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the next big thing in desserts

    I was informed yesterday by my father-in-law that the trendy cupcake is so out and the next big thing in the dessert world is … wait for it … the mug cake.

    cake in a mug

    Maybe it’s not that new … but it’s new to me. You bake a cake in a mug. In the microwave. And it takes about 5 minutes. Why was this not invented sooner?!!

    The whole bake-a-cake-in-a-mug thing is new to me, but I’ve been eying these pretty desserts in jars for a while. I suppose it’s the same thing, but just presented differently.

    lemon coconut cupcake in a jar

    The girls at oh so very pretty {a new favorite blog} share this recipe for lemon coconut cupcakes as well as one for carrot cake {below}. I want to make both immediately.

    carrot cake in a jar

    Another favorite blogger, Kasey Buick, makes these fancy cheesecakes {with chevre and coconut milk, no less!} in petite jars.

    cheesecake in a jar

    If you are looking for a cute dessert to make for a party or shower or dinner with friends, perhaps what you need is a mug cake.

    Thanks, Bob, for keeping me in the know.

    18 thoughts on “the next big thing in desserts”

    1. these look so yummy, i will google the recipe immediately! i don’t like the pop up to sign up for notifications via email, i already do and i just don’t like pop ups. i think we can all see it on the side bar and at the end of every post. hope this doesn’t sound harsh and i’m sure there is some marketing research that shows this is effective or whatevs but i hope not all blogs start this.

    2. I have been making cakes in jars for years… but there is nothing my husband loves more when he is deployed!! I make just regular box cakes in mason jars, put the lids on right out of the oven so that they seal, and they magically turn into the most amazing cakes EVER. Plus, they will last for several months, so, they are great for shipping overseas! It is neat to see that they are the new “thing” now!

    3. I would agree that these are the new trendy make at home dessert; however, I think the hot dessert of the hour are doughnuts doughnuts doughnuts! Yum!

    4. Hahahaha I read it wrong at first. I thought you said “your trendy father-in-law” and I had to stop and say… “What???” Bob – trendy? Well, I guess so really – at least on the topic of cupcakes. Way to go Bob! : ) Hi to the fam!

    5. What are f-i-l’s for if not to educate you on the latest entertainment trends. I made red velvet cakes in mason jars for a party at my house a month ago and everyone raved over them. They were so simple, already portioned, and they looked pretty!

    6. Do you have the recipe for the mug cake? Please please please post it! Because I have a little cup at home that I never use. Thanks before :)

      1. This one was just a photo I found on google images – no recipe attached. But I’m sure you can search around and find a recipe you like for a chocolate mug cake!

    7. Love these. Your father-in-law is so cutting edge!
      I might have to whip one of these up for myself. You know, just to test. For quality control purposes.

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