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advent calendar … 15 days late

    I love the idea of a fancy advent calendar with sweet little numbered packages for each day as the children count down to Christmas. I dream of being organized enough to have one all ready to go by the time December 1st comes around.

    But, unfortunately, I’m not quite that organized.

    I saw this cute idea for an advent calendar using 25 Christmas books that you wrap up, then open and read each day. 


    I loved the idea so much I ran to the library {on November 30th}, checked out ever book I could find having to do with Christmas {and got a little desperate so I resorted to a few that just have something to do with winter or snow}, and planned on wrapping them up. But I never could get to it. So they are sitting in my bedroom and every night or so, I pull one out to read.  It actually has been great to have a new book about Christmas to read each day and hopefully next year I’ll make a point to wrap them.

    Since we didn’t have a true advent calendar, I decided to throw a little something together during naptime to help with the countdown and make each day a bit more special.


    I’ll call it a ‘ten days ’til christmas candy cane countdown’. It is not my best work, but hey, it will do the job.

    If you haven’t yet put together an advent calendar and would like to make your christmas count down more fun {and sweet}, here is what you’ll need:


    :: evergreen wreath {mine is as fake as can be from the craft store}

    :: tags

    :: number stamps & ink pad

    :: candy canes

    :: ribbon

    STEP ONE: stamp each tag with a number {from 1 to 10}


    STEP TWO: punch a hole in the candy cane wrapper


    {ugh, sorry about the atrocious manicure.  I should really use lotion more often : and maybe paint my nails}

    STEP THREE: thread the tag string through the hole


    My original plan was to use that red & white bakers twine {purchased here} instead of the plain white string that comes on the tags, but it was naptime and every momma knows how precious those minutes are and I just had too many things I wanted to accomplish to take the time to change out the ribbon. But if you have some extra time, I think it would be much cuter.

    STEP FOUR: tie to branch on wreath


    I made one for each boy and hung from the back of the bar stools where they eat breakfast with an extra wide satin ribbon.


    Do you know this trick for cutting the tails of ribbon? Fold in half and snip diagonally. Unfold, and there you have it.



    The boys were excited when they saw the wreaths {or maybe it was the candy canes?!} and I’m glad I took the time to make a fill-in advent calendar.


    Even if it is 15 days late.

    15 thoughts on “advent calendar … 15 days late”

    1. Way to improvise! :) I like it and may or may not have a 5 day countdown…?!?! ;) Also, I love that book idea as well. I’ll have to remember that for next year.

    2. super DUPER cute!! i did not know about that trick on ribbon – all these years! i LOVE the book advent idea – have to do that next year. LOVE it – and the library – LOVE it!

    3. What a wonderful idea! I was just thinking how I should have gotten an advent calendar, but I love the wreath idea so much more. Maybe I’ll go to the store tonight and do this. Thanks for the inspiration!

    4. This is right up my alley this year! Due to sickness following Thanksgiving, we are moving slower with everything Christmas related. This idea is so simple and perfect!

    5. sweet… we had guests on sat night and i used brigh green big paper source gift tags..let drew write the names for placecards and tied them to candy canes and layed in each plate..the adults loved it..funny!

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