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10 simple gifts to make + give

    There is something just a little extra special about receiving a gift that’s been handmade. The thought, the time, the unique end-product … all of these things make a difference.

    handmade-gift-guideIt’s not always easy to come up with unique – yet do-able – homemade gift ideas. Just glance at pinterest and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with options! And then once you decide, there is nothing worse than attempting to do a project you find online and ending up with a big craft fail (believe me, I’ve been there).

    If you’re going the handmade route this year and need a few tried and tested ideas, I have narrowed it down to 10 simple gifts (I promise you can do these!) to make and give this holiday season. Each one, with step-by-step photos and complete supply lists, are included in the brand new 51-page Handmade Holiday Gift Guide.

    In it you’ll find super cute projects like these foot/hand/neck warmers:



    These darling modern wood blocks (for baby, of course, or toss them in a pretty bowl for an unexpected coffee table accessory):


    handmade-gift-guide-wood-blocks-stepsFor book lovers, try making a few tassel bookmarks to tuck into a new novel:


    or for the techie, sew up a padded ipad cover (the little x stitch on the closure is my favorite):


    What teacher wouldn’t love some precious jewel magnets to use on their whiteboards (hint: they are not actually precious):


    and a cozy pom pom blanket is a great choice for your mom or sister or teenage daughter who is impossible to shop for:


    (I made my first pom blanket with a solid gray throw from IKEA, added the pom poms and it looks so chic! See it in action here)

    Get all 10 projects with full steps, supply lists, sources, helpful tips and printable templates in one downloadable 51-page pdf. Your friends and family with love you for it!



    May your weekend be filled with inspiration and creating!

    6 thoughts on “10 simple gifts to make + give”

    1. Thanks so much for sharing this! We’re celebrating frugally this year, but I still want all our gifts to others to be thoughtful and well loved by the people they’re for. My sister is in college and just moved into an apartment with a couple of her sorority sisters, and I just know they will all love if I send my sister back with a set of jewel magnets! Very chic!

      1. The ikat pattern is called Chipper from Premier Prints ( sells it). The other two are old fabrics I had in my stash – one was actually a blouse I cut up!

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