your uncle. My mother died 10 years ago, not from ALS, but something very similar to it. Was agonizing to see her decline, but I know she is in a better place now.

    11. It’s beautiful that you remember your uncle in this way. I’ve never heard of salsa with cabbage – what an unexpected ingredient! Thanks for sharing.

    12. Special recipe. I am one of those that ties food to memories, and family. Food is also an art form in my humble opinion.
      Also….everytime you make Uncle Kevins salsa….you think of him and celebrate his life. At that moment, he is with you and lives on. :)
      Sweet. Thanks for the great recipe too!! As everyone before me…I think cabbage is a great ingredient to add.

    13. This looks so good! Thanks for sharing! Do you have a favorite fish taco recipe? I’ve been looking for one and haven’t found one. :)

    14. What a beautiful story. I will def try the recipe. Soon. I have had salsa on cabbage in fish tacos, but I haven’t ever had cabbage in my salsa. I can’t wait to try it! Thanks!

    15. I am thinking that would make an amazing base for a ceviche… just add shrimp, crab or lobster and some yummy avocado. Gonna have to try this one! Nice and fresh and HEALTHY! :)

    16. What a wonderful way to remember your Uncle. I lost mine in May to cancer:(. I can’t wait to try it….I never knew you could use cabbage!



    17. Emily,
      This is PERFECT for our summer fresh laundry dinners…2 days of stir fry with another day of Uncle Kevins salsa and halibut! How healthy can life be? I promise to share uncle Kevin’s salsa and his memory!
      The best of love to you and your sweet family!
      P.S. Did I tell you that Holland Grace has auburn hair? It’s beautiful! If it stays, it’s a total suprise gift from God. When she grows up, I can only hope her hair is as pretty as yours!

    18. Little do you know that God wanted you to post this exact story today. I lost my aunt (only 58) on Sunday and her funeral is today in a few hours. This is such a wonderful reminder to celebrate her life and not to be overwhelmed by grief. Thank you.

    19. Thank you so much for this recipe. My favorite taqueria in the entire US has had to stop having pico de gallo on their salsa bar because the price of tomatoes has sky rocked. They have substituted cabbage salsa and I love it so much I make an absolute spectacle of myself refilling my little bowl. I was longing to make it at home! The only thing I will add to this recipe is jalapenos. Ole!

      Love, love, love your blog.

    20. Oh my yum, I’ve never had cabbage in salsa. I NEED to try this. One way my now husband won me over before we were dating was by bringing me some homemade salsa. Just get me a straw.

    21. Yum!! I’m a salsa addict. My hubs and I recently moved to Birmingham from Texas and I miss my Tex-Mex sooo badly I’ve resorted to making and canning my own hotter than hot salsa! Ole!

      Can’t wait to give this a go, looks delish!

    22. That recipe sounds amazing and thanks for sharing about Kevin. My mother died from ALS 8 yrs. ago so I have been down that road. She was the inspiration for my love of all things food! :)

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