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we’re making crepes

    Saturday morning breakfasts are a tradition in our household and our most favorite of all breakfast treats are crepes {or swedish pancakes}. Thin, buttery and easy to make.

    FYI: I just looked up the difference between crepes and swedish pancakes and it turns out there is a difference.  Crepes are thinner and can be sweet or savory; swedish pancakes are only sweet. So apparently, what we’re actually making are:

    Start by melting the butter in a large pyrex measuring cup and whisk in the milk, eggs and vanilla.

    Next, slowly add the dry ingredients, whisking to combine and smoothing any lumps. You may notice flecks of melted butter – that’s okay.

    While mixing the batter, melt butter in saute pan over medium heat {I use two pans to make the pancake making faster}.

    Pour a small amount of batter into hot pan

    and swirl to thin and spread around the pan.

    After a minute or so, gently flip and cook another 30 seconds.

    Stack them up and keep heated in a warmed oven. Or just eat them as you cook them.

    Top them with maple syrup, jam, fresh fruit, whipped cream, lemon juice & powdered sugar, or a combination of all.

    Guess what day we ate these?

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    1. I made these for the first time and they turned out great. So easy to make and I wiill make them again quite offend. Loved then!!!!!

    2. Made these tonight and they were delish! I was hesitant about trying them since most of my Pinterest tries are flops! Definitely making them again! Thanks.

    3. Looking delicious! Definitely will try this recipe for Monday breakfast, but do you have advice of choosing a delicious maple syrup? thank you for sharing :)

      Cindy from
      Writing about college life, interior design, food, and inspiration.

    4. I have always wanted to try making creeps but was always afraid too! I decided to bite the bullet tonight & tried your recipe and they turned out amazing! My oldest daughter sat on the counter while I was making them and with each flip of the crepe she would say oh mommy they’re beautiful. I filled some with Nutella and others with cooked apples…they were both so good I don’t know which was my favorite! Thank you for sharing such a great recipe, my hubby thanks you too! He & my oldest daughter loved them!

    5. Just made this for Sunday breakfast! So yummy! I replaced the milk with coconut milk bc we have a dairy allergy in our house. Still super tasty – you couldn’t even tell! Thanks Emily!

    6. I used to buy Trader Joes Sedish Pancake mix until they stopped selling it. I’ve tried many recipes to no avail but these were PERFECT! I am so thankful you posted this recipe, we had them for dinner…triple yum!!!! So simple too.

    7. My mom used to make these for us girls as we were growing up. Seeing as we are German they were called “German Pancakes”. My favorite way to eat them is with strawberry jam and powdered sugar sprinkled over the top! Yum!

    8. YUM!!!! I read this blog post yesterday and decided to make these for breakfast. My kids were a little hesitant, but this recipe won them over

      Loved them with pure maple syrup and walnuts!

      Thank you for helping us start our morning with a non-cereal option! You rock!

    9. BEST way to have these is with a stripe of sour cream (I suppose you could also try Greek yogurt) and brown sugar sprinkled over that. Breakfast sausage crumbles are a bonus. Roll it into a log and drizzle syrup over it lightly–and YUM!! I think this is perfect inspiration for our supper tonight! :)

    10. First of all, I really enjoy your blog – I usually just lurk – this is my first time commenting :) I have never had these before and they looked like they would be a perfect breakfast for my son, who just had his wisdom teeth out. They were a snap to make and SO good. We sampled them with various jams and had to try the hazelnut spread. What a treat!!! These are definitely a keeper – I think we have a new weekend tradition here, and it’s something I look forward to sharing with my brothers and their families when they are here for the holidays. Thank you so much for sharing!

    11. Awww! This brought back sweet memories! My mom often made these for supper and we would eat them with strawberries and whipped cream. Funny…my family is Swedish, have lived there, and now my parents are living back there again, and I had no idea there was a difference between crepes and Swedish pancakes! Lol!
      I think I’m gonna have to whip up a batch of these and introduce them to my own little family!

    12. I’ve been eating Swedish Pancakes all my life. My mom used to make them for us and I make them now for my family. We often eat them for dinner as it takes so long to cook. Some of our favorite fillings are: jam (the standard), peanut butter, yogurt and fresh raspberries, nutella, chocolate peanut butter, raspberry cream filling and ganache (if we happen to have some left over) for a more dessert-ish treat. Yum! That’s fun that your family has the same tradition. { It’s rare to hear someone talk about Swedish Pancakes.}

    13. This post conjured up so many memories. As a Swede, I didn’t know what crepes were until high school and then was offended when my friends tried to tell me that I ate crepes rather than Swedish pancakes. My mom would make them for us every Friday morning before school. It was a wonderful tradition that I hope to carry on. Thank you for conjuring up so many fun memories for me.

      Also, try them with peanut butter and maple syrup. You’ll thank me later.

    14. Yummy! We have them Christmas morning. William Sonoma sells a great batter. Cream cheese and sour cream mixed together make a delicious filling!

    15. Another trick to keep them from getting soggy, layer them with a paper towel or clean dish towels in between. This will absorb any of the moisture that remains and give you nice firm crepes instead of mushy floppy cakes.

    16. I make crepes all the time! Love them! This is the recipe I use, too. I make dinner crepes, same recipe, but fill them with scrambled egg combinations: eggs, potatoes and cheese or eggs and sausage/bacon, etc. I love savory crepes I’ve been meaning to try chicken spinach crepes for a while, as well. Breakfast crepes usually are just folded twice and dabbed with butters then sprinkled with powdered sugar….or eaten right off the pan!

      After we have our dinner crepes, I make more for dessert. Right after taking them off the pan, I sprinkle a few chocolate chips on one edge, smear on some peanut butter and add some sliced banana. Yum!! This is our favorite filling, but we’ll also do berries.

      You can add a few tablespoons of Dutch cocoa for chocolate crepes, which work well for anytime! (I’ve made these savory, too!)

    17. Ohhhh, those look sooo yummy {and festive!}. Mmmmmm.
      Our family has been making Swedish pancakes longer than I have been a member of the family. Our recipe is a little bit more free-form, and doesn’t include butter in the mix. The rule of thumb is same number of eggs as there are “eaters,” one cup of milk per egg + one cup. {six eggs, seven cups of milk} vanilla to taste, 1/2 tsp {ish} of lemon juice and powdered sugar {which dissolves better than granulated}. The tricky part of the recipe is the flour, which we sift in gradually until it makes a “thin gravy.”
      A favorite in our house is syrup, butter and cinnamon sugar. We roll ours up, top with whipped cream and they disappear pretty fast.
      Our kids love to share this part of our family tradition with their friends… and it keeps us busy busy in the morning!

    18. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! I just purchased a crepe pan on vacation this week and am so excited to put it to use! My husband and I celebrate what we like to call “Crepe Sunday” every Sunday. We make crepes, fill them with my homemade apricot jam, eat the crepes and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever the heck we want. Needless to say, we love Crepe Sunday.
      Can’t wait to try your recipe!

    19. Awwww, Swedish pancakes are the best! My husband learned to make them from his mom, who learned from her Swedish father. We always have them on Christmas morning and always on birthdays too. We love them with butter and granulated sugar sprinkled on, which sounds strange until you try it! Or, for truly authentic taste … Felix brand lingonberry jam. Yum!

      Even when my husband became allergic to eggs, milk and wheat, he still made them for everyone else! That’s true love. :) Fortunately, after 3 years of avoiding those offending foods and sugar, his gut is healing and he can eat those things again in moderation!

    20. Since we are of Dutch heritage these would be Dutch pancakes aka Oma pancakes in our home! A couple of months ago our daughter’s soccer team rented an estate in Malibu for a beach tournament…my husband and I made these for 30+ soccer players and parents. We had so much fun piling on berries and introducing the girls to homemade whipped cream and Dutch Chocolate sprinkles aka Hagelslag. Great memories we create around food!

    21. These look wonderful and delicious! I have been wanting to try my hand at making crepes for awhile now and I think this has just inspired me to go for it!

    22. I love Sweedish Pancakes! I usually make my batter in the blender, that way it’s super smooth! Lemon juice and powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar are our favorite toppings!

    23. We love swedish pancakes Рpretty identical recipe. Tack s̴ mycket!! One of the few things I can say in swedish!

    24. You have made a family favorite we have shared for generations :) Served with homemade strawberry preserves and powdered sugar is our favorite.

    25. Yeay for crepes, although you are right these are the Swedish version. Growing up not-in-US crepes were a standard, although usually as a dessert both savory and sweet.

      The crepe recipe doesn’t have sugar or vanilla, and on top of milk you would also add bubbly water (soda water). Biggest problem with crepes is sticking, and there are special pans to make them in. My mom calls them “gypsy” pans, because they they are made from cast iron (but not so thick that you cannot flip the crepe with one hand). I managed to find them at Bed, Bath & Beyond and they work like a charm.

    26. Looks delicious, and your blog always looks so beautiful. You have the best content. I made a little banner for the 4th of July inspired by your paint chip banner you made for the shower in the park. It’s posted right now if you want to see just a little bit how you inspired me! Hope you enjoy your day!

    27. I love that you’re not making them in non-stick pans! We got rid of all our non-stick when they started flaking and I haven’t had the guts to try crepes in my normal pans. I might give it a try!

    28. These are a family tradition from my side, only we call them Shrove Tuesdays and serve them w/ powdered sugar and lemon juice. I love that my little girls now request them every weekend just like I did growing up.

    29. we love crepes…aren’t they so fun to make?!?! :)

      we like to fill them with a sweetened cream cheese mixture (i add a little powdered sugar & fruit sauce to the cream cheese) and top them with a fresh fruit sauce…usually strawberry or peach :) nutella is another favorite!

      and in high school, my french teacher (who introduced me to crepes) would soak chocolate chip cookies in milk, wrap two of them in a crepe with whipped cream and then top with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. indulgent & surprisingly delicious!

    30. These look delicious! I’ve never attempted crepes, just stuck to pancakes. My family may be in for a treat this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

    31. I haven’t thought of crepes in years! As a teenager, we visited The Magic Pan in Atlanta, and I was smitten with them. Sadly, the restaurant is gone,but I made many a crepe for my friends and myself through college. We used to sweeten sour cream with a dose of brown sugar and use that with fresh strawberries as the filling. Thanks for a sweet reminder of a delicious treat!

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