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DIY Pom Pom Blanket

    Here’s a tutorial that is months in the making!pom-blanket-tutorial

    I made this blanket at the beginning of September, took photos of the process to share with you, posted the finished cutie on instagram and promised I’d show you how I did it. Then I uploaded the photos from my camera and they were terrible. Blurry and dark and not what I wanted to share. So I waited and waiting until I had a chance to make a new blanket and take new (and better!) photos of the steps and so here you go. The long-ago-promised Pom Pom Blanket tutorial.

    The best part about this one is that you don’t have to have any crafty skills to do it. Just find a blanket you love, some coordinating yarn, a pom pom maker and you’re set.


    // SUPPLIES //

    blanket – look for a throw that has plainly hemmed edges. My gray throw is this one from IKEA, the teal geometric is from Target. This plaid one would be cute, too.

    yarn – I took the blanket in with me to the craft store and found the yarn that matched best. The teal was harder to match than the gray, but I ended up finding this nice Martha Stewart yarn and it was on sale (yay!). You’ll need lots of pom poms which means lots of yarn. I used almost two whole rolls (spools? skeins? I’m not sure what you call them) for one blanket.

    pom pom maker – there are many methods for making pom poms, but this little tool makes it super easy and keeps them uniform in size and shape.

    scissors, needle, thread

    STEP ONE / make pom poms (about 30-40 for one blanket)


    Start by wrapping yarn round and round on one end of the pom maker. When full, move over to the second side and wrap. Close and trim the end of the yarn.


    Now cut down the center of the pom pom maker (make sure you keep both ends closed)


    Cut a small piece of yarn and wrap tightly (as tight as you can) around the center to hold pom pom together. Pull both sides of the pom maker apart and fluff the pom pom.


    Trim any uneven ends.

    Keep going until you have a pretty stack of yarn pom poms (about 30-40 per blanket).


    STEP TWO / attach pom poms to edge of blanketpom-blanket-sew-on-poms

    Start by spacing the pom poms out evenly and deciding how close you want them to be. Then, using a needle and coordinating thread, stitch through the center of the pom and sew onto hem of the blanket. Be generous with your stitches to make sure the pom pom is secure. Continue for the rest of the blanket and then on the second end.

    For about $25 and a few hours of pom pom making, you end up with this cozy, funky, super cute throw blanket.


    Which might make the perfect little surprise for someone on your list this Christmas.


    This tutorial is included in my brand new Handmade Holiday Gift Guide (have you grabbed your copy yet?!) along with nine other simple projects you can make and give.


    You’ll get the full projects with printable tags/patterns/templates, helpful tips and inspiration.

    14 thoughts on “DIY Pom Pom Blanket”

    1. Thank you for sharing! I love your style and talent. I really was eyeing the pottery barn version (but would never have paid that much), until I saw yours. A good reminder that diy is almost always an option.

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