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embellishing simple white stockings

    My mom made special felt stockings for our family when we were just a family of four. They are red and green with sweet ribbons and we’ve used them for the past several years for the kids. This year, as I mentioned yesterday, I decided to decorate our house in my beloved neutral color scheme. I had planned on making six linen or white stockings for our family, but when I came across these handmade white felt stockings from West Elm, I realized there was no way I could buy supplies and make such pretty stockings for less than what they were on sale for. So I ordered six of them. Plain white is very pretty, but they needed just a touch of embellishment which I put together yesterday afternoon.


    I posted the before and after pictures to instagram and you all asked for details, so here it goes.


    // SUPPLIES //

    simple felt stocking from West Elm {now on sale for $6.99!}

    clay tags from Anthropologie last year – no longer available – but you can make your own following Ashley’s directions

    mini jingle bells {from the target wrapping aisle}

    various ribbons – I used a piece of 1″ velvet, 3/8″ satin, diagonal stripe and skinny stripe {ribbons from Midori and May Arts}

    fresh greens – trim a shrub in your front yard, or discretely cut a few sprigs from your tree or garland

    hot glue


    // DIRECTIONS //

    There is really no particular right way to put these together – just layer the ribbons as you like, hot gluing to hold in place. I like to vary the lengths for interest. Then hot glue a piece of greenery and a few loops of the skinny ribbon. Be careful not to burn your pretty fingers!

    The mini jingle bells come pre-strung with three on a string, so just add a dab of glue to the top of the cluster of ribbons and press the string to hold. Do the same with the clay initial tag {pre-strung on jute string}.

    Tie the cluster to the stocking with bakers twine.


    Not only do the stockings look festive and fit our christmas decor this year, but I can remove the clusters and change them out from year to year.


    The stockings are hung from the top of our mantle using 3m hooks. No nail holes and the hooks are hidden under the garland.


    I love these creative embellishments. Hope you’re inspired to do a little embellishing of your own!

    25 thoughts on “embellishing simple white stockings”

    1. What an idea to use 3M hooks! Our stocking hangers fall off the mantel very easily, and are very old. Thanks for the idea of using 3M hooks.

    2. I’m a few months late to this but love these stockings you embelleshed! Unfortunately West Elm no longer has them. Just wondered if you ran across any others when searching for plain white stockings? I’m not having much luck but maybe it’s because it’s not the season?! Thanks!

    3. Love love love! If you have time, I’d love to see more pictures of your christmas decor around the house. Loving the neutral scheme!

    4. Hi,

      Just wondering how you hang your stockings? Do you use those heavy metal holders? I couldn’t tell what is under the green. I still have little ones that can pull on them and they always seem so dangerous. I am just wondering if there is an alternative out there other than damaging the mantel.

    5. I felt like a change with all of my decor this year too so I bought some burlap with white linen stockings on Simple Addiction. $15 a piece. I needed an idea for personalizing them and I love what you have done. Thanks for the tip :) Merry Christmas!

    6. I missed these last year, then ordered them right after I saw your post and they were back ordered until June…until they emailed me and said they were all out :( So, I made a note in my calendar to try again next year! They are lovely!

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