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the stockings are hung {our house tour}

    monogram on front door

    Have you seen all of the gorgeously decorated homes around blogland? It has been so fun to see how each person fluffs their house for Christmas.  Today I thought I’d share our home with you.

    There are plenty of photos ahead, so I’ll keep the words to a minimum. Enjoy!


    entry table

    chair in snow

    christmas package

    bath roses with paper flowers

    living room


    living room 2

    christmas packages

    the sofa


    coffee table

    fire place

    living to piano



    kitchen to dining

    jdc art print

    cake plate

    candy canes

    hot cocoa

    o holy night

    dining room

    christmas tree

    Merry Christmas from our {finally} decorated home to yours!

    92 thoughts on “the stockings are hung {our house tour}”

    1. Loved browsing your blog; I just came across it today. I was wondering if you had a source for the Wonderful counselor, mighty God, Prince of Peace framed art shown in one of the above pictures? I would love to purchase one. Thank you! BJ

    2. I have a question for some of you! Where do you find your old book pages or sheet music? I’d love to do the wreath, some of the ornaments in the tutorial…where do you get the pages for free or cheap?? Thank you!

    3. Your home is sooo lovely, and you are such a talented graphic artist. Thank you so much for the downloadable art print. You have given us another way to keep “Christ” in Christmas and that’s always a good thing. Thanks again.

    4. If I haven’t said it already, I completely adore,and admire you home! You have such a fantastic eye and I want to steal a thousand ideas form you! Thank you so much for joining in on the holiday tour!

    5. To all those who have commented about the “Holy Night” print, I just discovered that yes!!! this is a print that Emily has in her shop! Just click on her shop above to purchase the pdf file.

    6. absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the “O Holy Night” print and the hot cocoa station! I would love to know what’s in the bowls on the coffee table…looks like a story there! :)

    7. Emily,
      Everything is wonderful. Why am I not surprised! You have the perfect eye for the right touch in all the right places, always knowing where to edit and add. I am always touch by the simplicity yet attention to detail. If that even makes sense to you. I wish you many blessings at this time of celebration of our Saviour’s birth. I imagine at your home many warm fires, much hot chocolate and much laughter. My silly adult girls tease me unmercifully now and all their growing up years about an ornament I stitched from a kit when I was in my early twenties that still hangs on our tree today that says “The music of Christmas is Laughter”. They think it so dorky. But you know, now as a grandmother I think it is true more than ever. Most Merry Christmas to you! You are a precious gift from God to all of us!

    8. NEEEEED that holy night print! Tell me where I can order?!?!?!? Love your sweet home and the way you share your holiday warmth!

    9. I found your blog from a link on Pinterest, and I have to agree with everyone else- I absolutely love your home and your decorating style. Amazing! And I also would love to get the “Holy Night” print. Can you let me know where you got it or if it is yours? Thanks!

    10. I love the “Holy Night” print, Emily! Your home is beautiful, and especially lovely at Christmas! Where can we find the print? I’ve already put up the Isaiah print, and I love it! :)

    11. THank you for sharing with us your absolutely beautiful house. It looks amazing. Clever you. Merry Christmas from Janine in Perth, Western Australia. :)

    12. i have to say that there isn’t any other blog that i study and dote over more than yours. i’ve probably read every single post, and patiently wait for the email in my box from you. i love EVERYTHING about your blog and the things that you post.

      you are an inspiration to me and my shop, and I thank you for all the amazing ideas!

    13. I just got some great ideas from those pictures! Love the paper chains hanging from the window – so simple and cute. I love making holiday decorations that don’t cost a ton of money.

    14. Your home is so beautiful! I espcially love the large hanging window as a partition- it really accentuates that opening, yet creates a “soft” separation! Also, love the half wall re-done with old book pages! Can you tell me, how did you affix them – wallpaper paste, or something else? I have a wall (and a stack of vintage Funk & Wagnall encyclopedias) that I am itching to make over!

    15. Exquisite! When are the magazines coming for their photo shoot? Thanks for sharing–warmth just oozes from these pictures and it’s inspiring. Merry, merry Christmas!

    16. It is all so beautiful and so homey! I love every part of it. I love the “L” on the door – so creative rather than the traditional wreath. My favorite part is probably all of the awesome word art around your home that reminds of the true meaning of Christmas. Amazing job fluffing for Christmas!

    17. I love your house and it’s even better for the Holidays. I love everything that you do. You have such a classy way of making things pretty. You inspire me. When putting things together I often ask my self “how would JDC do it.” I came up blank on a cheap gift idea for my kids teachers for Christmas. I would love your input! Any ideas?

    18. Your house is beautiful! I wish I had even just an inkling of your design eye! I love the ‘O Holy Night’ print. That is my favorite carol. Do you know if there is a place I could get it?

    19. so lovely-i have your “names” printable hanging over my mantel with a green mat and green frame. Thank you for sharing! is the o holy night one of yours in the pic?

    20. *sigh* I LOVE all your style!! I could just move right in. Also, love the “L” print on the stairs. Is that new? And the cute snow globe idea at your front entry!! Clever and easy to do. I think I will have to borrow that idea. As always, thank you for the inspiration and glimpse in your beautiful home. God gave you talent, girl!

    21. just stunning, emily! {it made me start singing: “have yourself a Damask little Christmas….”} Your home looks breathtaking! you have set the stage, filled with beauty and celebration! Here are prayers to your family for many fun-filled, joyous, blessed, happy, squealing moments. Merry, merry Christmas, emily!!
      p.s. adore your hot cocoa display
      p.p.s. LOVE your changes to the piano area
      p.p.p.s. thank you, dear friend, for your prayers. they are a treasure to me.

    22. What a beautiful home…. Thanks for sharing.. Could you please tell me the color of gray that you used for your living room and kitchen? It looks like the perfect color. Thanks!

    23. Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Love the hot cocoa and marshmallow jars, the tree, the prints – everything!

    24. Your house looks beautiful for the holidays! I love the stars hanging from the chandelier– we have something similar hanging from our trees in our backyard, but it’s too cold to enjoy them right now. I also love that giant window you have by your dining room– I don’t think I have ever noticed that in your other home photos before. It’s such a cool touch!

    25. emily, your home is beautiful. love your living room. so elegant, yet it appears so comfortable at the same time.

      i am really LOVING the candy canes in the jar. I have some on my tree, but I may have to add a jar somewhere because it’s just so darn sweet.

    26. Oh my gosh…can I come spend Christmas with you?? LOVE your photos, love your decorations…everything just has that special magic touch. Perfect – my favorite is the Piano shot…just lovely. I wish you and your family the happiest of Holidays! xo

    27. Your home is lovely… and so merry!

      Please talk to me (or point me in right direction) about your wall behind the piano. I’ve been wanting to do something similar, but wasn’t sure how to go about doing it! The husband wasn’t keen on the idea of modge podge! lol…

    28. Can you just adopt my family so we can live there with you?? What I love about your home is that not only is it really beautiful but it also has such a warm, welcoming and homey feeling to it.

    29. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your beautiful home! It is absolutely inspiring! I’m sure you probably posted previously about your “O Holy Night” framed display but you can you remind me as to how I can find it again. I would love to copy that for all of my in-laws for Christmas.

    30. Wow…your house is absolutely beautiful! Would you like to come and decorate mine up like yours? :) Hope you have a grand Merry Christmas!!

    31. I think the last line should be “Merry Christmas from our FINELY decorated home to yours.” It’s gorgeous! Enjoy your holidays! Cheers – CT

    32. Darling Emily,
      Your Christmas home is so beautiful! Saturday, I went over to Chrislyn, Jason, and Holland’s home, your “Prince of Peace” printable was so beautifully framed in their library! You have given our homes and hearts many “Emily hugs” over the past year. I wish you and your beautiful family the best of Christmas blessings and joy!

    33. Oh my goodness Emily, it’s so gorgeous!!! I love how you have special touches throughout your home. That will be my goal next time – I ran out of gas this year :D

    34. L-0-V-e your decor! It’s so fun to see the houses on blogs I love all decked out for Christmas. Hope you’ll stop by our place soon…..


    35. i love it emily!!!
      it’s warm and lovely and thoughtful & joyful! ( gosh i sound like buddy the elf)
      i especially love your silver….& i always love peeking into your gorgeous kitchen

      merry christmas

    36. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the flowers about. Christmas is so romantic to me, and your flowers make it even more so. I see you have a precious Lindsay Letters print. Please tell her I miss her blog posting.

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