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how to make the most delicious holiday drink at home



    You either love it or you hate it.

    I happen to fall in the love it category. Like, really, really love it. Served cold, as punch, in french toast – I’ll take it any way because eggnog tastes like Christmas.

    And my favorite way to drink eggnog is as a homemade latte.


    It’s easy as can be and tastes delicious. I actually don’t drink coffee in the morning, but most days I enjoy an afternoon decaf latte. Here’s what you need to make them at home:


    1. tassimo single serve coffee maker
    2. gevalia decaf espresso disc
    3. darigold eggnog (or your favorite brand)
    4. whole milk
    5. beville milk frother (best kitchen gadget ever!)
    6. microplane grater
    7. whole nutmeg
    8. favorite monogram mug


    Really, it’s quite easy. Just brew a cup of espresso, and add half eggnog, half milk to the frother and push the start button.


    When the coffee is brewed and milk hot, pour the eggnog over the espresso, then grate a little bit (or a lot) of nutmeg on top.

    pour-and-nutmet Mmmmm.


    I heard that some starbucks around the country are not serving eggnog lattes this holiday season (what?!!). But don’t worry … now you can make you own at home. Enjoy!

    16 thoughts on “how to make the most delicious holiday drink at home”

    1. I definitely look forward to eggnog lattes at Starbucks every holiday season. Last year, I heard they weren’t going to have them, but customer demand changed their mind. Even if they don’t have them this year, I love the option of making them at home, though mine not look quite as stylish as yours. You seem to add a special flair to everything you touch. Thanks for sharing, Emily!

    2. Hi Emily,
      Your home is a beauty and I love all your inspirational ideas, some of which I am using for my own home. I would also love to see more of your “what I wore” posts. I am a mom of three small ones under eight and I would like to tell you I have some sense of fashion, but you guessed it… In your photos, you always look so put together but still practical for us busy moms. Are you planning on starting back this section?

      1. I will definitely keep doing some what I wear posts … not every week because I just can’t keep up with that schedule, but for sure seasonally and sometimes more :)

    3. It sounds delicious..I love seeing and follwoing your Blog.
      I am from South Africa…but stay in Kenya. I have met so many Americans that work will ahve to see if they can show me how to make eggnog.
      Just sounds delicious. House looks stunning by the way.
      Happy holiday season..we are in a Internaional school and so we end on the 19th of Dec…yahoo.
      Also loved your Rwanda trip. Next time you will have to hop over here.xoxo
      Kenya has the most amazing animals. We can swop houses? just a thought..have no clue where you stay…but who knows..we could have you in kenya one day.

    4. I would just love to know your secret for how you’re able to avoid caffeine in the morning but still keep up with your kiddos!! I pray for that kind of energy!!

    5. My daughter loves eggnog! I’ll have to try it out. I too, ❤️ Your sweater!! Where did you find it? Thanks. I really enjoy reading all your posts!

    6. Finally invested in a frother after seeing a previous post you had about yours. My Mr.Coffee cappuccino machine did not cut it. It never produced enough steam to really froth the milk. Totally sold on the stand alone frother. Can’t imagine my life without it. ;) Thanks for the yummy recipe. I cannot wait to try this!

    7. Looks delicious…except for the Darigold part. Their ingredients are horrendous! For eggnog aficionados I highly recommend finding a simple ingredient eggnog at your local Mother’s Market, Sprouts, Whole Foods etc. The ingredients in Darigold hardly make an eggnog: corn syrup, artificial flavor, dextrose, carrageenan, mono diglycerides…ewww! Take this drink up to the next level with wholesome eggnog. I prefer local eggnog in glass bottles for the best flavor, but you can always find Organic Valley Eggnog. The ingredients are: milk, sugar, cream, egg yolks, vanilla, nutmeg. Simple, pure and SO much better if your kids (like mine!) drink it all before I can get to it! Ha! Cheers!

      1. Heather, that’s good advice. I am an avid label reader when I grocery shop. I hadn’t thought to look for eggnog in glass containers, though. I will have to see if our local Whole Foods has this.

        1. Cladia…I am an avid label reader too! There is too much sneakiness when it comes to whats in our food and what our children are eating. I have even seen plenty of egg nogs with food coloring in them because there are no real eggs in the nog! Crazy. I have gotten great egg nog at Whole Foods in glass. There is something about a cold glass milk bottle that is just so appealing ;)

    8. I used to work at Starbucks, and I am all about these! You should also try making hot chocolate but using eggnog instead of milk. It’s fantastic!

      Most importantly, though, where did you get that sweater? I love it so much!

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