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christmas goodies week: art print

    Today’s Christmas goodie is my favorite of the bunch : a special holiday art print.

    called art print red

    I was inspired by one of my all time favorite christmas songs by Amy Grant – I know, that’s sort of embarrassing to admit, but when you grow up with Amy, you can’t help but still love her year after year.

    This one comes in red/green {above} or blue/green {below}.

    called art print blue

    You can be as creative as you wish with framing these prints. For the red one, I layered it with a piece of green card stock from paper source, then on top of a piece of sparkly gift wrap I bought last week at Target. Just pop it in a frame and it is ready to decorate your home.

    called red

    The blue one fit perfectly in a glassless frame {cheap!} from the craft store. I like this informal look too.

    called blue

    Free Christmas Art Prints / jones design company

    You can download these art prints in THE ARCHIVE along with all of our best free prints, templates and fonts.  If you are not an Archive member, simply add your email to the list and you’re in!


    121 thoughts on “christmas goodies week: art print”

    1. Carol, near San Francisco

      I, too, LOVE Amy Grant. She made Christian music accessible to non-believers as well as believers. I love her gentle, down home persona. Thank you very much for this gorgeous statement of belief. Merry Christmas to you.

    2. Emily,

      Thanks for again making available these classic designs. You do such beautiful work! I love when you show how you used your work or framed it, etc.

      Merry Christmas and Blessings to you for your kind gifts!


    3. Thank you for these beautiful Christmas prints. I found them via Pinterest and was very happy to sign up and see them popping up in my inbox. They are a beautiful way to add a bit of Jesus to Christmas displays!

    4. I adore this printable! Thank you so much for sharing. I would love to have the blue/green one.

      Thank you and many blessings,

    5. Am finding this a year late! Is there a way to obtain this template now? My mother would absolutely love to have this print.
      Her nieces’ home burned to the ground about a month ago, and they lost all their personal, irreplaceable gifts they’d collected throughout the year. So my mother gave her her favourite, hand-sewn piece, with this quote, because it meant so much to her and she wanted her to have it- but now my mother’s wall is bare!

    6. I love all of your printables!!! I am a loyal member of your monthly club. I just wanted to let you know that I included one of your Christmas printables in my holiday open house photos—

      Hope you like it.


    7. Thank you for such a wonderful print to frame and put in my front entry hall. I am going to dig out my Amy Grant music. Many blessings to you this holiday season.

    8. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU….for these printables. I have been on the hunt for days for something like this to print & was just about to make my own until I came across yours on Pinterest. Just printed mine out & framing it today. Colors are perfect for my theme as well, THANKS!!! =)

    9. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I LOVE all your creative ideas. Let me just say, when I read this post, I got so excited, because I too grew up listening to Amy Grant Christmas. My sweet Momma always had her CD playing Christmas morning when we opened presents, year after year. I always feel like no one gets it, but YOU DO!! My Mom, sister and I will always have this bond at Christmas time because of Amy Grant Christmas music! My favorite is Little Town!

    10. Emily, this has always been my favorite blog to read because I feel like we have so much in common! ( I have a Mason and my husbands name is Grant!) But I’m a huge Amy fan as well. I saw her in concert the first time when she was 16. Your blog always blesses me and I love the little insprirations from you all over my house! Thank you for all the fun things this week! I pray blessings for you and your family!

    11. I LOVE this!!! I love having Scripture around our home, and it makes it even better when it’s in a cute, stylish font like this :) Thank you for sharing!!! You’re so talented.

    12. Just wanted to thank you SO much for giving us something for Christmas that is actually about JESUS! I love Santa and Frosty too, but no one trumps HIM! Let us never forget or replace the one who makes all this celebrating possible.

    13. Embrace that inner Amy Grant fan-ness (is there a word for that!?) I am right there with you! Thanks for all the beautiful stuff this week…what a treat!

    14. Thank you so much for these printables!! I love them and the message the send! What size is this art print?? I couldn’t tell.
      Thanks again!

    15. Thanks so much for being so generous! I love all the special gifts this week! I still need to go get some good card stock to print everything but that is on my weekend list of things to do. Thanks again!

    16. Hey Emily, Thank you so much for all the wonderful downloads! I especially love this one and can’t wait to frame it and display it when I put up my decorations next week!

    17. I enjoy your blog and want to thank you so much for these beautiful printouts this week. I am sending the Christmas Wishlists to my children and grandchildren who will send them back to me to keep as a remembrance and love the frame print outs for various rooms in my home. Thank you again.

    18. i LOVE these! but i have a problem….my printer won’t print your printables {i tried the thanksgiving tags, too!} correctly. the color is not good….i think i have a cheap printer! :( do you think these will work to have printed as 8×10 photos from costco?

    19. Thank you so much for all the printables this week! They are awesome! It’s making me real anxious to see what you will have in JDC monthly for December. Thanks again, you are so talented!!

    20. Thank you! What a beautiful print! I wanted to decorate with Scripture, and now I can do it with style. I have that Amy Grant song in my head on repeat. :)

    21. thought of my sister as soon as I say this today and the Christmases we listened (and continue to listen) to Amy Grant. She’ll be receiving an early Christmas present from me this year!

    22. i love your reference to amy grant! i just went to an amy grant concert and unashamedly sang my heart out right along a loudly singing friend! oh sweet el shaddai cd and sweet memories…
      and thanks again for the great printables! how did you know that i have a newly hung gallery wall with great frames and yep, you guessed it an empty frame!

    23. How funny…I scrolled immediately to the images and was singing the Amy Grant song in my head as I read them! (When I was little I WORE out my cassette tape of that album!) Then I scrolled back up to find you had mentioned it! I’ve absolutely loved this week of little treats :) thank you so much!

    24. Now I can give this as my “homemade” gift to my in-laws! Love it. Thanks for sharing your talents. And that was my favorite song to sing in the church choir for Christmas.

    25. Thank you so much for sharing your darling, chic and meaningful designs with us. They bring so much joy and are a treat to receive!!! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!

    26. Loving all of your free printables! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your creative gift with us.

      What size frame did you use for the red & green print? Did you trim the print before mounting on the card stock?

      Perfect art print for my mantel. Thank you!

    27. Thank you so much for the download of a beautiful verse. This will make a perfect gift for so many people I know who have what they need. They will love this. I really appreciate your talent, your blog, and the fact that you so generously share with us.
      God bless and keep you and your family throughout the year and beyond! Good luck in the contest- I voted for you!

    28. Love the print. And LOVE Amy Grant! Especially at Christmas time. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas with out her Home for Christmas album :)

    29. Thank you so much!!! I am using each and every printable. Even the thankful tags. Thank you for offering these to us. I love today’s print SO much. Thank you Emily!

    30. another tender tenessee christmas…is the only christmas for me….

      L. O. L.

      there are only few people in the world i can bond with over amy grant. you are one of them. i will send you a BFF necklace in the mail shortly.
      (i pandora amy grant’s christmas album and it tries to make me listen to josh groban. not okay.)

    31. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your great stuff. I get to see Amy and Vince next month in Indiana for their Christmas show. So excited, she is my favorite singer of all time!:)

    32. Ah, ha ha! That’s one of my favorite Christmas songs, too, and the verse in Isaiah upon which it’s based is a favorite Bible verse!

      I feel like I just got the best Christmas gift. Thank you!

    33. Gorgeous! Thank you so much for these…I have been looking for something for Mother In Law, and I think framed in a Vintage gold would be awsome…a sprig or two of Holly Berry & leaves on the side…well, the perfect gift. I love Amy Grant..she is one of my favorites….Happy {early} Holiday to you and yours!

    34. I really love your site. In fact, you are the first one I look at each day. I don’t usually leave a comment, but today I knew I needed to say “thank you” for these beautiful printables you are giving everyone this week. They are amazing! I always feel inspired when I come here.

    35. The second I saw this, I could hear Amy singing this song in my head! We too grew up with it and I cannot imagine a holiday season without this album. Thanks for creating this, it will be perfect for my mom!

    36. What a great gift to your readers, Emily! Thank you!! I can’t wait to print and put this together! One of my favorite Scriptures!


    37. Emily, I LOVE this! Thank you so much, I’m going to use it as gifts for the boys Sunday School and piano teachers. . . PERFECT!! Is there a way to print it out as 5×7?

    38. Beautiful! This will make a great gift for my mom too! Thanks for your creativity and generosity – we should give “thanks” for you!

    39. Beautiful! Each day I find myself giddy like my middle school students when I see the JDC Christmas goodies link! Thank you Emily, for blessing us with your creativity and generous gifts. It’s so appreciated!

    40. Emily, This is beautiful. Immediately, I knew this would be a Christmas gift for several friends!

      Oh sister, never apologize for loving Amy Grant!! I’ve been a fan for 25+ years and my girls and I still love her style and music. I’ve a playlist w/ my favorites, this one included, going back to her debut. Oh the changes… I appreciate her journey and have made one with her. (I’m 57).

      Merry Christmas! Love, love your blog. You are so generous with your talent. My background is in interior design; we have similar styles. Keep up the beautiful work. God bless you and your family!

    41. This is beautiful! The perfect print for my home and I grew up with Amy Grant too!!! Her Christmas album is still my favorite of all time. Now this print has so much more meaning!!! I LOVE IT. THANK YOU.

    42. Wow, what a beautiful gift you’ve given us today! Your generosity will be wide-spread as we use this in our homes to minister and witness to a secular world. The truth of this will shine brightly against commercial themes that inundate us, especially this time of year. I’ve got nothing against Santa, it’s just that I can get carried away with nonsense thinking and this takes my thoughts exactly to where I want them to be. Thanks again!!

    43. Thanks! It’s beautiful.

      Here’s my secret. I keep an Amy Grant Christmas CD in my van all year round. Sometimes when I am by myself (happens very seldom, I have 4 kids) I flipped to the CD even in July. And I love this song! Now that it is November, I can play the CD without shame.

    44. this is perfect! i am attempting a red-less christmas this year, with the addition of blues and greens. you are so generous, thank you for your beautiful designs! xo

    45. Thank you for sharing this, Emily! It is beautiful and a perfect gift for my parents and my husband’s parents. They will love it! And I’m printing on for my own home too! You are so sweet for sharing with us!

    46. Thank you for all the free printables! They are lovely! I also agree, this is my favorite. You really are very creative, and your work is beautiful!

    47. Today’s printable is – hands down – my favorite of the week, too! Thank you so much for making these available. Your work is beautiful!!!

    48. These are beautiful! I think I’m might get both and use one for Christmas. The blue one will match my family room perfectly, so I might use it the rest of the time. BTW, I love Amy Grant. I grew up going to her church in Nashville.

    49. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. It is so exciting to find new stuff waiting on us to enjoy! I can’t wait to frame this one!

    50. Love that I can use this at Christmas (and it ACTUALLY has to do with Christ :) which is so hard to find these days) and that I can change out the accent paper and make it last year round!

    51. This is beautiful! Absolutely love the scripture and the red. What is the font of the “Mighty God” part? I love Amy Grant’s music and grew up with it too. Oddly enough though, my favorite piece from all of her Christmas music is an instrumental one – Gabriel’s Trumpet…gorgeously mellow.
      Thank you again for your sweet generosity.

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