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a special day at the american girl doll store


Audrey turned 5 last week. Every parent throughout history has asked the same question when their baby turns a year older: how did that go so fast? And you can add me into that group. She is our baby and the fact that she just turned five only reiterates the fact that she’s no longer a baby.

I will say that I love the ages of our kids right now (11, 9, 7, 5). They are independent, but not pushing too many limits, able to buckle themselves in the car and generally fun to be around.  We’re sitting in a sweet spot and doing our best to enjoy these days.

Okay, but that’s not what I was going to talk about today.

For Audrey’s birthday, we went shopping for her first American Girl doll. We’ve waited until she was old enough to care for a special doll and a little more interested. A few of her friends have these dolls and her cousins are crazy for all things American Girl, so she was ready and excited to pick out her special birthday gift.


Did you know you can reserve a personal shopper to show you around and help you pick a doll? It was the best thing ever.  My mom and cutie niece Hadley (who is only 2 months younger than Audrey, but so much tinier!) met us at the American Girl Doll store and we took about an hour shopping around. Our sweet personal shopper, Briana, walked us from doll to doll giving little snippets about each of them and helped Audrey pick out her top three.


Once she had her top three dolls chosen, they were set out and Briana helped her make her final decision (with just a little bit of input from my mom who was really hoping she would choose a certain one). It was so much easier having someone guide the decisions and be quick with the process.

And her final decision was: Grace! The girl of the year.


Grace likes baking and has a cute puppy named BonBon and Audrey was sold.

I really love the way the company shows different girls, their histories and stories. Plus, the clothes and accessories are so fun.

After Grace joined our family, we had a little lunch at the American Girl Doll bistro.


The food was less than fabulous, but the experience was sweet and the girls loved having a birthday luncheon with their dolls.




I adore having boys, but it sure was fun having a special day with our girl.


And also? The American Girl Doll store bathroom tile is really cute.


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  1. We do same thing at the girls 7th birthday! They get a day alone with Mom and Dad, get their girl, have lunch, a picture in the throne and all the pomp and circumstance! We don’t even let them visit the store till they get their special visit so it’s more magical (we’re over an hour away in Silverdale so that’s not too hard!). Ellie is only 4 and she already pours over the catalog trying to decide which girl she will pick she’s our 4th girl and my last baby I think I will cry when her turn comes! (Pro Tip, they don’t mark sales at the AG store but if you ask any of the associates they can show you, there is usually at least an outfit or two if not something bigger on sale!)

  2. What a sweet afternoon out! I’m sure she was thrilled with the whole day. We haven’t made the pilgrimage for our first AG doll yet but went to a fun Christmas event there. You’re right, their service and execution on the fun experience makes the whole store!

  3. I too have 3 boys and a girl, and they are all similar ages to yours..It really is a nice stage of life that we’re in:) We did the AG store for my daughter’s last birthday, and she had such a great time. She also had her cousin (and grandma) there with her and we did the tea party for lunch. Such great memories!

  4. oh Emily, this is just so precious! I love the personal shopper, and this is something Audrey will never forget! When my daughter turned 7 (she is 24 now

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