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christmas freebies just for you

    Over the past three years, there have been quite a few Christmas freebies available for download.  I love creating and {thankfully} you like what I come up with, so this works out pretty well for all of us.

    In this assortment of printable goodies is:

    * the Christmas Tutorial Collection – which boasts 30 pages of simple DIY projects and three {beautifully} themed trees to help get your ideas flowing this holiday season

    * gift tags galore {5 festive styles in 5 colors + 5 more neutral designs}

    * christmas wish list, gift-buying list and holiday party invitations

    * an art print with lyrics from my favorite Amy Grant song {or Isaiah 9:6}

    . . . . . . . . . .

    You can download each of the items in THE ARCHIVE along with all of our best free prints, templates and fonts.  If you are not an Archive member, simply add your email to the list and you’re in!


    Merry {very early} Christmas!

    59 thoughts on “christmas freebies just for you”

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    2. would you ever consider setting the gift tags up to print on adhesive labels (like mailing labels)? I LOOOOVE these tags but sometimes need to bypass the printing, cutting, hole punching, etc and would love to print and slap!
      Maybe I am just completely lazy…

      you = awesome.

    3. Thanks for the gift tags! Used them last year and using them this year too! Super cute! Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

    4. Emily-
      After just having a baby 3 weeks ago, the want to decorate or shop for christmas is all gone. I’m tired and I don’t feel like fighting the crowds at the stores. When I saw the white tree…I knew this is what we’d be doing this christmas…as I love book page anything LOL.

      My kids love doing projects so, they can make all of it and I can enjoy them doing it and me not having too!

      Thanks and Merry christmas

      1. just sent you the link :)

        we moved to a different email service a few months ago and have been working to make sure everyone’s email address made it to that list. We have missed a few, and I thank you for your patience as we work out the issues.

    5. Thank you for these, Emily! They are wonderful. I got most of them downloaded, but the tutorial and the black tags and festive tags won’t complete downloading. I get a message that an I/O error occurred. Any ideas? Thank you again!

      1. Maybe try once more? Also be sure to open with adobe reader. And if that still doesn’t work, perhaps switch to a different web browser to open the page {I use firefox}. Hope this helps!

    6. I’m a subscriber as well and I am not able to connect to the link or download any of the freebies- which all look beautiful by the way.

    7. How awesome!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents!! I’m throwing my husband a surprise 50th party on Sunday & may use the accordian numbers on my photo ‘Tree’ (derived from your Thanksgiving tree)! However I don’t see a 0 by itself….I’ll see if I can make it work possibly using stickers! Thanks again!

    8. Thank you! Your gift tags really classied up my presents last year and I’m looking forward to checking out all the other ideas and printables :-) Merry (early) Christmas!

    9. Emily, Thank you so much for these beautiful designs. I signed up over 30 mins ago. so far no confirmation email i checked my spam box too.

      1. You’ll still have to enter your email address. It should take you to the download page automatically, rather than have you confirm your address. Sorry about the confusion!

    10. I’d love to be able to access these. Unfortunately, I can see them, but they don’t open. I’ve tried closing and opening again, but still no luck. Only the ones below “you might also like..” will open. :\

    11. Thanks so much for sharing, I love all your designs! I actually have the “wonderful counselor” print hanging on my clipboard in the DR…it’s the aqua/green one, and I really love it. Especially the wonderful message!
      Blessings to you~

    12. yippie – you just made my day. now, i can’t wait for the december collection, and i plan to put your november collection to good use at the thanksgiving table – thank you!!

    13. Thanks so much for putting this together for us, Emily! I truly do love what you create. I have used those gift tags for the last two years and I cannot tell you what wonderful comments I get on our gift wrapping. Seriously, all I do is brown craft paper, some neutral ribbon, and your glorious tags and people rave over it…so THANK YOU!!! Merry early Christmas to you too :)

    14. Thanks so much Emily. Just yesterday I searched Christmas posts past to find the “almighty counselor” print. I’m breaking away from my usual red/green tradition and doing a subtle blue & green palette this year. Thanks for all you do! Merry {early} Christmas to you.

      1. Oooh, I bet it will be so pretty to go blue and green. Someday I’ll stray from the red/green/white/silver/gold combo, but my kids are so set on having the ‘right christmas colors’ that I’ll indulge them for a few more years.

      1. Sorry about that! It should be okay {maybe just too many people signing up at once}. Be sure to check your email inbox to confirm your address and it will redirect you to the download page.

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