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simplified graphic design illustrator for beginners

The Simplified Graphic Design Class that I teach is open.

Registration is Now Open for Beginning Graphic Design. Learn how to use Adobe Illustrator!

I created the online course just over a year ago and so far over 2100 students have joined on the mission to conquer Adobe Illustrator whether they had prior experience or not.


The whole reason for offering this course is to empower others who are not necessarily professional graphic designers, but still want to use and understand the best tools to create with.

I’ve been told my teaching style is fast, thorough and simple to follow, which feels like a huge compliment. No one has time for over-explaining and feeling more confused at the end of a lesson!

Our students are so kind and here are a few things they have to say about the Simplified Graphic Design course:

“I dove into Ai blind with NO notes and having just watched the course one complete time through and GIRL I did it! I created the cutest stinkin’ invitation ev-ahhhhh!! That just goes to show how well of a job you did in the class explaining!!” – Gretchen

“I have been searching for a tutorial for this program but none of them seemed like what I needed or seemed like too much detail for beginners or flat out too much $$$ to access them. I was happy to find you offer this class for a reasonable price since I can access it for forever!” – Sharon

“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge! I have actually taken 2 classes on photoshop and illustrator and I just learn things from you that were never even taught in those classes because they were so artistic focused. Thank you again!” – Courtney

“I want to tell you, that you are a very good teacher- You are very clear and easy to follow. I really appreciate the work you put into making this short course available. You are very talented in design and teaching! Thank you for putting your work out to the world so I can reap the benefits:) Thank you!” – Mary Ellen

“You have NO idea how excited I am to learn this! How I was designing was time consuming…thank you for teaching me the right way!! ; )” – Teresa

“I just finished the course and I LOVED it. I can’t wait to take the next one. I went in knowing nothing about Illustrator and now I feel confident I can do a lot of the things I’ve been wanting to do. You did an awesome job teaching this course! You are such a gifted teacher. :)” – Rachel


See? So kind.

If you’ve been thinking about taking a graphic design class …

if you need graphics for your business and would love to know how to create them yourself …

if you’d like a hobby that will enable you to make all sorts of cute things …

if you need someone to walk you through the basics of Illustrator …

Simplified Graphic Design is totally for you.

Simplified Graphic Design: Illustrator for Beginners / and online class from jones design company

Already completed the first course? You’re in luck! The class is always being updated to reflect current projects and techniques in graphic design.



Before you begin, you’ll need a few things: a computer, an internet connection and the Adobe Illustrator software.

The majority of questions I get from students thinking about signing up for the class are about the software, so let’s chat for a second and hopefully answer any questions you might have.


Adobe provides their products exclusively through a subscription service called Creative Cloud.

I love that the programs are offered on a monthly basis because it makes them accessible. Previously, you had to purchase the software for hundreds of dollars and upgrade every time they came out with an update. Now, you pay a small monthly fee for full access and all future updates are included. They allow you to subscribe to just one app (like Illustrator) or the entire suite which includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Acrobat, etc.

Installation is very easy. Once you sign up for Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service, you’ll download the software straight to your computer by following the prompts. It is quick and easy.


Yes! If you have an older version already installed on your computer, feel free to use it. Or if you can get your hands on an older version to install (try ebay), go for it. There may be slight variations between the old and new, so just know that some older versions have more limited functionality and tools may be in different places than shown on the videos.

For sure. If you’d like to try Illustrator out before committing to the monthly subscription, you can try it free for 30 days here.

When it all comes down to it, I mainly just want you to have a chance to learn Illustrator. Whether you use an old program, start with the free trial or sign up for the monthly subscription, just take the first step and let me walk you through it :)



Please feel free to ask any other questions in the comments!

31 thoughts on “simplified graphic design illustrator for beginners”

  1. Hi Emily! I haven’t finished the first courses yet but have loved them thus far! I imagine I’ll love the second set of courses just as much. I’d very much appreciate the discount code! Thank you!

  2. Hi Emily, I purchased the first course and am excited to take the second course too! Would love the special discount. Thanks so much!

  3. Hi Emily,

    I just started the class on Monday and I am loving it! I cannot wait to create my first project! However, I have lots to learn before that : ). I am wondering if I purchased the correct AI. I purchased the single app. Should I have purchased all apps? Thank you!

  4. Hi Emily,
    I loved the first version of your class and am planning on taking the second. Could I have the code for the discount?

    Thank you!

  5. I loved the first course on Illustrator for Beginners and have been wanting to learn how to make a mood board. With my busy schedule and little ones I haven’t dedicated the time to research it. I’m so excited to be able to watch more of your lovely classes and start on some projects! Thanks for the discount!!

  6. I am working my way through the beginner course and expect to finish up this week. I’d love to keep going with the second one. Could I have the code (or do you want me to come back and comment when I’m done)? Thanks, Emily. You have made it all so much fun!

  7. I took the first class from you last year but I was never able to print my creations properly. My art would never end up in the correct place on the page when printed. It would be not centered and part of it would be off the page. You and I discussed this quite a bit and you were unable to determine the cause (all settings were checked and seemed to be correct). This discouraged me and I kind of gave up before really grasping all the different things you were teaching. I absolutely love Illustrator and am determined to keep trying. I even got a new printer but still no luck. I seem to be able to import my art into Photoshop and print it from there but that’s not convenient. I also did some research on this problem and found others that experienced similar difficulties with printing. There either was no solution or the solution was WAY over my head, technically speaking.

    I would love to continue with the second class BUT, I still need to conquer the first one and the printing issue. HELP! Designing things with Illustrator is so much fun and right up my alley but when I can’t print my art, I am left feeling deflated! Has anyone had this problem besides me?

    Thanks for your classes, Emily. It is so fun to learn new skills.

      1. Emily, I would love that. Hopefully we can find a common time to do that. This is such a busy time of year and my AI subscription expires the end of the year! I will await an email from you so we can figure out a date. THANKS for your help and support.

    1. Hi Emily! Thank you for offering these AI Design Courses. I learned so much from your first class and am eager to jump into the second course. Please send the discount code! Thank you!

    2. Hi Emily!
      I would love the bundle discount for both courses! I can’t wait to get started. When do you have to sign up for the first course by?
      Thanks!! Laura

    3. Hello Emily!! I have been eagerly waiting for this blog post regarding the lasting opening to the online classes. I completed the first class and learned so much from your teaching style. I would be so grateful for the discount code to take the Project + Techniques class. Thank you for the wonderful offer and available online learning!!

    4. Your class looks great, my hesitation is that I am not an artist at all. I love being creative though. Will I be able to use it without drawing my own art?

      1. For sure! You don’t need to draw – especially with all of the great resources for clip art/illustrations out there. Give it a try and I think you’ll discover you are much more artistic than you think!

    5. Hi Emily! I have not been able to fit the 2nd Illustrator Design Class in my budget and would LOVE a discount! The first class was AWESOME and can not wait to take the second!

    6. Emily, I’m also an alumna who has been eagerly anticipating this second class! I’d love the discount code – thank you for offering it!

    7. Hi Emily! I loved your first class and how well you explained how to use Ai. I would appreciate the code and treat myself to the new course!
      Thanks~ Emily

    8. Hi Emily! Curious – can you access the course for an extended period of time, or is there a time limit on course materials? I want to do the bundle but with the holidays coming up I’d like to have a few months to spread everything out. Thanks in advance!

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