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an unconventional diy pleated wreath {made of duct tape!}

    There are only a handful of shows I watch regularly and Project Runway is perhaps my very favorite. I always love seeing the art these amazing designers can create with limited time, a small budget and sometimes, the oddest of materials. In a show last year, the designers made prom dresses out of duct tape. Gorgeous dresses! Out of tape! Amazing. During the runway show, I caught a glimpse of the petticoat of one of the dresses and it immediately inspired this wreath. It just took me about a year to finally get to it.

    Totally unconventional, slightly quirky, but easy to make, super cheap and durable for the upcoming cold and blustery winter days.



    Want to make one? Here’s how …


    // SUPPLIES //

    styrofoam wreath form / 2 rolls of duck brand duct tape / scissors

    // STEP ONE // unroll tape and fold over 1.5 inches. Cut and leave 1/2 inch extra tape. You’ll need a bunch of these little pleats so you can make them now or as you go. If you want your wreath to be larger, make your pleats longer. Or vary the sizes so that the outer pleats are longer than the inside pleats.


    // STEP TWO // on back side of wreath, stick pleat to center of wreath form.


    Continue around, overlapping about half of the previous pleat.

    // STEP THREE // After each completed circle, begin a new row, overlapping in the same direction all the way around the wreath.


    As you keep adding rows of pleats, you’ll need to switch the direction of your tape so that it covers down to the inside of the wreath. It will make sense once you start going.


    Here’s the wreath with one, two, three and four layers. I think I did a total of six to fill it out.

    // STEP FOUR //  add a thick grosgrain ribbon to hang, attaching each end with a thumb tack.


    Then hang from a door.


    It’s so strange, I readily admit. But totally different and interesting and actually really pretty, too.


    I have a handful of wreath ideas for this holiday season that I’ll be posting about over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

    27 thoughts on “an unconventional diy pleated wreath {made of duct tape!}”

    1. I was wondering if you could use different coloured duct tape besides white to make your wreath, as they have so many varieties of colors and designs out now a days. Thank you m. RACHEL.

      1. Yes. Use any color you want. Small caveat, paint or wrap the wreath form with the color you’ll be using otherwise if there’s as my gaps it’ll show up White.

    2. Emily, this turned out beautiful!! I just made one over the weekend and I love it! It’s so classic and it looks wonderful on your black door! Being duck tape, I’m sure it will withstand the elements. I will hang ours in Master bedroom at the top of large mirror. The only trouble I had was hanging it. I used a thumb tack and it fell, so I added a drop of Gorilla Glue to securethe tack in the foam. I had not used Duck tape before, so the folding part took a little practice. Wow, that stuff is sticky!!

    3. I’m not a big wreath girl but this was so unique I had to make it! I had a 14 inch ring and finished it in less than 2 hours. It was pretty slow-go at first but then got the hang of it and it went really fast. Thank you for such a cheap chic idea!

    4. Love it—the white is elegant, but I’m thinking I could do this with my Texas A&M tape and use it for tailgating. It wouldn’t ruin in the rain and look cute!
      Thanks for the idea.

    5. Oh Emily, I LOVE this! You really wouldn’t know it was duct tape from the photos (and who cares if it is if it looks pretty!). Thanks for sharing your awesome tutorial!

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