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raspberry jam + printable labels {oldie but goodie}

    {originally posted 07.11.11 but a good one to revisit}

    I’ve been wanting to make homemade jam for a few years, but was intimidated by the intense process of preparing the jars, boiling the liquid, timing everything just right.

    But last weekend my Aunt Laura eased my fears and clued me in to the quick and easy way to make berry jam : freezer jam. Since raspberries are perfectly in season, I decided to give it a try. If you have never made jam before, let me encourage you : it is super easy.

    freezer jam

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    freezer jam ingredients

    :: 6 cups of fresh raspberries {about 5 6oz baskets}

    :: 5 1/4 cups sugar

    :: 3/4 cup water

    :: 1 box of Sure Jell Fruit Pectin

    ::8 half pint mason jars

    The actual recipe I used is right here, but I’ll walk you though the steps below.

    STEP ONE: rinse jars in boiling water and dry thoroughly

    rinse jars

    STEP TWO: measure 6 cups of ripe raspberries and mash

    mash raspberries

    raspberries are mushed

    STEP THREE: strain seeds

    strain the seeds

    I didn’t have much patience for the straining process, so I gave up after a few sieve-fulls, but you can remove as many seeds as you wish.

    STEP FOUR: add sugar to berries

    add sugar

    stir in sugar

    It is a lot of sugar, but from what I read, the sugar acts as a preservative for the berries so you can’t skimp. If you’d like a sugar free version, Sure Jell sells a no-sugar-needed pectin.

    While the sugar is dissolving in the berries :

    STEP FIVE: add the fruit pectin to water and bring to a boil

    sure jell

    Stir constantly and allow to boil for one minute.


    STEP SIX: Add pectin to berry mixture and stir for three minutes

    add pectin to raspberries

    STEP SEVEN: pour jam into prepared jars and seal tightly

    pour into jars

    Allow the jam to sit out for 24 hours, then it is ready to eat. You can store an opened container in the refrigerator for up to three weeks and in the freezer for one year.

    jars of raspberry jam

    I had a fun time decorating my jars of jam using scraps of fabric, bakers twine {from here}, flax colored yarn, houndstooth & dotted papers from my printable paper collection, and a faux raspberry from the craft store.

    What special gifts these will make {maybe with some fisher scone mix? Yum}.

    jam collage

    I created two different labels that you are welcome to download and print {join the archive below}.

    raspberry jam full label raspberry-jam-round

    And just in case you are making strawberry jam, here are labels for that:

    strawberry jam full label strawberry jam round


    Just to show you behind the scenes while I’m doing craft projects, here is what my office looked like while I was embellishing my jam jars. What a mess!

    what a mess

    14 thoughts on “raspberry jam + printable labels {oldie but goodie}”

    1. My husbands family always has freezer jam waiting for me in the freezer when I come to visit, and they make it the same way! I love it!!! I totally recommend peach and blueberry. They’re my favorite!

    2. Yum! That looks delicious.

      I got a new email, and I forgot to subscribe to your site again – I’ve been missing it! You’re always so inspiring. Thank you for keeping it up :)

    3. EMILY! You have no idea how religiously I studied this recipe you shared last summer to make sure my batch of strawberry jam turned out. I had tried it before and ended up with rock hard jam. I mean, you couldn’t get an ice pick through it if you tried. Thanks to you, my second attempt was successful. And maybe I was just a teensy bit proud. :)

      I owe you.

    4. You are too sweet to include the free download! I make tons of strawberry jam every summer and then save them to give away as neighbor gifts/pick-me-ups/holiday treats. Also, I just received a couple of your prints and I love them! (PLAY and family rules) Thank you!

    5. Love this post! Jam is one of my favorite things to make. I now make jam with a bit of honey. To cut back on the sugar content. Plus its healthier. :)

    6. I made raspberry jam based on the original post from last year just the other day with my daughter. I was so happily surprised when I saw you had reposted this. Great minds think a like. I really enjoy your blog and just signed up for your monthly printables in July. I have loved them. Thank you.

    7. Love raspberry jam! Thanks for posting that last photo…I make cards and no matter how well intentioned to keep my supplies neatly controlled I end up with a mess like you showed. Paper crafting is by nature messy I have decided. But the results are lovely like your jars!

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